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How Isolation Builds Character And How To Make The Best Of It

Your results may very. It all depends on what you do with the time you have. If you use your time wisely, and put only good stuff into your mind, you could make it a win win type situation.

I’m not perfect, and I may need some more time in isolation, there are some things that need worked out. However, I’ve changed my mindset about how I feel about the isolation I’m going through.

I was looking at it as though it was the end of the world. It hurt a lot, and I was not happy with the way things were. Really the isolation was there to build my character. Yes, you read that right. The isolation is there to build your character up.

What results you get from it, will vary depending upon what you put into your mind. What you tell yourself, how you think, what actions you take.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Lao Tzu

Look at your time of being isolated, as a time to build your character. And watch your thoughts. Watch your actions. Build a nice life for yourself and those around you, because life has to get a lot better for everyone.

We as a people, have to improve these situations. What has happened to me, should not happen to others. It is simply too awful to let happen to others.

Maybe, I need some more time in isolation to fix myself with this new understanding? Maybe so, maybe the problems can be fixed with the right medicine.

  • Learn a new language, do better than try.
  • Read good books
  • Make art, music, poetry, write a book
  • Build a positive character that people will like.
  • Listen to good music
  • Avoid stuff that puts junk into your mind
  • Don’t prolong your isolation longer than needed!

Be careful what you think, read, watch, and who you spend time with.

Really, you have to make good use of your time. Use isolation as a tool to build your character. Don’t expect anyone to do it for you, I’ve found dangerous situations from the prolonged isolation that have nearly destroyed me, and my character. Don’t use it as a tool to tear yourself down.

And if you find yourself tearing yourself down, STOP IT. Stop it now. Do better. Use your time wisely. We have to make this better for others, they should never find themselves in the situation I’m in.

Written By: Ctopher A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Lukas Denier on Unsplash

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Rough Draft: Cosmology

Some basic ideas for you to think about. I won’t as of yet put it all together for you. I will start some basic dialog of something to think about for a while.

I’ve thought about life, a long time. There is the saying, Any idiot can make things bigger and bigger, but it takes a real genius to be able to make something small.

Thinking about life, the universe, and everything. Really life is best left a mystery. It may be more fun, and has the benefit of being kind in deed and action. Most people, don’t need to understand it. Really, if you can go about your life, and live in a modest, safe way; and do no harm, you will be happy.

There is no need to be jerks. We don’t need it. However, here are some ideas that have inspired me to grow. Life is sometimes about change, and change is difficult for a lot of people. We need to have ways to grow, that are not too painful.

Hence, this thought has taken place. Please verse yourself with this article on Cosmology from Wikipedia. Then give the whole thing, some careful thought. I’m looking for someone, those that understand something that is not obvious.

Of note, one should consider the existence of a multi-verse, and the idea of the existence of parallel universes. I’ve given this some level of thought.

Notes: The technology we have today is good. However, there is need for a little better technology to be able to explain what needs to be built. Only through the use of the future technology can we ever begin to explain what we want. Because trying to say it, or explain it without working examples, would be impossible to do.

Written By Ctopher

Photo Credit: Photo by Brett Ritchie on Unsplash

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Sometimes, I’m A Stranger

I’ve been trying to quit smoking, now some two weeks. Its tough going. Just to let you know, I’ve been smoking cigarettes some twenty years. So these are big changes for me. A lot of tough times. Really, I smoked cigarettes until it killed me. I should have known better.

I want to talk about a problem, or rather a subject that makes me wonder. It seems, I’ve been living with this inferiority complex. You see, growing up; I thought that I had to hold myself to being a Tom Cruise. My life had to look as good as all his movies. And, when things didn’t go as planned, it always made me feel like somehow I wasn’t doing good enough, and that I was a failure.

I’ve seen some days, when the life I have have just gone all wrong. I’ve picked myself back up, but its not been great. I’ve always been feeling like, I’m not good enough for my mortal family. Like, I didn’t live up to their expectations of me.

I’ve dealt with some major setbacks in my life. It’s been rough. I won’t go into all the details of my life in this blog post, however you would think, I would have figured this shit out before now. I’m not Tom Cruise. A lot of people are a lot better than me. I wanted to hold myself to being good enough and capable enough to be that good. But, after looking at my life, it seems I’m failing at my life mission. ??

People, don’t care about what I write, they don’t give a damn what I think. They couldn’t care about the solutions I offer. Maybe, my thoughts are just not ready for others to listen? Maybe, someday.

I’ve been alone, and single a long time. Never really got the kind of satisfaction I was looking for. Never really made myself feel like the kind of man I wanted to be. I will stick with some advice I have given in the past; Always pick the hot knife over the hot mess.

Sometimes, I have learn how to keep my shit together. Life has been rough. I’m learning that I am not perfect, and sometimes, I fail. After all, those movies and actors; they get multiple takes, and everything is always scripted perfectly. Life isn’t like that. If you only get one take, and it has to be perfect, I’m going to have to learn to do better. Got to get myself some talent and skill. Good advice.

Not much going on. Movies are cool. The out takes are pretty funny. Maybe my life will have a few. Hope you have some good laughs about it. I’m tired, and ready to quit this show. It’s got to end. Right quick. Damn it.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Brunno Tozzo on Unsplash

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The Difference. The Creative Artists And The Content Factories

Life has changed a great deal in twenty years. This world, doesn’t really feel like the same place it once was. Some people are not unhappy with the way this is. I want to talk about the difference I see about something that has been going on online.

