Vivo Vim, Finis Autem Somnium

Dreams are strange things. Sometimes we have dreams that we never act on. You know the ones that it just seems like it wouldn’t ever really happen in real life.

I’ve had some dream in my time. Some of them, I have worked diligently for years to see them come to life. Thus far, they have all ended in failure of one kind or another.

Seems to be some damn curse upon my life. Nothing has gotten better for me. Not able to break free from this evil spell they have put on me.

My projects have failed hard. It seems, no one even really gives a damn. It seems like, everyone is like: “So What?” As if they think what is so great about me that I should ever see success. Well for starters, I have worked for it.

It would be difficult to count the hours of time I have invested in my life working on these projects. I’ve given up friends, TV, and anything non necessary to try and reach my goals. Looking at it now, I’m not sure it was worth the sacrifice I paid for.

Seems nothing is working, and to be frank; there isn’t much more of myself I can give at this point. I’ve seen no return for my investment in energy, time, skill, and determination. So where will I go from here? I’m not able to break the curse upon my life. Seems like its only going to get worse for me.

The sad part, seems no one really cares either. No one has offered to help make it better. You would think people would give a damn. Seems that world is about a million billion miles from here.

This curse I’m under has to be broken. My life has to get better. I’ve not seen a success in twenty years of my life. I’m tired of the failure, the long days, and the pain. Wish it were going better. This lack of success is pushing my buttons. I’ve worked for years on projects to try and make something of my life. Right now, it seems worthless. Its treated like its worthless. Do they value my being so little that they think they can treat me like trash?

I’m out of ideas at this point. My investment in these projects has stretched my life to the max. It seems it doesn’t matter what I do, or how well I do it, no one cares. They are indifferent about anything I do, as if its all for nothing to them.

I think, if you counted the effort I’ve put into making this work, it’s more than they will ever have the guts to do. They certainly couldn’t do it twice.

Bored with the status quo of this junk. Nothing is working out. I’m tired of being alone like I am. I thought these projects would change my fortune for the better, and break the curse upon my life. Seems nothing but bad luck. Dam it!!

Photo Credit: Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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The End Of The Yuppies

Interesting times. One of my favorite memories was being in my twenty’s at the time, working a cool job; and lunch was $20 bucks. Back then, the $20 dollar bill was lovingly referred to as a Yuppy food coupon.

Seems those days are long gone. An ode to my youth. Seems these days; even the poets and bleeding hearts are looking for a free meal. Its been said there is no such thing as a free meal. Yet, we dig deep into our pockets and think of the meaning of zen; only to grasp the world is empty and devoid of meaning.

Seems this society has lost its way; however, I don’t believe the Yuppies are to blame for this problem. Maybe the boomers had something to do with it? Maybe it was the problem with people that didn’t understand the question.

Either way, its a problem now. The days of the twenty dollar bill for lunch has ended. We are damn lucky if we get to eat one meal a day; and that one is likely soup or something from mums kitchen.

If I had a time machine, I would go back to the late 90’s just for lunch. I know its selfish of me, but a man has to eat somewhere. My projects seem to be stuck in limbo, and I’m without a good bimbo to waste my time with. These days are tough. Never did master the art of wasting my time. Maybe some other life, when times are much better.

I thought it was going to get better, it seems salvation only comes in our dreams these days. Where did all the Yuppies go? Oh yeah, I forgot; its 2020 and they are all old people now. Pity. What I really want to know is what happened to all those jobs that was keeping the Yuppies in food coupons go?

We could use some of that these days.

Photo Credit: Photo by Dalton Touchberry on Unsplash

Written By: Christopher Thomas The 42bitpi Geek

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Always Pick The Hot Knife Over The Hot Mess

Always Pick The Hot Knife Over The Hot Mess

Act as though your life depends upon it. Always pick the hot knife over the hot mess. Life is too short to spend it wasting your time. A hot mess might look great, but technically will only waste your time, and make you miserable. Even if they are just a butter knife, it is still better than a hot mess.

