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Posse Bonus Post, Something Happy?

This is your posse bonus post this month. This photo of the dolphins was just too much to pass up, I had to post it. It is just so darn cool. Wish that I could get some dolphin time, alas life is.

There is some good to be had, if you look for it; sometimes, you have to really do some searching to find it. It is out there, like a formula hiding in plain sight. Some fractals are easier than others.

It has been snowing the last twenty-four hours. Nothing major, just some snow flurries. It has been a nice change, this winter is being kind thus far. New year, seems like the life we want is playing hide-and-seek from us. Pity!

Music is keeping me company, and running at more than 50%, I’ve been busy working on my site: Misfit.Ctopher.Me. It now has a feature to “Like” the photos in the main page, and keeps count of how many likes each post gets. It wasn’t too difficult, took me two days of effort to make it happen. I’m glad it worked out, I think its pretty cool, and neat stuff.

Not much going on; it seems, no matter how much effort I put forth, it is all going into a huge vacuum. Where is everyone at? They must be watching TV, or playing video games. I hope they are out having fun, that would be good. Life is meant to be lived; you should live it to the max!

Seems, I’ve been in a better mood the last few days; times are tough, life is rough. Wish it were going to get a lot better, right quick too! Thank God there is music; I would be so lost, banging on trash cans; trying to make music.

The human race, seems to be going in circles. No one can make their minds up about much of anything. Pity! Maybe it will get better for everyone one of these days, real soon!

Haven’t heard from anyone in months. It is a lot of isolation. More than my fair share; you want some? If I could bottle and sell isolation to people for a profit, wow; that would be something! I have plenty of it; if you want some, write me!

Photo Credit: Mike Palmowski – Unsplash

If only my isolation felt as good as this photo looks, I could use some of that, maybe just dangling my feet off the cliff looks good to me. How mighty the truth can be! Nature doesn’t lie.

I made a video, you should check it out; I think it is really very good. It is on YouTube, and here is the embedded version, if you want to watch it now!

This was my latest project, which I spent an afternoon working on, and a few cups of coffee to complete. I think, it turned out really very well. Some people, think my voice isn’t very good; like to see them smoke two packs a day and still have a voice.

Trying to find meaning; seems this world is made of poison, trying not to let the haters make me meaner than I already am. Life needed to change, and for the better. Such is life.

Have to let this make me better, working towards some goals. I would like to see some results from my effort, yet; everyone is so darn busy these days, seems they don’t have time for me.

Read all the great posts on my blog, some of my writing has gotten a lot better, I feel my progress is very likely, REMARKABLE. If you saw my writing a few years ago, compared to my current work; I think it has come a long ways in the last month.

Have a nice day!! Thanks for reading!!

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek!


How to be successful with your journals and learn to think

The Fine Art Of Learning To Think

Do you want to know a good survival technique? Do you want to learn how to think in ways that help you rise above the herd? What you want to do is learn how to journal.

There are few main points:

  1. Consistency is vital
  2. Expressing core thoughts
  3. Expanding core thoughts
  4. Learning new thoughts

Consistency Matters

For your journals to have any real effect, you must be consistent with using them. This means, there are no skipping days or blowing your journals off for doing something else.

Its best if you can write every morning when you first wake up. To find your way through the last nights sleep, and make your path for the new day. This has valuable effects on your psyche and will give you something that grounds you to your life. It is important to have something that gives you a sense of being connected to yourself.

Really the whole point of journaling is to connect your heart and mind with your awareness. By keeping a journal you can connect your mind to your own awareness, which will make you more mindful of your condition. Also by keeping a journal, you can connect your heart to your mind, which allows you to express how you feel about what matters to you.

Knowing what matters and what is rubbish will help you follow the important parts of your dreams, it will free you to live the life you value most. Until you understand what parts of life have the most value to you, you can never really follow your dreams.

By connecting your heart, to your mind, and both of these to your awareness, you can become a more powerful being with the ability to reason, think, and use logic like a pro.

When you learn how to express yourself clearly, though using consistent journaling techniques you will grow as a being. And if you really want to grow as a being, you will find a way to make your life worth living.

Expressing Core Thoughts

By having consistency in your journaling, with your heart, mind, and awareness all connected, you can begin to express your core thoughts on the life you are living.

Core thoughts are the things that matter to you, when all unimportant ideas have been wiped from the slate. Until you start to work on your core thoughts, you will never progress like you should. You have to do the work to get to the point, you are able to express your core thoughts, and understand them like a pro.

Once you have learned how to express your core thoughts, then it’s time to take action on those items and make your life what others could only dream of doing.

Expanding Core Thoughts

Through regular journaling, being consistent with expressing your core thoughts, and having your heart, mind, and awareness all connected, you can begin to expand your core thoughts to new levels. This is doing the work on yourself that will make your life better in the long run. By doing this work on yourself, you can reach a point that your expanded core thoughts become realized, and you can become proficient in expressing them.

When you expand your core thoughts, you are able to learn, grow, and make progress in your life. By learning to expand your own core thoughts, you will reach a point of self mastery and that will allow you to feel connected to your very soul.

Real growth happens when you expand your core thoughts and take them to new levels, and to higher ground. When you realize what doesn’t have value, you can focus on what does have value.

By expanding your core thoughts, you will grow. And if you want real growth, you have to do the work. It doesn’t come easy, or fast. It may take several years of working on your awareness to really learn how to expand your core thoughts. Once you learn how to; it all seems very simple from then on.

Learning New Thoughts

Once you have learned how to connect your heart, mind, and awareness to your ability to express yourself; a lot can happen that will make your life better. Through mastering the technique to do such, you can learn to have new thoughts that will change your point of view, and help you help others in great ways.

Learning new thoughts makes you valuable. It gives you the ability to solve problems and make complex tasks much easier. Once you master the ability to think, then you really have more potential to become what you dream.

Learning new thoughts will give your life meaning. You will find that the small, shallow, superficial existence so many today are stuck in; you will find it no longer serves your needs. It will help you live an enlightened life that has value, meaning, and purpose.

Really the more enlightened you feel, the more value you have. The more value you have, the better the meaning of your life. This will give you purpose beyond what is normal. Thus, you will have connected your mind, heart, and awareness to your consciousness. That would feel really good, wouldn’t it?

If you want to feel good, then you have to do the work. It doesn’t come cheap, only though effort, work, and patience will you ever learn to master yourself. Self mastery is the highest form of intelligence; and one that is very worthy of making happen for yourself.


Master your ability to connect, by connecting your heart, mind, and awareness, you can master your ability to think, reason, and use logic. This will in the long run, improve your chances at becoming a true leader and having self mastery.

By finding your core thoughts, and expanding on those core thoughts, you can learn to remove what doesn’t have the most value in your life, which will make you more powerful.

By learning new thoughts, you increase your value, learn to solve problems faster, and adds value to the world. So take up journaling in new ways, that helps you grow, learn, and master the destiny that awaits you.

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek!

Photo Credit: Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash


Get Your Creative Seeds and Long Term Inspiration

About ten years ago, maybe longer; I had this idea for a seed. A creative seed that would be the source of inspiration for creative people for a long time. It has been one thing that has kept me going in some tough times.

The basic idea is to create a seed that will fuel other creative people for at least five years. The seeds from their work will keep it going, and be fuel for other creatives. So the basis for my creative work is to be the seeds others use to fuel their work.

Someone said something interesting to me, they said, “Because of who I was born, I will never be an artist.” Gee that doesn’t sound too good to me. You have to make what you can of life, despite how you grew up or what your life has been like. I think, it really depends on if you want to be an artist, because if you really want it; nothing could ever stop you.

Being an artist is one of those things that you just don’t really have any other choice to do. When the fire burns in your soul, there is nothing else to do but answer it. What conditions you were born under, simple isn’t going to stop a motivated person.