They say, content is king. But what is truth? The way things have been going, a lot of people are unhappy with the way things are. So I had to stop and think for a while, what is the difference between Art, and Content?

You would think, there would be a clear difference. Some content is produced by artists, and while it is very good, it is possible that said content is only content. My feelings are it depends upon how it is used.

Sometimes, people take things far too seriously. People have dropped having common sense, and think all content is really serious. Pity, they shouldn’t take content that is fodder so seriously. They should have some sense of humor about it.

However, the artists themselves want to be taken seriously, they want to be respected, and adored. They want the honor of having done the work, even under awful conditions that have been painful.

Yet, there is a difference between fodder and Art. Seems people that get online, want to consume as fast as they can, and put no thought into it whatsoever. That is a product of content factories. They don’t give a damn what they eat, or put into their heads. And really, maybe they are so damn senseless that at this point, it doesn’t matter.

And while sometimes people take things far too seriously. It seems a person needs to be able to have some fun with it. They don’t listen to logic or reason, and this point trying to reach their hearts and mind is pointless. So we might as well have some fun with it.

Pity they wouldn’t listen. The price when fate comes to call. There is a difference between content, and Art. But the artists who create both should still be respected, and compensated. However, people today have lost the appreciation they once had for such things.

It seems this world has become someplace that needs this much art, because without art, who would want to live in such a place? Damn it, the human race is sick. They want to live like damn zombies in their four white walls of horror.

Respect to the artists who create. Pity the human race consumes like they do with giving proper appreciation or respect to the artists that spend the time to create this work. Really, we have to stop working for likes, the way things are; artists need to be able to have a life, and take vacations from hostile worlds that don’t respect or value their work. Damn it, we have to get off this planet, they don’t value us.

The content is good, for consumption, but people are not thinking about what they put into their brains anymore. Pity, they take it all far too seriously, and really we should be having some real fun with it, instead of being jerks. This world is going to be a paradise for assholes if they don’t start taking things less serious. People are not able to just have some fun these days. Seems to me, zombies don’t need art, they don’t respect it, they don’t appreciate it.

Maybe its time artists get to go somewhere they are respected a lot better. I want more than money; I want a new planet. Tired of this world that feels like its hosed. Wanted my life to be better.

They don’t listen, pity. Maybe life will change.

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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Mercury Retrograde Page

Sometimes there are things you want to know. It may not be useful to everyone; however, some people may find this page of use. I designed a page that shows the current status of Mercury retrogrades.

At first, I thought that I could build the calculations myself, and learn how to do this all myself. After buying some books on Astronomy and trying for about three weeks to do the calculations in perl. Well, to be honest, it was a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be.

There was however a solution. Someone had taken one of the books, Astronomy On The Personal Computer by Montenbruck and written it in PERL. This was most useful, as they had already done the work, and translated the PASCAL programs into working PERL code.

I did have to ask for directions, but they were most helpful, and I was up and running in no time. So it didn’t actually take very long to get a working solution if you don’t count the time I spent trying to do the calculations myself.

Here is the link to the page I designed: Mercury Retrograde

This should be a fully functional page with the time in GMT -7 time zone for when the next Mercury retrogrades will be. It should work for as long as my site is up and running. It took a lot of effort to make this work. I was happy to have it done. I really was.

The calculations are provided by Astro::Montenbruck perl module, and the results are stored in a database, which PHP uses to get the date and time. It also shows the current status if Mercury is direct, or in retrograde.

It was a fun project to work on, I learned a lot about it. So head your browser over to the page I made, and check it out. You never know how the next Mercury retrograde is going to be. Sometimes, those can be real pain the ass.

Check the rest of my website out while you are there. Lots of content, and things I’ve been working on for the last year or so. Thanks for reading my blog, and taking the time to check this out. Much appreciated.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Image by Bruno Albino from Pixabay

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How You Can Prove The Matrix Is Just A Movie Absolving Yourself

In the day; The Matrix was a real head banger. It was a really smart movie about a problem, that most people could get a sense of excitement about.

Now days, it is mostly a forgotten film; something people still have in their library but have seen a thousand times too many. It was a great movie. However, it was just a movie.

In the movie, the characters still had freewill, and could have some sense of understanding. They could grasp basic concepts, and understand the situation.

The problem with today’s world is so much more serious than that. People today in this very world, have lost the ability to understand basic things that are serious, and needed attention.

The way this world is working out; you could walk down the street bleeding to death, no one would care. They could not give a damn. I’ve found, no one in this world will give a shit about me. The way of the world? No, this society is sick. The problems have spiraled out of control, and people are hurting.

Really, I do not understand how things can continue like they are. You would think people would have realized that living like this, is hurting them? They don’t care.

What you can learn from it

The Truth: This world is a prison. Think about the freedom you have. Are you really living? Or, are you living like damn zombie cat shit? Seems to me, most people in this world are not really living. Most people are not doing things that are really living. They live like damn zombies.

They are not really alive. That is because, they are living clay. Inside, they are [edited]. Nothing real about them. They are so fake, they wouldn’t ever be able to think a real thought of their own accord.