There is a lot to be said about a hot mess. Sometimes they look like a lot of fun, but boy let me tell you what; in the long run the hot knife is a better bet.

This will require that you be man enough to handle them, but really you’re better off with someone that knows self mastery. Thus, in the age of ignorance, be wise; do yourself a favor, and pick the ones that are strong, and have self reliance.

Seems today’s culture has produced an infinite supply of hot messes, but the problem is; they don’t want strong women in todays world. Most people feel threatened by strong people.

Today’s Culture

It is a pity that we don’t have a culture that wants people that are self reliant, and have self mastery. It is worthy of doing, to take the time to learn how to be strong emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Really to survive in today’s world, one has to have these things; because life without them is simply just too painful. You have to work out your own salvation, because it seems that weak people will just tear you down, or break your good habits.

So think about this before you choose who you want to get married to, because spending the rest of your life with a hot mess, might look good in the movies; however, won’t really bring much happiness.

And really, life is about being happy. We all want to be happy. Do yourself a favor, be wise. Let the hot mess take care of themselves, they will stay the same and still be just as unhappy. However, you will be happier in the long run.

Work on your skills, and if you are not yet a hot knife, become one. It’s not too late, you can do it. Have some courage; take the time to learn yourself and to control yourself.

Get Tougher

This does require a certain amount of getting tough. Just be sure to look soft on the outside. I think a lady that is a hot knife is better than a hot mess any damn day.

Really, if the world had a lot more hot knives and a lot less hot messes, then life would be a lot better. We could figure out the problems, and work to solve them. It is better than staying stuck in a hopeless situation that doesn’t ever change.

Work toward finding answers. Life has to get better.

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Life is, Things Are

On The Bounce, Stow that crap!

Life has been strange the last year. What most people don’t like about the last year, is what my life has been like for many years. This is really nothing new to me. Same crap, different day. You know?

However, my point about this year being strange still stands. I’ve seen a lot of projects come and go. Sometimes they turn out good. Other times, they turn out great; yet, no one cares either way. Seems people completely disregard my effort in the face of adversity. Is that true?

I’m bored with working for likes, or shares. No one really cares. I would however like to do something that wows you. Not sure what that would ever be, or if its even possible. Somehow I have reason to believe such things are not even possible in this day and age.

What most people fail to realize, life has made me tough. It might have even made me mean. I would like to see you live my life and not become a monster. I think it would destroy most people. I really do.

Yet, here I am. Still here after all these years. I would like to do some projects that make people smile. Some of what I have done is for myself and people like me. Some may understand it someday, if they really work at it.

Tough Life

Life has made me tough. Most people are never faced with the problems I have been forced to deal with in my life. I hope that you never really have to experience that either. It has been hell.

Still, I have answers if you are faced with impossible times like I have had to deal with. It is not easy; yet, it can be done. The skill it requires is beyond what most people will understand. They have no way to understand it. Because they lack the life experience to know the full story.

Most people, they eat what they are given. Most don’t think about much, and many are perfectly happy with that. I’ve had some failures in making my projects really stand out. Seems people don’t want much from me. Seems they don’t even want my friendship these days. Pity.

I’m bored with the status quo of my life. This living isn’t really living. It is an existence of sorts, I guess house cats would like it. However a wolf would find it a living death to endure this much.

The real problem is nothing new. This isolation has been happening for more than twenty years. At this point, I’m not even sure if there is any way to fix it. It is something I would like to have fixed right. Damn tired of this isolation like it is.

More to be done

Still, there are things to be done. Maybe life will change someday and this mess will be behind us all? Maybe! Bored with the way things are. Feeling like no one will ever care. Pity!

Still, check my projects out. They wait for you.

Photo Credit: Photo by ALEXANDRE DINAUT on Unsplash

Courage Writing

Misfit Company 42

The book has been completed some years now. Maybe 8 years ago when the final words were penned. It’s been edited maybe as long as it took to write it, maybe longer.

The website is up, with a very nice forward that is not found in the epub book as it exists today. This content is exclusive to the website, as you won’t find this anywhere else right now.