So I have been motivated to build some kind of seed, that would fuel other creatives for a while with new ideas, ways of seeing life, and maybe something that few else have. Really, you would have to take in the whole body of work I have created. Which is going to be a small investment in your time, because I have written almost six million words in whole. Let that sink in.

This project matters to me, it might matter to you too. Take a look, then, look deeper. There is a lot of substance there, really you would have to work for several years, to really understand it all.

I wanted to inspire someone. By creating a seed of creativity, this could be possible. Maybe some few will benefit from my effort, maybe they will create something really great from my ideas.

It seems because of my status in life, no one will listen to me, pity; life could have been better. However, if you take my ideas, and work from them, maybe they are good enough that others will listen to your ideas based upon mine.

I know it’s a long shot, but it’s worth putting this out there, someone eventually will have to listen, because life is simply too screwed up for people to fail to listen and take action.

Maybe my ideas will make the tip of the knife for your creative flow to be created. Just don’t point the knife at me. You know? My life has been rough and tough; however, if you want to give me some credit for the ideas, that would be most welcome.

There are a number of places my work can be found, however its best you start with the basic stuff, then go digging deeper. The most basic place you should start is on my blog,; from there, you can explore the further regions at your leisure. If I leave my work up that long, thinking about it, you might want to get busy, because it is very likely that this stuff is going to go away very soon.

You have two months to feed.

If nothing else, make your own seeds for those in the future. Start with some concepts, make nice neat little packages of them, and have enough that they will inspire other people in the future. It’s something I wish that I had in my life. Make life nice for someone else who will be creative, by making a creative seed pod for future use. There is a lot you could do with the ideas, if you do it right.


If you use my creative seed, be sure to credit me with the source for the material. If you are making your own creative seed pods, be sure other people credit you for your ideas. Make good seed pods, and inspire others to do great work. If want to sell this idea, you have to pay me a cut of the profits.

So that is it, in a nutshell. I’m not in a nutshell, but that is the ideas in the most basic form. Hope they will bring some joy into your life, or that of others in this world.

Photo Credit: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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One World Government – Hopefully Soon!

With all the hubbub, so many people are depressed today. I don’t see much reason to be depressed about much, its still life like it has always been. For things to really get better, life has to change by a lot. What we are looking for is a one world government. It is so much easier to rule one government than a hundred factions of people that want to rule themselves.

Maybe it won’t be long before a One World Government is set in order, and things start to change and run a lot smoother. It has been rough going the last twenty years in this world, a lot has happened; and much that shouldn’t have happened, has.

Times are tough, life has to get better for everyone, you know? No need to be depressed, you will likely get to grow old and die, just like everyone else. You shouldn’t really be disappointed with the current situation, it could have been worse. I think maybe there is some hope to be had, there is hope to be had.

Not everyone always gets their way, but you can take comfort in the fact that life, while not always fair, should at least allow you to keep your dignity intact. Whether you can still respect yourself after what they have done is a different matter, but its not open for debate.

The way life has been, this should have never happened in the first place. Pity!! Wanted life to be a lot better, no one would listen, they didn’t care, didn’t give a damn what I thought. They just talked over the top of me, disregarded me, and treated me like shit.

They should have been kind. You know, kindness is godly. The lack of kindness shows a real disrespect to their God. Life could have been better, it should have been better. The treatment of everyone, as though, because they are different; somehow they are not good enough to be loved, shows how sick society has become.

They are all made out of clay. Think about that. Let that sink in.

Life should have been better. They don’t listen. Its too late now.

Pity. Maybe we will get one world government to solve some of these problems for a while, maybe it can still be worked out; so these things don’t ever happen again, and will be distant memories.

Memento Mori.

It is time for change. Regardless of what you believe, life is still going to change; so you may want to change your diet. If you think you are going to get cake and booze, maybe you should try some nice dust from the windowsill. Just wait around for the phone call from God.

Photo Credit: Photo by Project 290 on Unsplash

Written by: Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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More Dog Balls

No, not really. This is a follow up article from the one about what is advantageous. This one is about: Not every opportunity is a good one. Read on dear friends. . . .

Not Every Opportunity Is A Good One

It seems in life, that once you understand not everything is advantageous, then the next logical step is to understand that not every opportunity is a good one. Some are better than others, some are great, some would suck eggs. What one persons tragic ending might be someone else’s fairytale. To each their own. Not here to judge, just to make some observations about life.

I’ve been hearing talk about the snake oil out there about the problems with meditation and mindfulness. While, its good to make some points about it; some things have good results, progress is slow to take hold most of the time. Starting somewhere is better than never starting at all.

With that in mind, if you are practicing mindfulness or meditation in a limited sense, at least you have began. Small steps to start with, then working your way up the ladder of the self into true understanding. Just keep in mind, it takes years to undo a lot of the problems society has put into your heart and mind. So take it slow, work your way up; maybe someday you will be a guru? If you want that, to each their own.

John Lennon said, “No guru can see through your eyes.” So true, yet, if you were to live my life, a lot more than your eyes would hurt. Life has been painful, a lot of rough spots in my life. Which is leading into the section about how not every opportunity is a good one.

What Matters?

What matters in life is that we make good choices. Aside from doing what does not cause harm, there are choices we can make that improve our odds in life. Having the skill to see the opportunities for what they are, and how they can be used to make our lives better.

Shakespeare said, “Use every man as he deserves, and who will not escape a whipping?” Well that was hundreds of years ago, these days, they will just shame you on the internet trolls. Such is life.

Life is rough, if you want to make it; you have to be pretty tough. There are lessons in life, some of which will teach you the hard way. I would know, there have been some rough days in my life. Looking back on it, it was really caused by one choice that was made when my emotions overpowered my logic and reason. I’ve paid for twenty years for that choice, and there is no going back to fix it.

One bad choice is all anyone is from certain doom. These days have changed since life twenty years ago, life was a lot more forgiving back then. Still, we have to live with ourselves, through it all.

Not every opportunity is a good one. Not all things are advantageous. Some things seem like they would be cool, other things have more appeal than others, but either way life is more like Russian roulette than anything else; seems you’re always taking your chances. Life has its ways of sugar coating poison.

Remember the advice, if it smells like peaches or almonds, its best to spit that junk out. Be wise, make good choices. You don’t want to end up living like I have the last twenty years. I’ve thought, something has to change; yet, nothing ever does. Pity!

Don’t let fools gas light you into doing something stupid, that hurts your long term chances at survival. You have to be smarter than that, be wise; always pick the hot knife over the hot mess.

Someday you will thank me for that advice; if you pick right.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


Life can be easy, if you pick the right choices. Not every opportunity is a good one, and some will lead you down a long dark road of hurt, and shame. You have to pick the choices that make sense, its not until you get twenty years down the road, that you can see where the points connect like dots on a graph. The goal may not be to reach point B, the goal might be to move point B from where it is, to somewhere else. That doesn’t happen over night.

Loosing weight, is more valuable than eating the candy bar.

Photo Credit: Photo by Giorgi Iremadze on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek!

Live more; waste less time in life. Turn off your TV!!!!


Shot In The Dark

Shot In The Dark

Some advice about writing, life, and pain. After thinking for a while, there are some points you can benefit from. When it comes to your writing, the ratio of input to output may make a difference. You have to output good work, if you can have output greater than the input, so much the better.

Would this not be one way to see what value work has? If the output is greater than the input? Maybe, I would like to believe that such a thing is possible. What input do you pay attention to when you sit down to write? Everyone is different, and it seems everyone’s results are different.

This is a shot in the dark, but what formula could one construct to show mathematically what success looks like? Or, for that matter; maybe we could show how much pain is necessary to become a successful writer. Seems life is pain, and only doing what is never painful is going to leave you with a weak system. But how much pain is enough? What would the formula look like?