Pity, I wanted a lot better. They should have listened. Far too late for that now. The world is screwed. They wouldn’t be kind, damn it.

Life could have been a lot better. They didn’t want life better. Tired of the oppression, the abuse, and the torture. The way things are. feeling like, damn it. This life has sucked. Wish it were better.

Absolve Yourself From The Nonsense

You have to find what has real value. The human race has some real serious problems. They couldn’t think, if they wanted to. Because, their minds have all been programmed for them. They are mindless idiots, not smarter than a rock. Wish it were better. Pity!

Read my article on a solution to a toy on Medium. It is good!!

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Everybody Hurts

What is the harm in ghosting people?

Sometimes people do not give a shit. They do not care who they hurt, or how much harm it does. The problem is when large groups of people set out to harm someone, they usually are successful.

Ghosting people is harmful. You may think it harmless, you however have never been on the other end of that kind of abuse in scale. It is painful, and no one seems to care.

No one reads, so what use is it? Not worth a damn. I’ve given up on the human race in whole. No one cares. I was not good enough for them, and in turn; they have lost my respect. I used to think the human race was really something. Really did.

[seriously edited.]


Needed my life to be better. What they have done, it’s immoral. Pity, they could not care. Wish that I could have talked some sense into them, or made them listen, or think. I have quit the human race in whole. damn it. They made me feel like worthless trash that should never have been born. May God judge them for what they have done. They didn’t have to do that to me. They shouldn’t have done that to me; yet, they did it anyways.

Tired of the world like it is. tired of the human race like they are. Want better. Feeling like, damn it. They could not be kind. Feeling like, damn it. This life. They are ruthless cruel. Didn’t matter I was alone and hurting. No one cared about that. That didn’t matter to them. Everyone hurts. Some people are going to learn valuable lessons. Some of the lessons might be expensive.

Wanted my life to be better. The harm has been done. There is no repairing it. After what they have done, it’s a crime. Pity, they could not listen. Nor care.

Tired of the world like it is. This world has to end.

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Ghosts Writing For Zombies; How Quaint

All for some good humor. However, the joke has been carried all too far. Should the play not look too expensive? You would think, deaths stiff stare would have made the glee glaze.

No one is reading. No one it seems really cares. I feel like a ghost in this world. This world, it feels like a damn prison. Because, life in this cage, it’s not working out very well. They don’t read. They don’t listen.

Pity; life could have been better. They didn’t want to make life better, they wanted to make my life a living hell. Therefore, it seems, there is need for justice in the world. Life should have been a lot better.

Seems, the Pepsi shit has overflown, and its so thick; if it were shit, you couldn’t stir it with a stick. They didn’t want to make life better, they wanted misery, pain, and suffering in the world. It is far too late to make it right now. There will have to be something just done to set the wrongs right. They don’t listen, they don’t care.

What Is The Problem?

The truth is, they want mindless turds. They want zombie fodder, warm sacks of shit; and idiots. It is easier to hurt you that way. They want to make you believe in something which is a lie. They don’t want you to be happy. Pity.

The world should have been better. They didn’t want to make it better, they didn’t want to make it better. And really; it’s a problem now. It could have been done better. Not happy with the way things are. These mindless slaves, seems are zombies when they are seen for what they are. But you are blind. You don’t see it for what it is. They should have woken you up. But life has its ways.

Seems, they are not really thinking. Programming does wonders. The TV, the Radio. The facebook feed you are addicted to. Its all the works of programming. The catch; your mind. They want mindless idiots. Seems, one has to make some progress in the world. The cats seem to want to rule, where those that should have been free are slaves.

To such an extent; they think, and believe they are free. Because, they don’t even know better, therefore their minds are not their own. However, they are too damn dumb to know better.

The world, it seems wants warm sacks of shit. They don’t let you think, they don’t let you be wise. They wouldn’t like that.

Photo Credit: Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

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Advice: important factors living a well balanced badass life to be happy

You want to be happy? You need to find the right balance in life. Most people that are unhappy are not living a balanced life. When things are not balanced, it leaves huge holes in your life. Finding balanced living will make you happier.

You will not feel fulfilled; or have any sense of satisfaction in your life. There are factors in life that sometimes will temporarly de-rail your balance. However, it is important to get back up on your feet and make the best of it.

The only real person that will understand what balance you need is you. However, if you are very unhappy; very likely look the the way your life is out of balance.

You need to have healthy goals. You need to have a variety of living, and quiet time too. When life is out of balance, nothing feels right. Too many friends and too much social time drains you, not enough and the world doesn’t seem right either. Practice balance in your life.

A well balanced life will make you happier in the long run. It is easier to endure a well balanced life. If your life is not balanced, you will be very unhappy. It might take four or five years, then you will be left scratching your head wondering why life sucks.

Finding Balance

Heed the advice, set goals to live a well balanced life. You have to be reasonable. Because you have to have social, work, private time. Therefore, you need to be able to control the situations to restore balance in your life.

A lot of people, are unhappy. One of the main reasons they are unhappy is because their lives are not balanced correctly. You have to be wise enough to be able to look at your life, and see what needs to be fixed. Then, work on that!