Check out The site is up, and has some very nice words written to make you think. The book is done. Most people likely will find it far from being boring. It might give you a thrill. So enjoy.

I’m bored and working to make life better. This is one project that has been on my to-do list for a long time. So I guess it feels pretty good to have it done and checked off my list of projects.

Now I need a new project. Maybe some audio. . . .

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Dear Goth

My latest project is one that should have been done ten years ago. Back in the day; my life was much darker. I’ve since come a long ways since my dear goth days, however; the spirit won’t die. Thus, I’ve kept the work around in the hopes of making good use of it someday.

You can check the site out, point your browser to: Dear Goth

The photo of me on this site is circa 2010, some dark days of my life. Also most of the poetry is very old, most of it was saved from certain doom years ago, yet its still here.

Check out my new site: Dear Goth, spend some time reading my poetry, and be sure to check out the last poem in the set of poems. They say poets are lovers of life. I think that’s true. These are some dark poems, but they shine in the dark.

I’ve been thinking about if there is some interest in these poems and the book of life after death, then I will do some audio recordings of the poems and put them up on each page of poetry.

Depends on if anyone will show they care about them. There is also a quick escape link, in case you find the poetry too much to handle. I know its deep and dark, but you should have to deal with that.

Buy a copy of Dear Goth.

Written by: Christopher Thomas, your 42bitpi Geek!

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What Is A Real Man Today?

What Is A Real Man

After a long time of consideration I have compiled a list of things that I feel make a real man. There are songs about this, however no one really has answered the question in a satisfactory way that makes people say, “Yeah that is what a real man should be.”

So without further hubbub Here is my list of things that make a real man.


A real man is valiant. In today’s world, a real man has to have courage to do what is right; and sometimes even risk his own life to set right the wrongs in the world. He is not a coward, he does not shrink back when foes attack.


A real man is intelligent. This spans greater than just being a database of information. A real man is wise, with understanding that is deeper than just being a walking phone book. Real men are intelligent, they engage in intelligent conversation, and writing, and reading. They know what is important, and what is a waste of time to pursue.


A real man is honest. There are few that have the courage in today’s world to be really honest. It is important that a real man be honest with others, and himself. There is sometimes need for being able to keep a secret, however in most situations a real man is very honest in his dealings.


A real man is respectful of others and himself. He holds himself in deep respect, and expects to be treated with respect by others. He is kind in his dealings, and you could say that he shouldn’t be a toxic eye sore to others.


A real man is strong in emotional and physical ways. Even mentally strong. A real man can endure pain, discomfort, and burdens without loosing his cool or coming into rage and hate. A real man is one that takes care of himself, and others in ways that keeps everyone functioning well.


A real man is creative. He has his ways of expressing himself and being creative that are applied to everyday living, and artistic pursuits. Being creative is also a sign of intelligence.


A real man has moral standards that he upholds and lives by. These are his core principles that make his life worthy of living with himself. A real man knows that being toxic isn’t a moral option that he should pursue.


A real man is sane. This doesn’t mean that he lives like a damn vegetable and has no life outside his easy chair. It means that he is has self mastery of his entire body, heart, and mind. He shouldn’t be overly emotional or easily con-able.


A real man aspires to rise above the common herd and their base ways. While not being judgmental, he should have an aura of splendor about himself.


A real man can get dirty. Doing man type things will often get you less than clean. However, in general a real man is a clean person in his living conditions, and his physical appearance.


It may take years for a boy to develop into a real man. People should be willing to give them the time to develop their character into becoming what they should be.

In conclusion, a real man should be courageous. He shouldn’t be addicted to drugs or alcohol. He should be wise, kind, and avoid people that are toxic. Let me know what you think of this list of what a real man should be, if I’m missing anything in this list.

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Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Photo by Usman Haider on Unsplash

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A Life Uncommon

A Life Uncommon

Some people have had a great influence on me. There are subtle ways this has happened. I would say they have made my life an uncommon one. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, you know?

There are tough days, that require the music to pound in your ears, like being in a war zone. Then there are the days, you just need something to cheer you up, like your dog had just died.