I was thinking of something that would express the input to output ratio, and include the amount of effort, pain, and then what the results for the piece would be. Then taken the given body of work and average them, for the results; to see if it’s worth doing?

Something I was thinking about today; you have to take into account the users current happy index, then see what the points are for having a failed project, or one that doesn’t get positive results from the effort put forth. If you aren’t already happy, think twice about taking up writing. You may be happier doing something else. It takes an awful lot of failure to get somewhere. It takes a lot of pain; to the point, you almost have to be a masochist. Really!

I’m bored, been thinking a lot today. These are some of the highlights I’ve had in my day. It takes a lot of thought, which comes down to trying to find the right input to get the best output from my work. I’m not sure if this work will resemble a pit, or a sky scraper. Maybe its a pit to build a sky scraper into it? Maybe.

This is a shot in the dark, not sure anyone will even ever read this, no one is reading anything these days. Most people never think about what they read; as though I have reason to believe they are all mindless zombies. Are you?

Someone is going to have to come along and make us feel something, if nothing else; pain. Because people are not really being aware of anything. It’s a problem with society today.

Needed better results. Seems I may not have the ability to withstand the pain of more failed projects and the time it takes to build a successful project. I’ve been trying to make something happen for about three years now. Nothing has worked out with anything what so ever. Pity.

I’m not sure what new dream I can come up with, I have tried a lot of stuff to make something work; seems no one cares. I have to wonder, if anyone is even in this world? Seems awful empty to me, no friends, no job, no girlfriend, no one that cares.

I’ve mentioned it seems like a cage. That didn’t wake them up, and it was treated with the same indifference everything else is treated with. Are they that stupid? Maybe. Pity.

This is a shot in the dark, nothing to make it better. Some twisted world we live in, and wish it were going better. Maybe someone will wake up soon, and start to think again. Maybe me.

Have a nice day!

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

Photo Credit: Photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash

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Creative Arts – In Peril Or Ready To Bloom, You Are Here!

We are living in unprecedented times. Its been since 1945 that America faced such gloom. That is a whole lifetime for some people. Looking around me, from what I read, what I see, and what I hear; these days are really tough. The creative arts is an important part of life, not just in this country; but in life in general.

Due to the pandemic many creative artists are in a real bind these days. Seems there isn’t any relief to be had from the way things are. And people have to eat sometimes.

I know my own struggles, it seems people have a high amount of apathy these days. As though, they couldn’t care about anyone but themselves; and it has been taken to an extreme by many. How can we ever get back to being a whole society, and being whole as beings again?

It seems the individual is the only fabric of our modern world. Because one person doesn’t have much force to drive in the face of public opinion these days. There are other causes, and other problems that have more attention. Seems everyone wants to be in the spotlight for their five seconds of glory.

The creative arts is an important part of life. How many people really appreciate the creative arts in today’s modern world? It seems the whole field is being neglected, and treated with indifference. Seems to be a problem with society, because they treat most people that way in today’s modern world.

There is some hope, that in the spring when this winter thaws, there will be new growth in the creative arts; that maybe this winter of life; will pass, and new work will rise up even better than before.

One can hope. Still, neglect, indifference, and apathy are running rampant these days. Someone is going to have to make us feel something again; and bring the human race back to life. Too many today are living like zombies. They don’t care, they couldn’t be bothered, and they are not interested in anything. Seems like a world of house cats to me.

Those same cats are going to get hungry someday. When the world is as dull and lifeless as the face of the moon, somehow I doubt they will bask in the glow and say they have a perfect world. At this point, they can go back to living in mud huts for all I care. I’m not looking for validation from humans in this world. Yet, there are problems that need solved and on the bounce too.

My art, my writing, my feelings, they are are dis-regarded as worthless. It seems there is nothing I could do or say that would make them give any sign of caring. Pity; because if they listened, they might learn something important. I have experience in some things that are uncommon, and not the usual boujee junk most people are trying to promote. Somehow, I seriously doubt anyone is going to listen to me. It feels like screaming into the ears of a deaf cat.

Someday, they won’t be able to object. There will be a time, they are simply out of time; with nothing they can do about it. You would think, they would care before it reaches that point, but alas, they seem far too dumb to think it through.

I was looking to doing more work, in the near future; maybe something much better than the work previously produced. Seems what I need these days is a muse. They are in short supply these days; tough times.

Times are going to continue to get worse, if nothing changes, then it will very likely get only worse for everyone. At some point, you have to wonder if they will feel the sacrifice would be worth what it cost? Everyone has a pain point, and when the pain is great; they are more willing to pay for having relief. If they were smart, they would avoid the pain altogether, and take the best action ahead of time. Seems, they aren’t going to do what is good.

The world is a mess, and maybe we need a lot of people to start to wake up; life is short, and if you don’t have some long term goals that are looking to change the world in two centuries or longer, then you are wasting everyone’s time, energy, and money. We need some real vision about the future that will make life really better.

Most people don’t talk about the future, most are stuck on the problems of today; and few ever think the problems of today will effect the problems of tomorrow. They are however all connected. So some things simply have to start to change for the better.

Don’t neglect the creative arts in life. Some of these people seem to have enough apathy to silence whole groups of people with just a cross look. Yet, someone is going to have to make life better. People that are doing things, they are the ones to watch; because they change things, sometimes for the better.

And what we need at this point, is better. You are here, at the cross road in life, where change can still be made for the better, you do however have to choose to make life better, because the world in a few hundred years won’t be as pretty if you fail to choose right.

You are here, do something good today, for a better future.

Photo Credit: Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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What Is Advantageous?

Not All Things Are Advantageous

What is advantageous in this world? After giving it some level of thought, there are some points I can make about this subject.

  1. The most advantageous options are ones that don’t have a disadvantage.

Seems everyone has some dis-advantage in life, but how we deal with them determine how much of a dis-advantage it really is. What may stop one person in their tracks is nothing more than a mild inconvenience to others. So the conditioning that people have and how their minds work may determine how we handle problems.

There are things that have positive effects, with no down side. Drinking a cup of coffee when you wake up has the advantage of helping you wake up. However, drinking ten cups of coffee before trying to go to sleep has a real downside.

So you have to be smart enough to understand cause and effect, and knowing when, what, where, and how.

I was standing the shower thinking about this, and some song by Janes Addiction came to mind. “What is advantageous?” Some things look good, some things feel good, some things are painful. What advantage is there in life? Seems we should be able to make use of most things in life. Turns water to coldest possible setting, that will wake you up.

Laying on the sofa giving it further thought, what really is advantageous in life? It seems some things are good for us, some things aren’t so good for us. Having a society that is sober and drug free, has some advantage. If everyone was drunk or drugged out of their minds, society wouldn’t function very well.

At the same time, just as people think smoking cigarettes is a major disadvantage, as they feel getting sick and dying isn’t an advantage; it seems at some point in the lives of everyone living; they all eventually get sick and die.

So what is advantageous? That which never puts you at a dis-advantage. Then, how does anyone make it through life? Seems everyone at some point is faced with something that challenges them to grow, to learn, and to adapt.

Anything that puts you at a long term dis-advantage would be likely a very bad thing. Some people aren’t given choices in the matter, which is because life can be very unfair. So it is advantageous to do things that improve your life.

I think something that is advantageous would be something that would have good results if anyone were to do so well. There are some things that some people do better than others, so knowing your abilities helps a lot. Not everyone is going to benefit from jumping out of an airplane at twenty thousand feet. Some may find it is very beneficial; some people may find it a career limiting maneuver. To each their own, do everything within your abilities.

Doing what is best, requires that a person have the ability to reason and use logic to understand the full effects of their actions; long before they set out to make something happen.

What advantage is there in being poor? Seems in the long run, its usually a dis-advantage. Yet, some people have come from poverty to rise in life, and do very well for themselves. They learned that they must work for what they want, and have standards.

