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Want To Change Your Life? Answer This: What Is Noble In Today’s Society?

There has to be a way. . .

Today’s modern world is something that has some problems. Really when one thinks about the world we are living in, it goes way beyond just having injustice in life.

To stand up against injustice is the right thing to do; however, the better thing to do is to fix the problems which are causing the real problems in the first place.

The current system in place has caused countless numbers of problems that could have been prevented. In its original form, the system in place may have been very useful; however, the variables have become tainted along the way. Really we have to restore the system back to a clean slate. There needs to be some correction made, to account for the way things have become unbalanced.

Really, it is a matter of balance. Too many variables have become unbalanced, and the system has nothing to restore correct values in the equation. Without the ability to “reset” the values, injustice will continue to be a problem.

When one considers what is noble, and how to go about living with yourself in true nobility; maybe, those who work for the good of others is of some use.

Many today are chasing the money, or women, or nice cars, and big houses. However, if one were to do what is truly noble, then those things would likely happen regardless of the situations.

The idea that I keep going back to in my thoughts is that if people were really being kind in their dealings with others, a lot of these problems could be avoided in whole.

All too often, people are hard pressed, stressed, and at the breaking point. Those conditions create situations that lead to harm, hurt, and pain. When those who have been effected by those things go forward, there is always some of the hurt that gets carried over into their future dealings.

With having so many people, I would say, there is a high percentage of people that are hurting and in pain. It seems, there is a large number of us in this world that are the walking wounded. Those who have been hurt, stung, or injured. Really with the number of people that have been hurt, it’s surprising that the world doesn’t have a lot more problems than it does.

Really, we have to find something noble to do about it. The current system, while it once worked; has taken a real downward spiral out of control, and out of balance.

Most people don’t have good solutions. Few today can think about it, and even fewer people really actually care. And this is the second point about where the problem is. Too many people today, they couldn’t be bothered. They don’t give a damn. Not unless it’s going to look cool to be a mob speaking out about the injustice. Then they are all in, even if they are doing injustice because of it.

So we have to be kind, and we have to care. Really, the problems wouldn’t be that difficult to solve, if people were willing to do the work to make it better. So that goes back to people that actually care, and give a damn. We all have a limited amount of time, and we only have the ability to care about so many things at any one given point of time. Really, there seems to a problem that people have accepted herd mentality as their moral compass.

And that, is where a problem is. Something has to be done to change the direction things are going, before everyone ends up hurting a lot more. We must seek peace, we must seek healing. Before it is too late, and the unthinkable happens.

Something has to change for the better, and in ways that are useful, and effective to make life better for everyone. The world can not afford to wait. Before it is too late, start with what you know, and really give it all some deep thought. You will have to think about it, for a long time before you are able to reach a good answer.

So start the discussion today, and give it thought. Talk about these things in calm reasonable ways that are not angry, hateful, or vengeful. You have to be reasonable, to change the world; it takes an awful lot of good sense.

It will take understanding beyond what humans can think of. Someone is going to have to come along that is truly brilliant. These problems need to be solved, and made better. Someone is going to have to do it. Why won’t it be you that does?


Think about doing something that is truly noble. Do what is good for everyone, and after long enough it will become the standard by which all things are measured. People have to start to care again, not just about the injustice; but the real causes of these problems in the first place. Be wise, do your own research, be aware, have a care. Do what is best for everyone.

Life has to get a lot better, before it is too late. Do what you can. Show some courage, and be strong. Life has to get a lot better for everyone. Think about doing what is noble, and everything else should just flow.


Have You Read The News?

I’m bored, thus; the need to act up a bit. I’m going to mis-behave some. Tired of being a good warm sack of shit. I want to live a lot better, and it seems; no one will listen. Pity.

Let’s make life better for everyone, it is possible. If people were to just start thinking. Life has to change, and right quick.


Poem: Self Respect

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Five Fun Projects Your Computer Can Do Today

Everyone Needs A Project!

Got a computer? Bored out of your mind? There is hope! What you need, is a project to work on. While everyone is a bit different, there are some things that are more fun than others.

Make A Video

If you have a digital camera, like an iPhone; you could make some videos. With a Mac, and iMovie; you can create some really cool projects in under a day. With some effort, and polish, you could get something really great. You just need to do the work, and put some thought into it. Be sure to use music that doesn’t have a copyright on it, otherwise social media will wet themselves. Don’t even try using songs from a CD you bought. They know!