Seems these days there is a song for almost any mood I could have experienced. Thank God. Where would we be without music? To quote Nietzsche, life without music would be a mistake.

Really though, the person I’m not totally sure was right in the head is Plato. He didn’t want people to hear the flute, geeez, is this guy for real?

Thank goodness there is KMFDM. If plato was here the guy would have shit running down both legs. Have you heard them? They are the ultra heavy beat.

Heavy Beats

To have a life uncommon, seems the average person these days is all related to house cats. Life is rough, I’m not sure where these people come from, they must find them somewhere, but where?

Never mind, I’m not sure I want to know. I’ve been thinking about people that are common. Which led me to thinking about what isn’t common these days. Seems like, kindness today isn’t as common as it should be. Really, I tire of this world and its war that is here.

Seems they don’t treat us the way they used to. Yet, we keep rising, like the ones you used to know. Rising to put meaning into life, to put beauty into life, to put love into life.

Seems few have it, most need it, and a few are still fighting for it. Wanted life to be better, and when I get my way; it will be damn it.

I’m not really sure about the human race anymore. Seems they have gotten out of hand. Look at how they are living! I’m amazed everyday that people are living like this. I still don’t believe it. I’m like, really?

Sound The Drums!!

Life has to get better. It seems the common life these people enjoy so very much, is something that makes me want to crawl into a war zone and find a nice place to sleep for a few hours; just for kicks, you know?

The life they live and enjoy. Really to force that kind of lifestyle on someone else, would cause a war. It’s enough to really piss someone off.

Sometimes you have to bear the blows in life. But how much is enough? Maybe the quantity is known today? Have you had enough of this circus that is like someone poured gasoline on a lion and is playing with matches like they won’t spark a tail?

It’s time to turn the page. This mess here has to get better. Its been a life uncommon, but there are limits that one can endure. Seems that line was crossed years ago. Everyone has had it like they ate a meal that was just too much food, and now they want to puke.

They say, “May you live in interesting times.” Well we’ve had enough of this. If something doesn’t change, there might not be a happy ending. We know we all want a happy ending, right?

Thank goodness for music. Life without it would be a mistake. Its a good thing there are artists that have had the guts to play the music they have. It has made life better for a lot of people in the long run. Keep up the good work!

And keep thinking free.

Tell Plato where he can put that flute.

Written by: Christopher Thomas.

Photo Credit: Photo by Artyom Kabajev on Unsplash

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May You

May You

The world needs something. Do you know what the world really needs a lot more of? Maybe you can guess? Okay swell, now everyone should know!

May you have peace of mind. Really! To be living in these times and these uncertain moments of time. Everyone is going to need someone to take it easy on them. You know, cut people some slack for the modern days.

It is important. You can not be too uptight these days, otherwise; you are likely to implode upon yourself. Everyone is pushed to the limits these days, everyone needs some space, some room to breath.

And if you are feeling really stressed, it is best you avoid people all together. Just until you get calmed back down and can deal with the day to day stress of life.

How to cool down

If you can do some breathing exercises and cool off your heart and mind a little bit, then venture back out into the world of the crazy life that we are all living.

To be able to live in this world, one needs the skills of a monk. You have to be emotionally strong enough and spiritually strong enough to weather the storms of life.

It seems you also need the strength of a soldier. Because there are fights out there looking for you. The best advice I can give you is to be a member of the “No Sword” school of thought. That is while carrying a sword, it’s not the first thing to settle the dispute.

Really though, you have to think like a monk. People are hard headed in this world. And they are often ignorant of their actions and how cruel they are. However sometimes you have to bear the blows and roll with it. Not always; but sometimes it is necessary.

May you have peace. May you have peace of mind. Cultivate your monk like personality and grow spiritually to the point that these problems in this world don’t require a sword to settle the problems in your favor.


It is the best one could hope for under the circumstances. Eventually these cruel people will have to have a cure for what plagues them. Everyone these days seems to have fallen short of being human kind.

May you search for peace. Look for it. Seek it out. Maybe the edge of the sword will not find you while you are sleeping in your bed.