So poverty in itself isn’t really anything more than a setback. While, being totally stupid; is a major disadvantage. It’s pretty tough to get smarter when you’re as dumb as a rock.

There might be an upside to it; but only as long as you believe that ignorance is bliss.

Do what is advantageous for everyone in the long run, and society will benefit for a long time. You have to have understanding about cause and effect; and the long term goals that need to be accomplished. Anything that has long term dis-advantages would be something to avoid at all costs.

Be wise, feed your head; just make sure it’s not poison.

Sometimes in life, it seems you are screwed no matter what course of action you take, go left; you are screwed. Go right; you are screwed. You are not able to go back; the only thing you can do is go strait. Be brave; have courage. Live so well, no one will ever say you didn’t try.

At some point; everyone will find some problem in life, how you deal with it; that is what matters. Some people train their whole lives for one moment. Do what you can to make life better for everyone.

Photo Credit: Photo by Jocelyn Morales on Unsplash

Written By Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek!

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Thoughts About Value, Meaning, and Being Of Worth To Others

Finding Real Reasons To Live

What is value today in the minds of most people? It seems they respect money, power, and the illusions of grander. What could they find about someone like me to value? It certainly wouldn’t be my status, it wouldn’t be the money I have in the bank.

There are not many friends in my life, even fewer that know me. Seems I have existed as a ghost in this world for some twenty years, living like some misfit that doesn’t know better. Yet, you would be hard pressed to understand my point of view, such things only happen after you have fallen from grace; and learned some tough lessons the difficult way.

Seems there was nothing to protect me from my fall. In some ways, I had it all some twenty years ago; yet nothing I had was enough to protect me from the fall I have taken. So what does one do when there seems to be nothing of this world that can prevent what you have from being taken from you? Seems awful unfair if you ask me.

If you have known tough times, you might find some value in what I have had to say in my writing. I’m not sure how many would understand my point of view, seems the world today; most people don’t have many first world problems to really deal with.

Of what I have had to endure; they have denied me my honor, my dignity, and taken my self respect. Seems the basic functions of my life have been under attack for more than twenty years. Sometimes, I have reason to believe they did it all to hurt me. That may be true; that they are really so ruthless that they only wanted to hurt me.

Living my life will open your eyes, it would be enough to make you loose faith in humanity in whole. Seems the way this has been, there is nothing they could ever do to make it up to me. I have to wonder after having been treated like I have been, if they human race has any value? Maybe some value; but for people that claim to know their worth and treat me like I have none, isn’t very respectful.

If you know your value; and you treat other people as though they have none, maybe your pride is in the way of being a respectable being. Really what kind of value could you have to be able to treat others as though they have none? Seems people have lost their kindness in ways that leave the human race wanting of reason.

The world is a mess, and these days the problems aren’t getting better. Many today have become cruel, or living in total despair; of what kind of life have we created in this world that these problems are permitted to continue like this?

Life has to get a lot better. You may agree with me about that. If you are not in agreement with that idea, how can you live with yourself in this world and still be a respectable person? Are you blind to the problem? Wake up!

Wake Up!

Really value only comes from the whole having value, when there are those that are treated like they don’t really matter; that takes away from the value of the whole. For the whole to be the most valuable, everyone has to be treated like they matter, respected, and have their dignity intact.

So many today have allowed their lives to be as Charles Bukowski said, “Clubbed into dank submission.” Most people are not really more than warm sacks of shit. Pity, because life is meant to be lived, and too many today want to take even that away from us. I’m not sure what kind of life they want to live, seems to me; it’s not more than a living death.

Do what makes you feel alive. Value is more than meets the eye, somehow we have to get through to them, reach their hearts and minds; to make them believe that not everyone is going to tolerate being treated like a warm sack of shit.

If you know your value, and you treat anyone as though they have less value than you have; what does that say about you? Humans should remember, that they are all living clay, and not be superior to those that are their own kind, even more so they should respect those who are above them.

Photo Credit: Photo by Ismael Paramo on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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A Life I Used To Have –This Cage Holds Me Tight

My life used to be very different. In terms of a life that resembles my life previously, this life is nothing close to what I used to have. The life I used to have is a distant memory of what I have now. This cage holds me tight in its grip.

When I was growing up, I used to do stuff. I was way more active in my life, both physically, and socially. I grew up riding bicycles doing freestyle and BMX riding.

There were times people were afraid of seeing me ride my bike, what was normal for me, was all too much for them; they objected to riding with both feet on the handle bars while coasting down the street without a helmet or knee pads.

I had a motorcycle that I rode and was pretty good at it. I grew up knowing how to downhill snow ski, and made use of every chance I could get to hit the slopes. I learned to ski at double black diamond levels, and got quite a thrill from skiing like a wild man.

I also took up indoor rock climbing, and found it to be the real challenge both physically, and psychologically. Because to really climb well, it takes a lot of psychological skill to climb and keep your wits about you. Most people would think what I was doing was impossible. It wasn’t, there are people that climb way above me.

I used to go dancing, and was quite good at it. I took to swing dancing, because I thought the music was good, and it was fun to dance with pretty chicks at the Derby. Often several nights a week, I could be found dancing east cost swing, with some good food.

My skills were better back then, my ability to do things that took strength, endurance, and talent that are all required to be able to stay alive. I took up rollerblading, and was very agile on my feet. Really there wasn’t much that didn’t have wheels that I didn’t do, or try.

This all changed twenty years ago. My life took some awful wrong turn that I had no control of. It wasn’t that I did something stupid, nor was it that I got hurt. Well, I did get hurt really, really bad; but it wasn’t anything I had control over.

They said it was a chemical imbalance in my mind, and that I wasn’t to be considered a sane man any longer. Something somewhere had screwed my life up really bad. My life that I knew and loved was gone, in whole; the life I used to have has completely been taken from me. The life I have today; it is nothing compared to the living I was doing twenty years ago. What is more, this life I have now, it’s not really living; it is closer to a living death.

It feels so damn unfair that my life was taken from me. There were things that I enjoyed doing a great deal; none of which I have been able to do or take part of in twenty years. I long for the days I was physically challenging myself to push my limits, to go fast on wheels, and enjoy the rush of adrenaline in my body that made me feel alive.

This existence, it’s not living; it’s a living death. There is no rush from what I can do these days. I’ve tried to get the same feeling from other things that I used to know and enjoy. Nothing compares to what I used to have. There simply isn’t anything I could do today to give me the same feeling. I have no friends, no job, no girlfriend, and it doesn’t look like that situation will ever change in this life.

My life today isn’t fun, it isn’t even interesting. I am confined to my house, only leaving for coffee, or a trip to the store. My life isn’t very enjoyable, because the things that I used to find enjoyable, and challenging; are not options any longer.

It seems ruthless cruel that I have been forced to live like zombie cat shit, being drugged out of my mind to enjoy a living death. I think that they last thing I would ever say is that I have enjoyed this life the last twenty years.

Sure there are other things to get enjoyment from, I still do what I can; but the enjoyments I used to have were far better than what I can do today. It is difficult to get a real thrill from coding html, not that it doesn’t have some rewards, but my family treats my accomplishments these days like they are worthless trash. I would like to see them do what I’ve done the last five years. Yeah, that would be fun.

I’m very good at what I do, its the only way I can get a thrill. Still, I find that I long for the days I was challenging myself physically. My life today while peaceful, is lacking anything that produces the same feelings that being physically skilled and pushing the limits of what I can do. Somehow, a dog walk just doesn’t have the same rush that going thirty miles an hour on rollerblades has.

I long for the times my life was better. I keep saying, “Life has to get better.” However, it seems I’ve come to terms with the fact, in this body; life isn’t going to get better. Pity, this life is a living death. I wanted better. Just a piece of advice, take care of your teeth, they rot out fast once they start to go. Wish I had been better about what I could have done about it; but it is far too late now.