Sometimes, situations are temporary and set you back. Sometimes, situations are more permanent. You have to find ways to have good balance in your life. You will be happier if you have good balance in your life. It will make better sense, if you live a well balanced life.

Get enough exercise, spend time in nature. Spend some time with friends and family. Do your job, and have time for play. You will find, that having a balanced life will bring the most rewards.

This is really important. Do what you can to restore balance in your life. Be wise, do what you can to make the changes to be more balanced in your living.

Take this advice from someone that knows what the other side looks like, and how dark, and difficult it is. You don’t want to go there.

Photo Credit: Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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How Everyone Wants To Be Seen An Unique Star – Making Massive Chaos

The world has changed. Life was once a lot different. There should have been some common sense being used; seems, the human race has shot itself in its own foot. Life today is making massive chaos!

What am I talking about? In today’s world, a lot of people are going after being the talent, and being the stars. Fifty years ago, it was an elite club, tough to get into. Now days, you just need a phone, and an account.

Back in the day, people had those they looked up to. Because everyone was looking up to about the same group of people. Today life is a lot more chaos. Who do you look up to these days? Seems, everyone wants to be a tik tok star. What effect does this have on society as a whole? Because, it seems, everyone has lost the focused attention of the people that were once the ultra popular.

And society has suffered from it. Some good has come from it. A lot of people that were once unknown, are now more popular. But, I find you would be hard pressed to say it has done society a lot of good.

Chaos Is Interesting

I will say, it has been interesting. Because where else but on planet earth would you ever find the people that are here? They are unique. Some of them, need to be promoted. Some of them, need to go into careers doing long distance market research.

It has all been very interesting. A lot of fun. However, I think the party needs to end. Not that everyone couldn’t have some fun; but the days of this project are limited. Soak up the fun, while it lasts.

Sometimes, it is interesting to see how things work out. The way things used to be, was different. Today people have settled for micro-fame. Seems, this way of thinking benefits them in the short run. But, how does it play out in the long run?

It will be interesting to see how this making of massive chaos will play out, and what the end result will be. With today’s cancel culture, and the talent wars; seems the way people are is not working out very well. Maybe, we can do better?

The world needs to grow. Life has to change.

Massive Chaos

The massive chaos has been interesting. In my opinion, it has also left real broken feeling in the world. The way things are, people are not happy. Most people are not able to have a conversation. We need to get back to the way things should be. Because, there needs to be more balance in the world. The way things are, this is not balanced right.

People are lost, and confused. Because, there are not good sources these days. Many people feel overwhelmed. There has to be some level of returning to being balanced.

Everyone could be a star, and while; it could work. We are far from having a working solution. We need better solutions. Seems society today is self destructing at very fast pace. We need to get this situation under control. Right quick.

People have stopped thinking. With no real solutions in this world, people are having a tough time keeping up. Maybe, it is time for some real changes in life. Therefore, it is time to wake up. Because, we have to start making sense again. Life has to get a lot better.

Photo Credit: Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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How Zombies Live – The Uselessness of being an Alive poet

Some thoughts.

Today’s project: What is wrong with the world?

What is wrong with the world

They don’t beg poets to write another stanza. they don’t beg writers to tell them a story. They don’t beg the painter for pictures of beauty.

If anything, the bleeding hearts, the poets, the misfits, the dreamers. They are begging people to listen, to read, to see the beauty in the pain.

The world is starving to death, yet; they are not hungry. They don’t want more poets, they don’t want more dreamers. They don’t need another writer to tell them the woes in life.

They want more laws, they want stricter punishments. They want less beauty and diversity. They don’t want to see a face prettier than theirs. They don’t want to be happy for someone else who has done well. They want to make everyone mediocre, they want to make everyone a plain Jane.

They don’t beg average people to be better. Because, They don’t want average people to be better. What they want, is like they are. It is easier to control them. So they settle for average. All the while, the dreamers, the poets, and the writers are saying, “This shit could be better. You are not listening. Damn it.”

The wrong people are begging. These people content with ordinary, these people starving to death content in their four white walls of horror, they don’t seem to want more beauty.

This is what is wrong with the world. They don’t beg people to write poetry. They don’t beg people to take a beautiful photograph. These things have become common, and devalued. To the point, people no longer respect skill, or talent.

They don’t beg average people to be better. Yet, those who rise above the status quo, will tell you; it is better up here.

They beg the sinner to be better, they beg the thief to be better. they don’t ask them to make art, they want more politicians. So they can have more laws on the books. As if, that makes the world a better place. All the while, the artists, the bleeding hearts, and the poets are starving to death.

The wrong people are begging. These people that lack the beauty of real experience are starving to death, and they don’t seem to want to listen. Pity.

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Oppression Sucks

You know, they wouldn’t let me talk, and when I did; they didn’t listen. Thus, I wrote an awful lot. Because it was the only way I could express myself in a way that I was not being interrupted. Oppression sucks; seems, no one could care!

What I have found will shock you. The truth is the situation could not really ever be more ruthless cruel. I could not imagine the situation being worse than it is, may that never happen. It is already so damn bad; it is torment.

What I have found is that they do not read what I write. It seems they look at it; yet, they fail to understand it. Not sure if this is because they lack the intelligence to understand, or because they refuse to listen to me as a being. Perhaps, both!!