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Five Tips For Better Coffee

Five Tips For A Better Cup Of Coffee

If your drinking coffee, you may be aware of some of these points. If not, this quick guide with five tips for a better cup of coffee may help you.

Your morning cup matters, and here are five tips that will make it that much more enjoyable.

  1. Use distilled or filtered water.
    Having good water in your coffee is crucial. The flavor matters, and tap water just won’t do. At the very least you should filter all the water you use in your coffee.
  2. Only grind your coffee beans when you prepare to use them.
    This will keep your coffee having the best flavor. If you have a coffee grinder, and only grind the beans you’re going to use for your next cup, then it will have better flavor.
  3. Don’t make the water too hot.
    If the water is too hot when the coffee is being brewed, it will make the flavor seem bitter. The water only needs to be hot enough to be actually hot. This puts the temperature somewhere between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter than this and it will make your coffee not taste as good. You can brew iced coffee with a lower temperature. It has to very warm, and not cold which results in poor flavor.
  4. Brew Time for coffee presses
    The brew time for a coffee press matters. Too short and you don’t get the full robust flavor, too long and it doesn’t taste as good either. The optimal time for brewing in a french press is about four minutes. You will have to experiment with the best time to allow for the coffee you are using.
  5. Use good coffee beans to brew your coffee.
    This one is really important. You have to use good beans to brew your coffee with. Depending on what flavor you want your coffee to have, can be selected by knowing what beans to start with.

Please select the beans that have the flavor you like.


If you put all of these tips together, you should be able to get a great cup of coffee brewed for yourself in no time. Use distilled water, only grind the beans before use, don’t make the water too hot, perfect the brew time for a french press, and use good coffee beans to brew your coffee.

If you want to see me brew a cup of coffee, watch my YouTube video of my coffee brew process.

Photo Credit: Photo by Alex on Unsplash

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Five Tips For Using A Computer

A lot of people are scared of using things they don’t understand. Their fear comes from not understanding what they are using. And since they don’t want to take the time to understand something complex; they live in fear of what they don’t know.

I’ve been giving a lot of consideration to how to help people, and one of the things I can contribute to others is my skills and knowledge in how to use a computer without pulling your hair out every few days.

That said, some of the basics are to be covered. This is by no means a complete guide, it is only a starting point to build skills to other skills that will guide you through the process.


When using a computer, the simpleist advice is what my dad told me twenty years ago. “Read The Screen” If you read what the screen says and then do the next step, this solves knowing how to use the computer over 70% of the situations you will encounter.

Want to know where to save that file? Read the screen. Most of the situations most people have to deal with can be solved by reading the screen. Not sure what something does? Read Up!

Search For Answers

Its true, most all the answers you could ever want, likely have a YouTube video made to show you how to do it. Not sure what something does, or how to make it work? Search for it. The answers are out there. Even a computer user like myself, I find most of the answers to problems I have because someone else had the same issue.

Keep Trying To Learn

Always keep trying to learn something new. It takes a certain amount of curiosity to learn how something completely complex works and understanding it. However, I can tell you this; once you master it and really understand it, you will know it inside and out.

Only through sheer bloody mindlessness can one keep trying to learn how it all works. It takes time. Maybe six weeks, to really learn the details of how this stuff works. You have to teach yourself how it works, because most people aren’t going to take the time to teach you how to do it.

Have hope. You can teach yourself how to make it work. Then when you learn it, you will really know it and understand it. That has its own special reward built into it. So give it a shot. Teach yourself. It takes time; and if you work at it a little bit everyday; in no time you will have it down.

Don’t Repeat The Same Mistake 10000 Times

If doing something doesn’t give you the result you want, find out why! It goes to say that if you do the same thing over and over again and it doesn’t give you the result you want; you are doing it wrong.

Search for what you want to do and learn how to do it right.

You have to use common sense. Most things are designed to be easy; under most situations most things are very simple to do. So unless you are doing something stupid, it shouldn’t be difficult to do.