However, their cry’s of my insanity; what I have to say about that is this; they live like zombie house cats. I want to live my life; and better than most ever dream. Most people in this world don’t really live; they just exist. Pity. They will never know what really living is like.

This cage I have now, someday its going to be replaced. Life has to get a lot better, and right quick.

Photo Credit: Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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Writing Levels And How To Go From Average To Great

Writing At 10th Grade Level – How?

After taking the time to find out why no one is reading my work, one of the subjects I have come across is the level my writing is aimed at. It seems, my writing is between 6th and 8th grade levels. After asking myself what the formula for writing at 10th grade levels would be, I have found the following are true.

The use of complex-sentences with a higher number of words per sentence and the use of words that contain more syllables. This seems to be one of the basic formulas for improving my writing levels by several grades. There still have to substance, and style; and I wonder how to make the best use of my thoughts which are often abstract and difficult to express at all.

Also the use of compound-complex sentences is another factor in making the writing of a higher levels of writing. I’ve given some thought to my writing, and my goal is to write at a level the audience can understand; however there is need to improve the quality of my writing a great deal. What can most people read, and what level is best to express my message to the audience that I most want to reach? Seems that my current writing skills are not able to express my thoughts in a way that is intelligent enough to reach the audience I want to attract.

What writing advice can you offer about the structure, syntax, and formula for writing at a more intelligent level? How can I improve my current writing to new levels while still being clear about what I want to express? Many of the thoughts I write about are abstract ideas and nothing really concrete. My thoughts were, to keep it simple enough most people could grasp the ideas in a clear way.

By making less sentences per 100 words, and increasing the number of syllables per 100 words, that might be one way. What other ways are there to improve the quality of my writing? I really want to know how to write at a higher level. Because when people believe you are intelligent, they have a stronger willingness to listen to what you have to say. And I really want people to listen to what I am saying, because it matters a great amount to me personally.

I am only educated at a high school level, however I am very intelligent, and if I understood the formula to write at a higher level, I could work with what I have to make it happen.

So give me your best writing advice on how to write better!

Written By Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

Photo Credit: Photo by Cozies Tone on Unsplash

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It Is Time To Wake UP

I want to live

Seems everyone is in a stupor, these days are tough. No one is paying attention to me. Either, they don’t care; or they couldn’t be bothered. My stories aren’t ranking very well, because no one is reading or searching for my work. I’ve noticed. The algorithms have noticed. For my work to reach an audience, the algorithms have to see some interest in my work.

Right now, interest is at zero. So wake up. Until people start to care a little bit, nothing will get better. Seems the human race has some problems. Nothing that couldn’t be solved. If people would pay attention and wake up.

Somehow, I doubt anyone is going to change. People are so selfish these days, they only care about themselves. Pity. Seems I’m not important enough for anyone to care about me at all. Its obvious. I wish this would change a bit. I needed for my work to reach new levels. I’ve put the effort into making great work; somehow no one cares.

I want my life to be amazing. I really do, it is my desire to have a better life. There is nothing wrong with wanting life to be better. Right now, my teeth are rotting in my skull. I wanted that fixed. Seems no one could give a damn.

So what is it going to take for people to start to care? Seems like, I would have to pay people to listen. That isn’t how life should be. I’m tired of the fact, I’m being treated like I don’t matter at all. It is obvious, they couldn’t care.

If no one is going to pay attention, then why bother? Seems there is nothing that I could say, or do that will make people listen to me. This is not the kind of treatment I want. They should at least be paying attention. Most people are content with just existing. Well, if that is all you want out of life, then you can just exist to read my work. You won’t even know the difference. Nothing will be different.

Nothing has really changed in a long time. People are content with just existing; like they are all in stupor and asleep. Are you sure that is the kind of life you want? You should be more alive than that. Really, I think a chimpanzee has a better life than you people. You’re not much smarter than chimpanzees. Living like you are, you don’t really seem to be alive. You are just existing, like warm sacks of shit.

That isn’t the lifestyle I want to be living. That isn’t any kind of life for me to live. I’m tired of the fact my status in life is so low, that no one will give a damn about me at all. It seems humans are cruel about the way they treat me. Maybe even ruthless.

Pity; thought life was going to get better. Feeling like, damn it. Nothing I can do to make this situation better. I’ve tried, no one will listen long enough to reach their hearts and minds.

Really, what I wanted to do is reach their hearts and minds. Seems they are too hard headed to think, and their hearts are stone cold cruel. Someone should have cared by now, I have worked my butt off. Seems talent, skill, and effort are not respected at all. So what in the world do they value? Maybe they just want to exist like warm sacks of shit? Maybe.

I want to live my life, I want life to be amazing. I am tired of just existing like this. It’s not the kind of lifestyle I want to be living. When I thought about what I have in my life, it seems this life is a damn cage. Is that what the human race wants to be born into; A CAGE? Maybe they are that dumb.

It is time to wake up. Because if this goes like it is, it won’t be much longer before they all turn their minds over to computers to think for them, to feel for them, and to pray for them. Sick!

It is time to wake up. Stop your slumber, start to feel again. You have to awaken your spirit, you have to start to live again. The human race is dangerously close to loosing their ability to reason. No one is thinking, no one will listen, and the poor fools are going to pay for it.


People are in a slumber, or some kind of stupor. They are not really being kind, or loving. The neglect, indifference, and apathy are a sick society. If this doesn’t change, the world is going to be thrown into chaos. Life has to get better, a lot better. Maybe most people are happy? Maybe they don’t know better? There is no excuse!!

Photo Credit: Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

More to come. . .

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Do Something Great

Lord knows, I’m trying. Seems it takes gigantic effort in life to really do something great. You have to work your butt off. Even then, you may feel like, no one will notice. How can anyone do something great? I would like to explore the idea.

Some say, “Some day, I’m going to change the world.” Some say, “Maybe tomorrow.” How does a person make sense of it? Seems like, everyone has their hands in their pockets, waiting for life to change.

How does anything really get done these days? Seems progress is so slow, that its on a slow boat from somewhere far, far, far away. Maybe a slow boat from Mars? Yeah, that far away. Does anyone want to make life really better? Because it seems many today; maybe almost everyone; they all have empty pockets.

Life has stretched the human race to new shapes. Some make objections, and want to go back to living in the oceans. Some never made out of being single cell protoplasm, and emotional ameba.

Why am I writing this? Because there is something I want to know. Sometimes writing to find the answers is the only solution. Since there is no one to talk with, I have to write to think as though I was speaking with someone.

I wonder, if I am happy. Maybe being happy is something we have the wrong ideas about. If we knew how gifted life is, then maybe we would have something to be happy about. Seems it gets lost in the flux and chaos. What is happiness? What does it taste like? What smell does happiness come with? Seems like success would have a very special feeling about being alive.

And maybe, all we have is how we feel about being alive. Sometimes its joy, sometimes its peace, sometimes it bites so damn hard you still have tooth marks on your butt weeks later.

I’m looking for something special. A feeling that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. But for that to happen, I would have to change the world in some big ways. Yeah; I want to do something great!

Seems I’ve been stuck in the way life is, with this feeling of being degraded for so long; I’ve lost sense of what it feels like to be happy. Sure, its important to be humble. However, when a persons dignity has been taken from them, then trying to fix that feels impossible.

Maybe the rewards would have to be pretty special. Having peace of mind about something that has caused you doubt your whole life. That would be something. That would be worth having. Seems there are not many good answers in the world these days.

Needed some good answers for years. Seems the reply is always like the wind on a night with a new moon. It just leaves me confused and perplexed. Sometimes, it leaves me cold.

Maybe something will change? Seems we have to be willing to work for change in life. Most things don’t occur on their own. A cheeseburger doesn’t spontaneously appear when you are hungry. Life isn’t like a cheeseburger. We have to work with what we have.