Ignore Me – That will be fun

Seems, they get away with ignoring me, my effort, and anything I may be doing. It is all treated like worthless trash. I’m not anyone to them. As a matter of a fact, my mortal family are all strangers to me.

I don’t know them, not at all. I doubt they know me. They ignore my work, they treat me like I matter not to them. The neglect, indifference, and isolation have taken a real toll on my state of mind.

The isolation is hurting me the worst, but you know what? Being alone is better than spending time with idiots. Damn tired of the world like it is. Want my life to be better, and no one cares.

They treat all my effort like it doesn’t matter; it is all met with the same level of indifference, and total disregard. Oppression sucks. They could not care, because it is not any skin off their nose!

That is the real truth of the matter, it is no skin off their nose to leave me like I am. They couldn’t care. Doesn’t bother them that isolation so thick if it were shit; you couldn’t stir it with a stick.

Doesn’t bother them to hurt me like this. They couldn’t care.

Pity – Life Should Have

Life should have been better. The oppression sucks. And why do they treat me like they do? Because their political viewpoints don’t match what they expect from me as free living being. It is as though, what they really want is a warm sack of shit to love. They want someone that agrees with everything they want.

Life should have been better. This oppression sucks. I guess, the world is a fu*ked up place. Because people are not able to think, they are not able to agree, and they are not able to understand.

The real truth of the matter; if people understood the viewpoint, they would agree. However, they are not able to understand the viewpoint. Somewhere at the end of all this hate; life has to change!

Oppression Sucks

I wrote, because they wouldn’t let me talk, and when I did talk; they did not listen to me. They did not understand the meaning of what I was saying. Them using silence to shut me up will only work for so long. Eventually, this will change. Someday, someone is going to come along and expose them for what they really are. Oppression sucks, and people will only tolerate so much. Someday, someone is going to expose them for what they really are.

They could have been kind. They want warm sacks of shit. And they silence anyone that disagrees with them. Someday, this shit is going to change. Someone will someday be brave enough to expose them for what they are. Pity it couldn’t have happened sooner. The harm has been done.

They don’t listen, they do not think. If they were smart, they would have been kind. That was too much to ask for. Should have never expected them to listen. Only it is a pity they have been so ruthless.

I’ve tried to prove my sanity, much to my failure. No one cared. They didn’t listen, they didn’t read, and what is more; they could not care.


Wanted my life better. The harm has been done. At this point, it is far too late to make it right with me. They have caused me harm. The psychological torment I’ve endured, is beyond what is reasonable for anyone to have to endure. They disregard my feelings as being of no value, that will only get them so far. They treat me like I don’t matter, and of no account. Wonder if they think they can treat everyone in this world like that?

I am not one of you. You are all human. I am not human!

Photo Credit: Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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What Fuels The Worlds Aggression? Mass Emotional Responses Laced With Hate

Turn back to love. . .

My book came in the mail today. After looking at it, and reading most of it; it dawned on me where the problem is. The human race is being gas lit. Mass emotional responses that are laced with hate are fueling the worlds aggression.

How do we shut this off? Seems the supply of fuel has to be shut down. Therefore, it seems people are not thinking, only mass feeding on an emotional feeling that is going to spiral out of control.

If not kept in check, this is going to go bad real quick. Please listen, before it is far too late. The time, has already come and gone; but maybe you can save yourselves a lot more pain than if you take zero action about this.

Stop being manipulated. Start thinking about it. If you have an emotional response to everything they feed you, you really can never be happy. Because, they stir your emotions to keep you stupid. They want it that way. You have to cut the supply of fuel they are feeding you; and start being reasonable.

Because, you have to get back to a place that you are being loving. People are on this emotional kick, and everything has been super charged, but its only working to harm them.

Before it is too late

Consequently, people seem to fail to listen. They don’t think. You have to teach yourself how to think. You have to understand more is possible. Because, a lot more is possible. They have kept you in the dark, a long time.

If you want more, then stop being mindless zombies; start using your mind. If you have an emotional response to everything they tell you, your not in control of your own life. You want to be a slave forever?

Mass emotional responses are driving people, and fueling the aggression in this world. They have spiked the fuel with hate, to drive you to take the action they want you to take. Because, they do not want thinking intelligent people. They want mindless idiots.

Mass Responses

The mass emotional responses are what is getting attention. But it causes more harm than good. People are unhappy, hurting, and scared. You must be better than this. This is manipulation. If you do not see that, then wake up. Stop pretending they have your best interest at heart, they do not. What is more, they do not even care about the results of their actions.


Stop, Look, Listen! We have to get back to being loving. This hate fueling the worlds aggression isn’t working. We have to get back to place we honor what has value. The world we have today, much has been de-valued, and people are not happy. We want to be happy again. The total lack of respect they have shown you should prove their intentions.

Photo By: Photo by Issy Bailey on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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Modern Day Problems

Bored. Such is life. Got so damn bored, I thought maybe I would try watching TV for a while. I went to great length to try and watch TV; and it only ended in failure. Let me tell you about it. My modern day problems!

I have a sofa, this sofa I’ve had for twenty-four years. I had to move it so that it was in front of the TV. This is no big deal, just move one end of the sofa until the sofa and tv are parallel with each other. No big deal. So far good!