Start A Blog

If you have a digital camera, and a computer; you could start a blog. If you have some people that follow you, there might even be someone that reads what you write. It is good practice to write, and learning to write well is a valuable skill. There are plenty of solutions to how to start a blog, all you really need is the guts to start it.

Practice Your Photography

Learning how to take really good photos is a valuable skill. In the process, you might find a happy place. If you practice your photography for long enough, you will get really good at it. There are plenty of inexpensive solutions to do photography with the aid of a computer. Start today!

Make Music

With a small investment, you could learn making music on your computer. Don’t expect to be great, but your mother might listen to you for all of five minutes. That is something. Making music is fun, and has a lot of good times to go with it.

If you take my advise and make a video, try making the music for your video yourself. That is always fun. Enjoy!

Write A Novel

If you are really bored, and feel like taking on a real project; try writing a novel. This will take you years to complete, and will add to your gray hair by at least a 1000 x.

Writing is fun, and you might write something really good. You won’t know until you try. And if you are really bored, you should try to do it. You never know where it will go, or where it will take you.

And if you are really bored, you should be writing anyways. I do.


So if you are really bored, you can try making a video, start a blog, practice photography, make music, and write a novel. If you really want to knock my socks off, write a novel, make a movie about it, then write the music to go with the video. Then do the photography to use to show people your hot new novel / movie. Then write a blog about what you learned!


Written by: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Colin Sabatier on Unsplash

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An Open Letter To Google

The System Is Impossible

As the leader of search technology, Google has certain responsibilities to its users. Small business people are also their users, perhaps in a different way.

The system that is in place is oppressive. No one can be successful with the internet with the system Google has in place. Obviously there isn’t any money in it for Google to promote anyone that isn’t giving them money.

As a leader in search technology, Google needs to change their ways. They have made the system impossible to be successful in today’s Internet Of Things.

After several years of writing, and making blog posts; there was never any success. The whole process has been a waste of my life. Google is responsible for being digitally oppressive, by building a system that discriminates to such an extent that no one will ever find my work.

An open internet is not what the system has produced. The current internet is not an open platform. The shadow banning, and oppression of information; it is obviously by design. They have designed the system to be oppressive, they don’t care about anyone that isn’t making them money. That is not a free system.

The end of the internet is evident, and undeniable. When the system is built to oppress, and silence those with a voice, then they have not been true to their own system. Google has betrayed their own standards, and the people that use their product. They are not being fair, and they are big enough; they don’t care they are unfair. They only care about making more money, and that which produces a profit.

They have pushed most people out of existence, and caused most people a great deal of pain. By the system they have created, they have hurt countless numbers of beings that couldn’t do the impossible. And Google’s system is impossible to overcome.

So bonus points for creating an impossible system no one can rise in. But minus a billion points for oppressing people that want to rise in life. There has never been any traffic come from Google to my site. Despite what I have done to create content that was worthy of being seen.

Google needs to change their ways. Because oppression will only create new avenues for their competitors to take over their market share. And Google will lose when someone finds a better way to do their job. Change your ways Google, because the system you have created is impossible to be successful with. When people realize that your system doesn’t work, and you are oppressing people; someone will invent a better system. You have made it impossible to be successful, except for a select few that are in your good graces.

We will find some other way to make our lives better. Because Google has only caused pain, and frustration with their system that doesn’t work for building an audience. But that is your design, it seems to be the major design most people have followed and patterned their systems after. Oppression has become the standard.

Thanks for the frustration. Without the heartache you have caused, there might not have been someone that does a better job with delivering search results to the masses. I hope you are broken up as a monopoly, and that your business drops off by the droves. You are too big, too callused, and care nothing about me.

The frustration of being up against a machine has taken its toll. Google is a tool, sometimes a useful one, but a tool all the same. Tools that are interchangeable parts will be replaced when they wear out their usefulness.

Photo Credit: Photo by T Steele on Unsplash

Written By: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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Memento Mori

Squash. The bug’s life was very short. He should have had a life insurance policy. His relatives will be short, did he really live well? What is living like a bug going to do for anyone?

Not much going on. There should be some urgency to life; because life is short, and most people are content wasting their time. If you want to do something with your life, DON’T WAIT. Do what you can, while you can. Make good use of your time, and make great use of your life. If you are not spending your time with someone else, then at least be productive and do something good with your time.

I’ve been working on a project, and have not had success with my calculations as of yet. Maybe in a few weeks, I will be further along than I am now. My goal is to make some serious progress with my project in the next three weeks.