If you have a cow, you might get a cheeseburger someday. But what if you had a purple cow? Would you still want the cheeseburger, even if it came from a purple cow? Maybe the best option is to sell tickets to people to look at a purple cow, and have enough funds to buy a cheeseburger someone else made. If I had a purple cow, I would keep it and sell people a chance to see it. A live purple cow is better than a hamburger from a purple cow.

A purple cow

Unless the supply of purple cows is so great, everyone can have one. But that would defeat the purpose of having a purple cow. Right?

So how can we do something great without a purple cow? They are in short supply. This is something I have wracked my mind with for years on end. Still, the goal is to do something great. The problem is not the purple cow. What is the problem?

Vacuum effect. Screaming in a vacuum with no sound, is useless. And it wastes your breath; which you will need in 2.5 seconds. Wake up.

Now do something great! Go get your purple cow.

Photo Credit: Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Written by: Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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Visions Of The Future – The Problems With Progress Today

Our ability to progress is only limited by peoples ability to adapt.


Visions Of The Future

Some cultures plan 10 years in advance. It seems some cultures are planning hundreds of years in advance. What we need is someone with some real vision to to work with.

What could be accomplished

If you think about what could be accomplished, you might start to wake up. Most people are content with keeping the status quo intact. Why is it, that real change always feels like revolution? It must have something to do with the fact, that change is difficult for most people.

What is possible is only limited by people’s ability to adapt to change. Most people are so set in their ways, that keeping the status quo is the only thing keeping the peace. Change must be very difficult for them.

It seems just getting people to think about the possibilities is difficult to do. They don’t want to think, because they have not grown accustomed to thinking. They let someone else do all the heavy lifting, then who ever packages the ideas in the best box seems to be who wins.

While that is good for most people, my thoughts are; they should give my ideas some consideration. Some of these ideas will only come from me, unless someone tries to steal them. Hmm.

The Future

We have to ask ourselves, “What kind of world do we want to live in?” What kind of life do most people really want? Because it seems some people are content with any old plain existence they could be allowed to have, they don’t give much consideration to actually designing it themselves.

My goal is to help design the future. I sense that if we leave it to some of the people in charge, it will look like something vogons have made. That simply won’t do. You know about the vogons right? They have poor design skills.

Somehow the plans for the future have to be put on display in a public place for all to see. We should at least know what plans for the future there are. It doesn’t do much good to keep them in the basement, without any light to see them.

The future could be better. From a perspective of architecture, much can be improved upon. We need better transportation, housing, shopping, and entertainment avenues. The lack of culture in todays modern world leaves many with this feeling that life is empty and devoid of meaning.

Which isn’t really true, there is much meaning in life. There is much to be done. They allow their lack of ability to think to hold them back from understanding more is possible. The real problem is the thinking must be fixed before they can tackle other problems. The other problem is, they don’t have anyone to teach them how to think to be able to identify the problem. So they are basically blind to seeing the real facts.

The future will have to be designed. We have to have something that will really work for people that find change difficult, while still providing functionality for everyone.


People only really care about themselves. The functionality of today’s modern world has made it impossible for them to care about anyone else. If you want to see life get a lot better, then we have to open the heart in fundamental ways that allows the light in.

Too many today have allowed basic dignity to escape their grasp. Some have tried to take their dignity away, some have allowed theirs to be taken. A high minded civilization does NOT oppress its people. A high minded civilization is built to allow people to grow. Seems we have outgrown the old world, and everyone is trying to find new footing in an unstable world.

New systems have to be designed. With functionality that really works for a long time. What we have today is not 1/10 of what is possible for the world.

However, after giving it some thought; really the future can not be oppressive. There can not be any real progress until this problem is fixed. Until people start thinking what is best in the long run for everyone; the future will continue to look bleak.

Real Progress

Real progress for what the future can look like can only be made when people stop being oppressive and start changing for the better. Yet, change is so difficult; the status quo is the only thing to keep the peace.

Maybe the human race doesn’t want a better world? Doesn’t seem like it. They are content with any old existence out of a box they can get their hands on. Doesn’t feel very promising.

Do you see the problems? If you see the problem, start working to make the change needed to make life better for everyone.

Photo Credit: Photo by Matt Wang on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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Visions For The Future – Essay

Really, people have to start thinking about the world we want to live in. Many are overcome with despair; however that isn’t going to solve the problem. This essay is some of my visions for the future. Please take the time to read it.


Exploration of outer space may be beneficial, with the understanding those on this earth may only take material out of our own solar system for use on earth. You must not steal material from other worlds / solar systems outside our solar system.

There is some good that can come from space. If nothing else, we wonder who the first painter will be to paint in zero gravity? Maybe they will be famous? You never know.

Point: As long as space travel doesn’t drain resources on this planet, there is some good that come from space exploration. Don’t junk the solar system up. We all have to live here.


The future can be better. We have to think a few centuries in advance, seems most people are only thinking, 5 years, or 10 years into the future. This simply won’t do, we have to plan a few hundred years in advance. Life could be better for everyone with the proper use of technology.

We need systems that work. What we have today isn’t great. Its all kind of neat, but just expensive toys compared to what we need. The way things are, most people are being taken advantage of. Seems some people put profits ahead of everything. This has to change.


There are enough resources when used properly. Waste will leave us wanting more in a few centuries. We have to think in advance. Some of the things that need to be changed include using hydrogen fuel cells that output more water, and the correct use of nuclear fuels.

Our cities are awful wasteful. We need to find ways to have better community and education resources. And the use of resources in a more positive way. Water is important to our survival, and must be maintained.

We need cities that are better designed for transportation, around central hubs with points of interest. Also, transportation to and from points used for shopping. This has to be a lot better.

Design cities with enough advance knowledge that will work for long periods of time, even with growth.


Don’t muck with the good stuff.


Please start planning five centuries in advance. We have to have systems that will work and don’t disturb life as we know it. We have to be able to give people some hope for the future. I think the status quo is just waiting to be broken; we could all have better lives. People wouldn’t feel taken advantage of if their lives were worthy of living. We simply have to have enough culture to sustain wanting to exist in this world. The lack of culture is going to cause people to feel dis-heartened.

Photo Credit: Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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Magic Playlist: Set XYZZY

Set XYZZY the magic playlist

Here is a playlist I’ve used for some time. When times are tough, you need to have the right music. This file is in pdf format so you can download it, buy the music, and listen to it on your own.

This playlist is long; however, you will find it comes with its own special list of tracks for you to listen to. It is important that you listen to the tracks in the order they appear in the playlist.

This playlist is made of 137 songs, with a play time of 9.3 hours. The artists that make up this playlist span many genres and kinds of music. It is called: Set xyzzy.

Be sure to keep the tracks in the right order. This is a magic playlist and you will find that its power is not limited to just making you feel better in tough times.

Set XYZZY, the playlist. Check it out now, download the pdf, and start listening to the music that will change your life. Be sure to create the play list in the same order on your computer. It has to be in the same order as it appears in the pdf.

Also, don’t skip songs. You have to listen to the whole list. There is magic in this playlist. You will see and feel the difference. When life gets tough, and its knocked you down; this will pick you back up.

Maybe it will inspire you to rise again, after having gotten the crap kicked out of you. I think so. I’ve had some tough days in my life, this playlist has always picked me up.

The playlist is called Set XYZZY. Download the pdf, and add the songs to your playlist today. You will be glad you did. Let me know if this playlist makes your day better.

If you enjoyed reading this, check out the rest of my content on my personal website, and my blog.

Photo Credit: Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, your 42bitpi Geek

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Notes From Earth

My Cage Needs Torn Down
Notes from a steppenwolf

Are we living in a cage? The very fiber necessary to make life worth living, is missing from my existence. After taking inventory of what I have, it seems I have a cage. There are no friends, no job, no girlfriend in my life. The world lacks the ability to be selfless, because it seems no one gives a damn.