If you are trying to do something stupid, ask yourself if there is a better way to do it? You have to always be thinking about what you are doing. Please don’t be drinking booze while trying to learn how to use a computer. It doesn’t work well in that situation.

Know What You Want To Do

If you know what you want to do with something, then finding the answer is very simple. If you don’t know what something is called, then you have to search for basic answers that answer the question. Then return to the original problem with the understanding of what you want to do once you know what its all called.

If you know what you want to do, everything else is simple. It takes time to learn new stuff. But its all easy when you build skills upon skills and have the experience of having done the work yourself.


Therefore in conclusion, you can learn how to do this stuff on your own. If you have the time to learn it yourself. It might take six weeks, it could take six months. Knowing when to call a professional is a matter of how much time you have to learn it and what your budget is. If you have zero budget, go back through; READ THE SCREEN, Search for answers. Keep Trying To Learn, and Don’t Make the same mistakes 10000 times in a row.

If you know what you want to do, it helps a lot. Trying new stuff out is a good idea. The real thing you want to avoid is deleting files, and messing around with files you don’t know what they do in the core of the operating system. Everything in your Documents folder is yours to play with though. Have fun!

Photo Credit: Photo by Courtney Corlew on Unsplash

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Meditation Video

One of my projects in recent months has taken shape. A friend of mine is creating meditation videos. In passing I casually asked if I could do the music for one of his videos.

Didn’t really believe anything would come from it; however here we are. They used my song for their video and it is live right now. Click this link: Meditation Music Series 2, #1 and go check it out.

It was a lot of fun to work on this project and make the music for this video. Making music is something I really enjoy doing, and it sounds pretty darn good too!

It is only five minutes long, so it is short enough that you can watch the whole thing. Take a look and check it out. Music by Christopher Thomas.

Photo Credit: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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Five Small Changes You Can Make To Be Happier

Five Tips To Live Better

If you are looking to improve your life and you are not sure where to start, I can offer five points that will help transform your life for the better.

Remove The Word

I once read the worst word in the english language you can say or think, is the word: “Can’t”. If you remove this word from your thinking, and from your vocabulary you will soon find that you can do a lot of things you previously didn’t believe you could.

Add The Word

Use the words: “I can” and watch your life shift. Your thinking will change, and you will start to see remarkable results from your efforts.

Give it a shot for a while. Try correcting yourself every time you say or think: I can’t with the words: I can! Watch how your life will change and improve.

Write In A Journal

Spend ten minutes a day writing in your journal. If you write every single day; you will be closer to knowing yourself a little better. Set the goal of writing 500 words everyday. After about a year, go back through and read what you wrote.

You will see a lot of change just from writing in your journal. This is an important part of getting in touch with yourself, and learning about what makes you an individual.

Listen To Music

If you find it difficult to listen to music, then you are not listening to the right music. Search for and look for music that you like, that you can listen to for long periods of time.

My advice is to avoid bubble gum music and listen to real music that has soul, depth, and makes you feel something real. By listening to music, it uses almost every part of your brain at the same time. Get in the habit of listening to music often.

It will change your life; for the better. Music will change your life. It really will. You have to search for music that has real substance. Try listening to classical when sleeping at night.

Drink Coffee

If you drink a good amount of coffee everyday, it will add to your daily routine. Should you have days the above items don’t feel like they are working, this one will add the kicker.

Coffee is good for you. It will help you feel alive.

Watch you life change. Try drinking 40 oz of coffee everyday.

Photo Credit: Photo by Olga Thelavart on Unsplash

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Advice For People That Want To Be Smarter

You want to be wise? Be careful how you spend your time. Make the best use of your time that you have. Be careful what you spend time talking about, or watching. This is some of the simplest advice for people that want to be smarter.

That said, there are a number of things one can do to make their life better. The smartest are not always the happiest. Read that again. It is best if you can be content with what you have. If you have the ability to make good use of your time, and can do what you love; then you have a good combination.

If you just want to be smarter, ask yourself why you want to be smarter? Wisdom is more than being a good living database. You have to know how to apply what you know in the best way possible.