Life is short. Time flies. Before you know it, you will be an old man; waiting for someone to change your diaper. Then time will feel like it is going very slow, and you will wonder why you wasted so much of your life doing things that didn’t make life really better for anyone.

My hope is to find some purpose that makes life worth living. It needs to be a project that makes people have some hope, and a future. It needs to be of value, and really make life better.

I’ve done a lot; yet, it doesn’t seem like nearly enough. I’ve grown, and it seems like light years from where I once was. Maybe not as good as I once was, but progress has been made from where I was.

Where I want to be, and where I am; while being in the present, I find that I have to take some comfort of existence. However, my happiness comes from doing something with my time that others will somehow benefit from. Seems, my writing is of very little value to most people. There is reason to believe, no one really makes a living with their writing. I’ve never seen a dime from it.

There is need to evaluate my projects. From a purely selfless position, I wonder if they have any value? There is some benefits from having completed such projects; however, I’ve not seen that there is any interest in them. The world is a messed up place, and sometimes; there is reason to believe that I want nothing to do with this old world.

Not sure how to exist in this world, where no one wants me, and I don’t really want anyone either. There needs to be some love in my life, without love; life isn’t really worthy of living. Isolation is not any real fun, and it hurts a lot of the time. However, as Henry Rollins says, “Solitary confinement, solitary refinement.” I’ve thought a lot about the way my life has worked out.

Sometimes, there is no real solution. One can hope to numb the pain, however the broken feeling will not heal without being satisfied. Yet, they don’t want to make the conditions better, they only want to make people hurt. Seems the world is built upon pain of discomfort. And, after thinking about it; our world could be a lot better if it was built from the angle of thinking we have plenty.

Really, everyone could have enough. And just the idea of that hasn’t been enough to change the ways of this world. I sincerely hope they will change their ways. Life could be better, if they would start thinking. These old ways have been worn out; and should be discarded with the trash.

Seems, if you take life too seriously; then it loses its charm. We shouldn’t be afraid of having some fun once in a while. This vacuum I’ve existed in, it has been rough. Life doesn’t have much real value; of what I can see, they don’t believe my value is more than worthless. I would like to change that.

What can a person do? Do what you can. Even when it seems impossible. There are tough lessons in life, you have to deal with them, because they don’t go away on their own.


Live your life to the best you can. Do what you can, while you can do such. Don’t put off important living. A poor person may make the best of life, and live better than those who are oblivious to the real life we could have. Be kind in life, because life has to get better for everyone, like right quick! Be a brave puppy. Bite the cat.

Read my article: Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel, it will be fun.

Photo Credit: Photo by Milad B. Fakurian on Unsplash

Written by: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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Saint Merde

Life. It’s got to change. Not just any change, No! It has to get better. But in looking at the problems, and seeking solutions; it seems to me the system in place isn’t that bad. I have reason to believe, some of the variables in the mix have been tainted, and maybe the problem exists where those variables were contaminated. Maybe!

Trying to examine existing systems, or building better systems, would require more effort than most people are willing to expend. I’ve only been bored enough, that looking at the variables is starting to be something fun to do.

What I should have learned in school was geometry. And likely basic algebra. Seems I needed some of those skill in my life today. You never know what you are going to need in life.

You have to plan a bit ahead in life. It is best if you can teach yourself how to learn, that way it doesn’t take forever to learn new skills. You know, be clever, spend two hours to sharpen the axe, and only a half an hour to cut the tree down.

I’m looking for some new project. I’ve been working on something, it does however seem like a futile effort and will take much longer than a few hours to complete. It might make a good side project to work on when I feel exceptionally clever.

I’ve spent the last two days trying to calculate the phases of Mercury, and now it seems I’m going to need a lot more math to do the job. It is a project; yet, something seems like a dull rock.

Life, it seems is impossible. Someone should have told us that oxygen is really a drug. All these people been getting their fix for free this whole time. We should change that.

That was written, because I’m bored. Might have something coming in the mail soon that will change that, at least for a little while. Maybe I can find something to sooth my mind, a bit of math might help. Trying to calculate astronomy objects isn’t easy, going to have to work at it a bit. You know?

Photo Credit: Photo by Milad B. Fakurian on Unsplash

Written By: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit


Fresh Start!

Got bored. No one is reading. Might do something else for a very long time. What do you care? In the event, you did care; the old files can be found with this link: Old Chaos.