Next, plug the Apple TV which has been unplugged for the last two years. It has been at least two years since I last watched the television. So I plug it in. I’m hoping my remote will still work with it, it hasn’t been charged in years.

The Remote

Then after finding the remote, I turn the TV on. But guess what? The TV came on, and I was met with a lock screen that the channel was locked with a PIN. Okay, no big deal, what was that PIN I used for my TV? Well, that was two years ago or longer.

Twenty minutes later, I’m still trying to unlock my TV. Not sure I want to watch the TV after being locked out of my damn TV for twenty-five minutes, and then I think: “This is kind of fun, trying to remember a four digit PIN from two years ago.” I sit with it another ten minutes, before deciding to do something else. Then not to be beaten by something so simple, I get online and look up unlock codes for my TV set.

It is an old TV, it was from 2017. Lots of new TV sets out there since then, I spend all of twenty minutes looking online for a code to use to unlock my TV set, and after a few failed attempts, find one that works.

Oh Good!

So I think, well that was fun, now to watch some TV. The Apple tv was set to some damn TED Talk, and I had to back out of twenty menus to get to where my movies are. I spend ten minutes looking the movies I own, and choose something that seems interesting, something I hadn’t seen in years.

I hit play, and have to mess with the volume for a minute to get it where I can hear it, and still enjoy it. Music from my computer is still playing in the other room, but why bother turning it off?

So I sit and watch TV, for all of. . . DRUM ROLL 5 minutes. After five minutes of watching TV, I get bored, think to myself this has been a huge waste of my time and my effort.

I turn the TV off, and leave the sofa where it is. I go out back and smoke a cigarette, and come back in and lay on the sofa. Fist facing the open room forward, and that lasts about ten or twenty minutes. I want another smoke, and when I come back in, I lay the other way, facing the window. It looks different this way.

I think about the life I had twenty years ago, and how different it was. Wish my life could have been better. This lasts about twenty minutes, and with little less than a sigh, I get up and go to my computer. I close the browser window that had the instructions for the PIN reset on it, and start looking for something to do.

Wasted Time

Thus, turning the TV on was a total waste of time and effort, not to mention; I had to put the sofa back to where it goes. Pity, the TV has sat in dust for the last six months, today I dusted it. It will likely sit for another two years before I try to turn it on again. Maybe in six months I will dust it again? Who knows. These modern day problems are just so much to deal with, you know?

Thus, life is. Things are. Maybe I should write the new PIN down, just in case in two years from now I want to watch TV again; not likely in two years the access code will be available. Maybe, that is a good idea. Maybe I should write the master PIN down, because in two years from now, who knows where the data will be.

Bored. Damn it. Made music today. It was better than watching tv.

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo By: Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash

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Why Accepting Creative Freedom For Personal Expression Matters

Stop Being Too Critical

Today’s world can be ruthless. Especially for creatives. It seems our whole lives we are told we are not good enough; even when we demonstrate skill above and beyond what is normal. They brush aside our abilities and treat them as worthless. This article is about why they need to be accepting of creative freedom for personal expression.

Why Creative Freedom Matters

Seems this world is built to oppress creative freedom. People look at your work and say it’s not good enough, and often they kill the artist inside of people that could have been talented long before they ever develop into skilled craftsmen.

Seems they don’t want free thinkers, or people that do anything different. While it is good to have some academics in the world, they should learn to avoid oppressing people that don’t fit into their box.

Seems, many talented people have been cut short from developing into what they could have been, simply because people have told them they lack talent and skill. Pity!

They don’t really test for what creative skills someone has, they teach you and try to beat any sign of creative problem solving out of you by the time you reach middle school. Pity; they want mindless zombies.

Really creative people need to be respected as being exceptional, and for being able to do what few really have the patience, or skill to do. All too often, creatives are put into a very small box, and left to die of suffocation. It is ruthless cruel what they do to people who could have been some of the greatest minds in history.

They seem to think it is okay to be this way. Pity; they don’t want to make life better, they just care about themselves more than anyone else. Regardless of what is really best for everyone.

At The Very Least

Avoid stepping on someone else’s creative expression. Even if you are talented and really good, don’t take someone else’s work and tear it up telling them its not good enough.

When you look at other people’s creative work, you should at least think to yourself, “This is someone else’s expression.” and realize that is where they are right now. Because it takes no special talent to tear people down, but it takes everything to build someone up.

You can not put people in a box and think, that is all they will ever be. It is immoral to keep someone in a box that they can never grow and move out of. Or away from being in. Really only dead people belong in boxes. You want a world of living breathing people, right?

Better Than Nothing

People that are trying, are at least trying. Some people never start, and never will. Seems, they lack the very fiber to do what comes naturally to others. Really, people have to learn to accept creative freedom for personal expression in those who are creative.

Without being accepting of others creative freedom, you could never have a real paradise. Not ever. Not unless everyone was a mindless slave and doing zombie cat shit.

Accepting Creative Freedom For Personal Expression

Stop being spoiled control freaks and lighten up a bit. People need the ability to express themselves, and at the very least not feel threatened for doing such. Seems all too often, people want to beat any sign of creative expression out of those who deserve to be heard.

You want to go back to living in mud huts? Maybe modern civilization is far too much for you, and maybe you should have never left the oceans.

