Bucket List

Life Goals – Bucket List

  1. To inspire ten people to do more with their life than I did with mine.
  2. To inspire ten people to write three books of at least 45,000 words each.
  3. Inspire people to master a skill, then add to what they know!
  4. To die without any money but wealthy in terms of love and respect from friends and family.
  5. To change the course of human history from destruction to a path of kindness and love. To promote peace as a sustainable means to the end.
  6. Teach others how to use a computer for creative and productive ways that makes their lives better.
  7. To teach a group of people how to think, not what to think.
  8. Make some music
  9. Take ten thousand more photographs
  10. Make life better for everyone.
  11. Never watch commercial TV again.
  12. Tell people what I really think.
  13. Burn the midnight ether.

Things accomplished:

  1. have a family
  2. have friends
  3. have a girlfriend
  4. have a job
  5. travel to Florida
  6. write a million words (4,880,040 Done)
  7. Have an art show for my photographs
  8. Take a thousand photographs
  9. Listen to 10,000 hours of music in two years
  10. Live 1,000,000,000 seconds
  11. Wrote three books
  12. Smoked 120,200 cigarettes
  13. Avoid Alcohol and drugs seven years sober without 1 drink.
  14. Learn to think
  15. Practice peace
  16. Took my own self portrait
  17. Took someone else’s portrait
  18. Learned Unix
  19. Learned Apple Computers and software
  20. Know life is worth living despite hardships
  21. Lived through hell on earth
  22. Had a dog
  23. Thought more than I spoke and listened more than I replied.