Being subjected to this mis-treatment, clearly this is not a humane way to exist. Certainly it feels like torment to me; it also feels like my rights are being violated. My existence in this manner is certainly not of my choosing, and after having worked diligently to change this situation for years, the situation is oppressive.

When the human race learns to be kind, this situation will get a lot better. There is nothing I can do to make my situation better; everything I have done thus far, it has all failed for me. The situation is not hopeless, it is however hosed; The human race is so selfish that no one will take the time to listen, to think, or to learn. Pity that they are so cruel.

My main complaint is the isolation. This isolation has spanned more than twenty years. There is no one to spend time with me, no one to talk with about what I value. It also seems, no one reads my work, or values it more than worthless trash.

I’m not able to do anything or say anything that will make them treat me different. There is absolutely nothing I could ever do that would change their behavior to treat me better. Nothing what so ever.

I don’t like my cage. This isolation is ruthless cruel. I’ve told them it hurts me, they have done nothing to make it better. Nothing at all to help make it better. I have reason to believe, that is the definition of cruel. For them to not care at all.

I hate my cage. It’s just me with my mind. No one reads my work, no one listens to me. They don’t give a shit what I think, believe, or want from life.

Also, there is no path to make it better. This life is all I ever have to look forward to. In twenty years, this situation has not changed to satisfactory level. That is twenty years of my life that I have been forced to endure this cage. Ruthless.

I wanted my life better. I wanted change for the better. Seems my status in life is so very low, that they don’t care what I want. It doesn’t matter to them at all. It’s not any skin off their nose, so they don’t give a damn about my needs.

Speaking of needs, my needs are not being met. My intellectual, emotional, physical needs; none of them are being met right. This cage has beaten the living life out of me. As a wolf, this captivity is cruel. The house cats enjoy the life they have; but the wolf feels it’s not been kind.

Really what kind of sick people think keeping a wolf to live like a house cat is kind? I’m tired of this cage. This cage, it’s not living. It’s a living death.

If I had some companions to talk with, and to spend time with me, someone that could inspire me to rise; then life would be worth living. This isolation is kicking the shit out of me. No one to talk with or share ideas with. The way things are, no one spends time with me, no one cares. The world couldn’t care. No one else does either.

The people that I thought I could count on, they have let me down hard. They treated me like shit. I don’t have anyone to turn to for help, nor advice. This cage keeps me confined like this. There is no way to make myself visible. And when I do try to make myself visible, it always fails. Nothing I have done in the last twenty years has been successful. Nothing.

The failure has hit hard. I hate this cage. It keeps me held in place, just like I was twenty years ago. I’ve been able to make my mind grow, but at great pain.

There is no emotional support here. This cage prevents me from having my emotional needs met. No friends, no job, no girlfriend. It’s been this way a very long time. Seems I’m not special enough for anyone to care about me. They didn’t care when I am alone and hurting from isolation.

I hate my cage. Have no desire to trade for a bigger cage. I want out of this damn cage. I want my freedom. I want to live my life. I want to have someone to spend time with me. I want to be able to have intelligent conversations with others. I want someone that can reason.

It’s not that difficult, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Yet, in twenty years; they have never been able to fix it. I’ve spent the last twenty years in this damn cage. It feels ruthless cruel. Why the abuse? Why the psychological torment like this? Am I a prisoner? Why? What right do they have to cage me?

It has made me mean. I would like to see you spend twenty years inside your own head and try to get out of this shit. Let’s see how you like my cage. I would like to see you live my life. You will beg for death, long before it’s over with.

I think that is fitting punishment. Those that caged me, should have to live my life. Let’s see how they deal with it. I want them to suffer, I want them to suffer like I have suffered. Let’s see how you like this psychological torment, I’ve endured it; let’s see how you deal with it. I hate my cage.

If I had some friends, this would be a nice escape pod. Since I am forced into solitary confinement with no friends, it’s a cage. It’s cruel. It could have been a home.

Part II
Does Anyone Have A Life?
Thoughts from a wolf

I’m curious to know, does anyone in this world have a life? Is anyone in this world really living? They say, most people just exist. That seems to be very true. I don’t have any friends, no job, no girlfriend, and no one to ask personally.

There is no one that I have ever known that has a life. So how are you people living? Do you have any kind of life at all? I’ve taken inventory of what I have, it seems this cage is all I have. How are you living? Do you like your cage?

Does anyone have their needs being met? Are you able to provide for yourself? Do you have an idea and the ability to see it turn into something successful? I have not had a success in twenty years. The only thing I have known is failure. I hate my cage.

Do you have the ability to dream, and see your dreams turn into something that works for you? How do you make such things happen for yourself? Do you have people that listen to you and respect you? Do you have a group of people that inspire you?

All I have known is this damn isolation. It’s all I have. This isolation is all I have known for twenty years; maybe more. How can I move my life from where I am living now, to a better more satisfying lifestyle? What path is there to take to make my life better?

Everything I have done has failed. The people that I thought would have my back; they are a let down. None of them could care about my life at all. Pity.

I don’t have opportunities. I’ve lacked the social circle to make my life better. I’m not able to rise, I’m not able to make myself visible to others. What kind of life can I look forward to? Seems my life is a living death. There is no path to make it better.

Humans are strange creatures. This world isn’t the place it used to be. It used to be a man had some way to make their life better, seems there always used to be a path that a man could take to change their life.

There is no path here. So how are you living? What path have you taken to make your life worth living? Are you really living? Does anyone in this world have a real life? Prove it.

This world feels like a damn cage. The isolation is the main factor in making it feel like a cage. If the isolation were to be fixed, the situation would be a lot better. By 1000%. In twenty years, they have not been able to fix the isolation. They don’t even care that I’m isolated like I am. It’s not any skin off their nose. It doesn’t bother them.

Seems a lot of people suffer from isolation. Some are like house cats and seem to enjoy it. However, you will never meet a wolf that enjoys solitary confinement for long periods of time.

The problem has continued, it has never been solved. Obviously; they lack the ability to solve the problem. They have prevented me from solving the problem, which means they don’t want a solution to the problem.

I have reason to believe; they are sick. This world is a twisted place. Pity. It could have been a lot better. I hate my cage.

Photo Credit: Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

Written by: Christopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking Outside The Box – A primer

It has been a long time in getting here. It seems, I’m finally thinking outside the box. It didn’t take anything fancy; it happened on its own out of sheer bloody minded boredom.

There has been a number of years that passed in the process, and maybe it wouldn’t have taken so darn long if I had used other methods. It does however work for me; so there you go.

What is thinking outside the box? Maybe the best way to put it, is understanding that is beyond human grasp. The philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, had some things to say about thinking the unthinkable. And really, he inspired me to do better.

My thoughts are, that to find ones destiny; it is essential to understand something deeper than one’s navel. Sometimes people live their whole lives and never even make a scratch on the surface of their existence. Pity!

If you want to find your destiny, you have to work for it. You have to put in the blood, sweat, and tears that comes with the project. Lord knows, I’ve spent some long nights burning lean tissue to reach some of my epiphanies.

Coffee helps, if you’re going to be up late into the night with the thoughts of how to think the unthinkable. There really is no formula for thinking outside the box; only following your own train of thoughts for so darn long that you have mastered the ability to reason, think, and understand.

The son of man, what business have we with humans? Seems the world has been built to suppress natural thinking, and in the age of ignorance; many are starving to death intellectually. Seems there is no shortage of idiots these days thinking inside the box.

Really though, the box is built to keep the idiots in line. Since they can not think outside the box, then they can not grow, learn, or really think.

Some box. It’s built well. Because it took me forty-six years of living to be able to think outside the damn box. It required more pain than most are willing to endure. It may be true that with thought; comes a certain amount of pain, discomfort, and suffering.

It might have however been worthwhile. We will see. I’ve done the heavy lifting for most of the men in this world. If you want to benefit from it; then read my blog. Really any man can learn to think outside the box, and if you read my work; it will aid you a great deal in learning to think outside the damn box.