There are many people that are good databases, they know tons of information. But ask if they know how to use that data, you might be surprised to learn; they are just as confused as you are.

That said, really you should do what you love. While there is very little love being shown to those who do. You have to pick out the process that you enjoy the most, then; do that!

A lot of people will give you the advice, to be popular, to be important, and to have a life; that you have to fit in. They won’t believe the people that think outside the box; because if they did, it would threaten their whole existence. That will never do. Really you have to package your ideas in ways people that still believe in the box will understand.

This means it has to be gentile on their minds. Something new is always regarded as being too bold, too forward, or unnecessary. It is only after its been around a while that they start to see the advantages. If you want to be smarter, seek first to understand yourself. Know what you want.

If you really want to be smarter, first you have to teach yourself how to really think. You have to move past the point of having thoughts and get to the point you actively control your thoughts and emotions. Having a high emotional IQ is just as important as being intellectually smart. Really you have to have some balance about these things.

Make good choices. Make good use of your time. Do what you can. Everything else is just a matter of continued effort at the same level with the same amount of enthusiasm and effort to sustain new levels.

Intelligence is more than being book smart. How you express yourself creatively matters too. There are problem solving skills, and skills of how to execute your plans once they have been formed.

Photo Credit: Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

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First Podcast: What is a free thinker?

Hi there! This is our first podcast on SoundCloud. It talks a little bit about what is a free thinker? Check it out, and give us your feedback on what you think about it.

Also of note: I have no formal training in audio production. So if it sounds a bit rough, please let me know how to make it better. Any help would be appreciated.

mydigitalchaos · PodCast #1 – What is a free thinker?



Span This

With the pandemic, people are starting to think a little more. Maybe they will start using their minds to really live? One of the questions I was asked recently is: If you could only own 100 items what would you keep?

The thought that crossed my mind is what kind of life would you be asked to live? Life in the city would be very different than a life trying to survive in the wilderness. What you would keep depends entirely upon what conditions one would be required to survive in.

This idea however did open new doors for me. Because I have reason to believe there is a lot of waste in this world, and some of it could be reduced or eliminated in whole. How? Better community.

If we had better library’s and community entertainment centers, a lot of people could do just as much and still thrive. There is a lot to consider with this. If communities had public entertainment centers, people could make better use of recreation and learning.

Just something to consider. Back to the original question, what 100 items would you keep? That depends entirely upon what makes you happy. Some people would be happy having a table and chairs in their list of possessions. If you ask me, the question is absurd. It is something to think about, but its only something to feed your head with the question of what makes you happy.

For me, having a musical instruments, a camera, a computer, books, and someplace to sleep all matters; yet, having a table and chairs is a necessity.

In my opinion a less absurd question is how could you consume less in your life? How much do you consume in your life that is either not used, or wasted? I know where my weak points are. There is a habit of using SBUX for fuel, and cigarettes to keep my head clear.

Then there is the issue of how much sprite I intake on a daily basis. While my consumption of coffee, cigarettes, and sprite is high; one thing I have in my favor is that my output is also very high. On average I’m writing 3000 words a day and taking about 50 photos.

But really, think about how you could consume less in your daily life. We are still going to drink our coffee, and smoke cigarettes. But I have things in my life that have lasted over 20 years. I still have the sofa I bought when I moved into my first apartment. Most of what I have is belongings that have lasted more than five years. I like to take care of my stuff.

One of the problems is that getting good quality stuff isn’t easy. Most of what is made these days isn’t made to always last. It is a problem with our society these days. A lot of what we have is made to be thrown away and replaced in a short period of time. I think this is a problem. Life has to get better and right quick.

If you are going to make a product, make it beautiful, make it last.

Photo Credit: Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

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Mercury Retrograde

In just a few brief days, mercury will go retrograde again. The timing seems to be just the worst this year. With the election coming in less than a month, this mercury retrograde is going to be the worst thing to happen in a long while.

This year from October 13 2020, until November 3, 2020 Mercury will be in retrograde. This no doubt will be a painful ordeal this time around. Plan ahead, have your affairs in order early. This year may see some level of chaos with the way things are.