You don’t have to like everything everyone does, because that wouldn’t be healthy; at the same time, show some appreciation to those who are trying.

Life is meant to be lived, not everyone will see it like you do. And really too much conformity will leave the human race lacking. Remember that some differences are essential, because without that, everyone would be the same person.

We need to accept creative freedom for personal expression as the same we do other trades, and endeavors.


Be kind, always. It helps if you can be understanding of others who are different from you. You want to be at least supportive of others efforts. While it is understandable you won’t like everything everyone does, try to see some good in it. Maybe that persons effort will inspire someone else to do something you couldn’t live without!

You never know where things will go, and without someone to challenge the status quo life would be awful boring.

My Digital Chaos is a place for free thinkers, creatives, and misfits.

Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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A Better Idea – Why Instagram Famous Feels Like A Hollow Victory

A Better Idea – It’s Not All Bad

Some things seems like such good ideas when they first appear. It is only after they have been around for a while, you let the juices start to sink in. I have a better idea; better than a red hot poker in the eye.

I’m bored with the status quo; seems there are people that want to make mindless zombies; maybe they have the perfect stock for it! This world has some real needs. Real need to wake up.

Sometimes, therefore we need to give ourselves a good talking to, and move along. And really if we don’t give ourselves a good talking to, the options look bleak.

Because this world is designed to trap fools. And you don’t want to be someone else’s free meal. In the wild, animals do everything they can to prevent themselves from being someone else’s lunch.

But, what about us? Are you sure you are not the prey? There are wolves out there that would just as well devour you. And if you don’t protect yourself, they will.

Being Instagram famous seems like such a good idea. The problem is; in my opinion, it would be a hollow victory. It might be a good way to get a good start to doing more. However, just being Instagram famous in itself as the final destination; would be a huge bummer.

Because, if that were the final destination, this world would be a dead end. Does the road go through here? Hence, the need for a bit of caution. Seems going to far down a dead end, doesn’t end well.

Some Dream

We need a better idea, that matches the dream. The dream and the idea have to go together. These two ideas, while they are okay; they don’t feel like they would satisfy the real need one has.

We need a better idea. Something that will satisfy the real needs we have. It is not okay to pretend that this idea of a hollow victory would solve our problems. If anything, it would make it worse.

Because if you are not really living; then why bother? Something must be done to appease the bit Gods.

We Need Real Dreams

A better idea, would be to have dreams that are reasonable. Because a dream that doesn’t do anything, may not be worthwhile. Therefore, we want a dream that makes life better.

Not just any dream is going to do it. We need dreams that make life better for everyone. Anything that really does the job is worthwhile. The effort has to be something that can be measured. And when we can calculate the value in something we can touch and feel, then we have something with substance.

Really, we want something with substance. This hollow feeling is not going to satisfy our real needs. We need some satisfaction in life. We need a better world to live in. A better idea would be something that makes life worthy.

If you have not read my article about making your life an inspiration to others, please read it right quick!

Please visit my website, I have spent countless hours developing it. While you are there, check out my videos on YouTube, and my music on SoundCloud.


While I want to be respected for my mind, there are some points to consider. It may take a great mind these days to be Instagram famous. That however, is not the final destination. I have a better idea. Check my Instagram feed out: @mydigitalchaos

Photo Credit: Photo by Fakurian Design on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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Finding Courage To Be Yourself And Unlocking Your True Power

The Power of Courage. . .

Life takes some real courage. Not everyone will see things the way you do. Not everyone likes to talk about ideas, or challenges in life. Some people, will go out of their way to avoid having to have those conversations.

And when the world seems like its made for people with small minds, you search for the ones that will understand. Pity, few today will even listen. Hence, we seek light in the dark, and look for like minded people that have more on their minds than pop culture.

Because, life can be tough. You want to make it better, however knowing a way that will work seems impossible. So you keep your head down, drop your eyes in the street, and pray for some relief.

Seems, salvation only comes in our dreams these days. And people don’t listen, or think. I guess, we have to forgive them; if such a thing would make life a kinder place.

Thanks For The Lessons

Seems this world, and this life; it all has some lesson it is trying to teach us. Because people are hard headed, sometimes progress is slower than it should be. I have not learned them all, and have no plans of making every mistake; yet, my lessons have been educational.

Someone will think, because of what changes us we can never recover from such a lesson. While, you need to understand not every lesson is meant to be learned. Some learn, some pay no heed. Seems life is meant to be lived, and sometimes lessons are easy to learn.

Don’t make every mistake, and take care of yourself in ways that you can live a long time. Not everyone can just wing it; you have to plan. It takes a lot of courage to live free, so many today want to oppress you.

If you live life to the max, remember no one is perfect; that way leads to some real mistakes. Because when you are on the wild side, there is always some bumps along the way.

People with shallow existence have their own problems, and no time to listen. They will pay no never mind; even if you beg. Best, to save your dignity, and not waste words on those who fail to listen.

You would think, someone will notice. However, after a long time with no results; you wonder if the world is a madhouse?

Access Your True Self

You have to have kept a journal for a number of years to connect your mind to your soul, and the soul to your heart. Once you do, things change. Everything becomes more reasonable, with better thoughts.