You won’t find it in booze, or drugs. Those things may even be a wrong turn in the mind of a true genius. You do however have to feed your head, and in these tough times, what you eat matters.

If you want to learn how to think outside the box, you have to be able to lift the whole darn box with your mind. This is no easy feat to accomplish. You have to think about everything the box contains, then reason on what isn’t in the box. That is a very simple way to put it. But to do so, requires that one be able to think something that is truly unthinkable by mortal humans. Thus, a great deal of pain to think the answer.

With no help, no guide, and no clear path for how to think such things, it’s almost impossible to accomplish. It however can be done.


If you want to master the art of thinking outside the box, you have to be willing to travel a path that few will ever adventure towards. It takes a lot of patience, pain, and sheer bloody minded thought to accomplish. You won’t reach a destination in a day, a week, or a year. It is like climbing Mount Everest; alone, in the dark, barefoot, and with an elephant on your back.

There is no such thing as luck. Only working towards a goal. Want to think outside the box? Better pack an elephant in your kit. They say the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Take the same approach to thinking outside the box; one bite at a time.

Photo Credit: Photo by Alexander Sergienko on Unsplash

Written by Christopher Thomas, the 42bitpi geek

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Year In Review

The Year In Review – A Personal Story Of Hope

Most people find change difficult. We have been forced to adapt this last year. A lot of the changes have seemed very difficult to deal with. Some people would say that 2020 has been a year of despair. However, I disagree.

The year 2020 has made us stronger in some ways. The leaders of tomorrow have been born from these events. They will go forward with new hope, and new dreams. They will have a strength uncommon of those before them, and they will be fit to lead having been tried by the fire so to speak.

My year has been both interesting, and difficult. I started with some projects in mind, and worked diligently to see them come to life. I learned a lot, and in the realms of self improvement, I have grown substantially.

This doesn’t mean my projects were all successes. I’ve had to change my mindset about a lot of the goals I originally had. I think that if you believe what Booker T. Washington said, “That success is not to be measured not so much by the position one has attained, but by the obstacles he has overcome.”

I’ve overcome some tough stuff this year. I’ve had to get really tough with myself. So much so, that to finish a hot shower with ice cold water is something I look forward to these days.

It seems my projects were interesting to me, I cared a lot about them. It was however difficult to make anyone else see the light of day with them. People only understand from their own view point, and most people lack the experience to understand it from anyone else’s point of view.

Maybe what I have tried to do, is open a window to showing someone the highlights of my experience without being so disruptive that others feel uncomfortable beyond what they can endure. I have tried to open the window, I have even sugar coated some of it for years. Yet, I find no one is really interested in looking out the window to see the world from my eyes.

John Lennon said in one of his songs, “No guru can see through your eyes.” Isn’t that the truth, we all have different experiences and views of life, the planet, and each other.

I’ve often expressed that it would be nice to know what people were thinking or feeling in some of these situations. Just to help understand the situation better.

My offer here is that you can see some glimpses of my life, that are in such a way, that you can have your eyes opened a bit to new understanding. I don’t promise that you will like it, all I can offer is the opportunity to share the view. You have to be the ones willing to open your eyes and look at it.

Of the things I’ve done this year, I’ve accomplished much. I launched five websites this year. However the ones that are still up and running seem to have survived the year 2020 just fine.

I wrote an algorithm, did an awful lot of database work, and while nothing really launched so fast to reach escape velocity, my feelings are they went well. How would a turtle ever get to outerspace single handedly? Pivot That!

My writing has improved a great deal, and I have logged a total of 1.2 million words written this year. My total write time is 14 days spent behind the keyboard journaling this year. I think my writing is getting better. I have worked on my authors voice a great deal. I find that listening to music helps make learning to write easier.

I launched three books this year, all self published. One of them I have had the experience of having professionally edited. That was interesting and a great expense. Maybe it will be worth it someday, I learned a lot about my writing in doing such.

I guess this has been the year of the iced coffee. Well that has been the last four years running. But this year was especially good as I have started drinking Nitro Cold Brew coffees for at least one of my drinks everyday. Life got better by the coffee index. Finally a cup of coffee strong enough.

I didn’t do as much photography as I would have liked this year, maybe that is one regret that will not haunt me for long. Maybe this next year I will be set to do a lot more photography. One can hope.

I did some video’s this year. I’m happy with that. I did try writing some scripts and making what I wrote. Maybe there will be some more of that soon.

This year, I also started making music again. After almost eight years of hiatus from making music, I’ve at least put some effort into trying it again. I’m not great, but learning.

This year I put a lot of trust into thinking that social media would be somewhere I could reach an audience. It seems a lot of people have been successful with it. Or at least, it looks like a lot of people have been successful with it. My efforts seem to have fallen flat on my butt. At least I can still look up right?

My mental health is doing better than its been in nineteen years. Which is a relief, because there were some years that were uncommonly tough. The year 2020 may have had some blessings somewhere.

Of note here, is some of the things I didn’t do this year. I have spent most of the year with being completely away from watching TV. Almost zero. It’s not my style to get my emotional needs met from the television. It’s not easy when emotional needs being met are in short supply, but that is my choice.

Also of note, I haven’t played a single video game all year. It’s not really my style. I would rather sit and think, meditate, and day dream of life to be had.

I did listen to music almost everyday 24/7 for the last year. There were a few days the power was out, but I’m not going to count those days as I had my iPhone to play tunes on.

In terms of self improvement, I did great. We should all be content to let that record stand for each of us. It wasn’t always easy, but it surely made us stronger.

Of what I learned this year, I couldn’t summarize it in a thousand words. There is however my blog, and my website that have some views that might be better from my eyes than yours. You never know until you open the window and look. Check them out.


If you have read this far, you get the nifty conclusion, a very brief explanation of what I learned this year.

1. Always finish that hot shower with cold water.

2. Always pick the hot knife over the hot mess.

3. Life is short, work your butt off.


Photo Credit: Christopher Thomas

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The Human Paradox

The Difference; What Separates Men From Humans

There are just a few things that really you need to know. While the topic will generate a broad discussion of many topics, the focus today is on the subject of what separates a man from a human.

It is a popular misconception that all men are human. Really there are men and their kin in this world, then there are humans. The two kinds it seems have been at each others throats for eons. Really something has to be done to make life better for everyone.

One of the main differences between a male human and a man is that the man has a soul. Humans of themselves have no immortal soul and are just living clay.

A man however has a true soul that can not be replaced. While many a man has had mortal parents that were human, the difference will always soon become clear by his early twenties.

Some human religions preach that the humans have no immortal soul, therefore they are a religion for humans. Real men should have nothing to do with them. Real men have no need for religion.

Real men are few and far between; even more rare in this world is a true lady. But that is a different matter. Most of the women in this world are all humans. This however doesn’t mean that a man can not be born from a human. Such is life.

Real men are different than humans. If you looked closely, the differences in behavior would shock you. A human is really little more than magnetic ink. That is putting the situation in a delicate way and being kind.

All too long, my kind have been abused, tortured, and cheated out of living a good life by humans that hate true men. They are not kind, respectful, or loving towards men that are true men.

It’s not any longer about the battle of the sexes, because the men in this world have been pushed all too far by those that are human in this world who have hurt my kind.

Wanted my life better a long time ago. It is too late to make it right with me. The humans in this world must be taught some important lessons. Mostly that in real life, they are nothing more than magnetic ink.

Remember to be kind, Life has been far too cruel. Treat others with respect, regardless of what paradox there is.

Real men shouldn’t eat watermelon. Once a pumpkin, always a pumpkin. Smashing Pumpkins Forever!

See my article about what a real man today should be.

Photo Credit: Photo by Metis Designer on Unsplash

Written by: Christopher Thomas; Your 42bitpi Geek