If you think 2020 is rough, wait until the last Mercury retrograde gets here. This year started out on the wrong feet, and it seems there will be no ending on a happy note. About all we can hope for at this point is to be warm enough this winter. Hopefully that isn’t too much to ask for.

Maybe we will get relief from the problems before this year comes to a completion? One can always have some hope. This mess has been going on all year, and someone is going to have to clean this crap up.

Be glad when this year is going to be over with. Maybe 2021 will be better? Times are rough, a man has to be tough to make it through this mess. Stay strong. Stay brave. Make life better for everyone.

If you are as bored as I am, then we share the same pain. You could always think about writing me a message. It would be good to hear from someone in this world. I want to know how you are living?

Seems most people these days are mass consumers with no real thoughts about anything else. Maybe its time to wake up? Maybe its time for the human race to take a vacation?

One can always have hope. Or at least freedom of thought. As if such a thing is possible anymore. Maybe for a few. Pity.

Photo Credit: Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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The Stranger

After forty-five years in this world some of the mystery is missing. Sometimes a stranger will smile, and in passing the whim that some might know of a life outside this world. Seems there are many strangers in this world.

Seems to me; this is not my world. The current situations in this world leave no doubt in my mind, this world is a fright. Seems like I’m the one who is a stranger in this world. If it were my world, there would have been someone to spend time with me. Hence, my belief that this is not my world.

My world would have been kinder. By far. I’ve complained about the mis-treatment in this world for a long time. Seems no one has any feelings of sympathy for me about it. They must believe I’m not one of them, thus my problems are my own. It really feels like no one cares. It really does.

This isolation isn’t healthy. I have searched for twenty years for a way to make it better. However, I’ve been treated like this stranger in this world for much longer than that. Seems there isn’t one person in this world that knows more than my first name. This isolation isn’t working out very well. Tired of being treated like a stranger.

This isolation has been a problem a long time. I have asked them to make it better. They however seem to be deaf and fail to listen. It doesn’t bother them I’m always alone like this. A man at my age, should have had a family and loved friends in my life. Seems there is none of that.

I’m not popular. It feels like I’m not even liked in this world. Sometimes it is a lot to have to bear. Some kind of curse is what it feels like to me. As if someone were doing me harm from not far off. Wish that I could break this curse that is upon me. I’ve had to get tough and endure the pain of it. I wonder how much you could endure? Think you are tough? My life would kill you. It has been rough.

There are no friends in this world. I’m always alone. No one stays in touch with me. Seems no one even gives a shit. I’ve been forgotten a long time. Maybe it doesn’t matter. However, when you treat people living in your world like total strangers, it doesn’t make for good feelings from those who would like better.

At this point, humans have fallen out of my favor. I used to esteem them fairly high on the list. Didn’t know the difference back then. But twenty years of torture and hell have changed my viewpoints. Its all different now. Its sad that I have been here forty-five years, and that at this point in my life; I feel this isn’t my world.

I feel like a total stranger in this world. No real friends. No job. No girlfriend. No one really cared. They aren’t bothered by my situation, as if I’m not their kin. But I am someone’s kin. Maybe they aren’t from around here. I kind of have my hopes set. This world is a mess.

I’m bored with the status quo. Life is. Things are. I wanted a lot better. Feeling like, damn. No one to spend time with me. This isolation has been tough to deal with. Seems no one really cared either. As if I didn’t matter enough for them to give a damn.

Maybe there are a lot of people that feel like I do? Maybe. People need to be better. Life has to get better. It really does. Because if life isn’t going to get better, then by all means it has to get much worse before they will listen. Somehow, I believe they won’t ever listen. Maybe I’m wasting my time? Maybe!

Humans aren’t good companions. Never been made to feel like this world is going to work out for me. Maybe its time I moved on to some other world in this galaxy. Might be better. Maybe there is someone else in this universe that misses me. I hope so.

See my video about making life kinder and better in my next post following this one. Go on, watch the video. It is short and to the point. Its about having compassion and showing people kindness.


Photo Credit: Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

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