Learn your lessons early. Because, life is rough. Life gets easier when you do it right. Do your best, and make life easier in the long run. Even if it all goes wrong, failure is rarely permeant. Success is not always based on luck. Also failure is not always because of a lack of skill. Therefore, be kind in your ways, because you never know when someone is struggling.

Successful people struggle, and hope for better; while working class hero’s are having fun. Not everything is perfect, and the sand in your socks isn’t comfortable. Still, you can wash your socks; and make life just as good.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Яна Гурская on Unsplash

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A Whole Lifetime Of Living: A Guide For Those Seeking A Better Life

Purpose: Finding Meaning In Living

One could reason, that if you could meet your needs in life, having all the necessary provisions in life; you would naturally want to live to enjoy living.

Think about it. If all your needs are met; the next logical step would be to enjoy being alive. And really, the purpose of life is to enjoy living.

People loose track of what really matters in life. They get distracted with the distractions, and put unnecessary drama into their lives. When really the goals should be simple; to enjoy being alive.

The problem comes when someone has needs that aren’t being met, or cared for. Then you have a problem. If you think about it, anything that causes you to have hurt, pain, or discomfort would be a bad thing.

So there should be a way to have the necessary comforts in life. To be free from pain, hurt, or discomfort; or at the very least to minimize those problems to livable thresholds.

When you have your needs met, the next logical step is to enjoy being alive. To take pleasure from being able to eat a good meal, to enjoy being outside in clean air, and having the company of good people.

The rest of it, is just stuff. Some of it is very useful; and you wouldn’t want to live without it. However, you have to put things into perspective; and have a level of balance that people have lost, and forgotten about.

Really, if you can take pleasure from the simple act of living, there is a better chance that you will feel really good about living. So take the time to enjoy being alive. Make people put the drama, and rush aside. There is enough for everyone to have some, which is enough.

However, if your needs are not being met, and you are unable to get what you want from life, that is a real problem. If you have pains, or discomforts that are unbearable, and have people that make your life impossible, then something has to be done about that. Those are problems that need addressed.

Really, a person that has their needs met, could enjoy living, and being alive in ways that would make life worthy. To be able to eat a good meal with friends and family. To be able to enjoy doing something for no reason other than the sheer pleasure of doing such.

Then, you are really living. People need to set aside the drama, and the problems, and take the time to enjoy really living, for the pleasure of living. Because that is really important to be able to do something for the pleasure of being able to do such.

We have to get back to a place, where people are happy being alive. The problems have sky rocketed. People are unhappy, they don’t have the respect, or the honor they once did, and everyone is feeling it. Really, we have to make life worth living again. To be able to do such, we have to be able to enjoy living.

People get frustrated, and agitated, and then they make problems for everyone else by either being cruel, or through ignorance. And really we have to start to put those things aside. People in this world have not been kind, they put more importance on making money, having nice cars, and being wealthy.

They put this pressure on people, and they allow them to rob them of the joy of living, and taking delight in being a living, breathing, being. Please stop being jerks. Sure it is good to have goals that are big, or even out of this world. Everyone needs some challenge sometimes. It may even be one of those things people do for the sheer pleasure of doing such. However, to put that pressure on other people, and expect them to conform to your idea of great, is absurd, insane, and hurtful.

Don’t let them rob you of your joy of being able to live life. There are more things in this world than needed, and you couldn’t own it all at once. You wouldn’t even want to.

Something however must be done that eases the pain, hurt, and discomfort that people have. There has to be something that will bring them comfort when everything is hurting. Too many people have pains they can not cure, or heal from. And most people don’t make the problem any easier to deal with.

Really, we have to be aware, and have some care. To do what is kind, and honest. Without that, life isn’t going to get better. Too many people are unhappy because people are not being true.

They have lost their way, caught up in the rat race; trying to get ahead in life, to have more than someone else. When they are only hurting themselves, and missing out on the opportunity to enjoy being alive for the sake of living. If you have the necessary needs being met, then don’t pursue things that take away from the enjoyment of living. If people put more importance on the living part, and less importance on what they have; life would get a lot better for everyone.


Live life to enjoy being alive. If you have pains, hurts, or discomforts, try to do what you can to reduce the hurt, and pain. You have to ignore those who are lost in this world, those that don’t understand these things. Everything else is just stuff, and can likely wait. Unless you don’t have music in your life, because life without music would be a terrible mistake.


This idea that you need a million dollars to enjoy life; or that God isn’t blessing you because you don’t have a million dollars is absurd. Really people have made money their God, and have hurt those trying to enjoy living for the sake of living.

Photo Credit: Photo by Matias North on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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How To Prove Your Sanity

Proving My Sanity

After giving it a lot of thought, for a very long time; these are some lessons I have learned the hard way.

Really to be able to prove one’s sanity they must be able to define sanity.

Google says the definition of sanity is: “the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner” That is also the Oxford dictionaries definition of sanity.

So through thinking, and behaving in a rational manner, one can prove their own sanity. There are many things in today’s society that are accepted as normal, rational, and even encouraged.

Where the problem comes into play is this: When a person is subjected to situations that are not reasonable, rational, or logical, then they are forced to choose between irrational, or illogical choices.

Seems in my lifetime, this very life; I have time and time again been in situations that were not reasonable, or rational. Yet, I have taken the sanest possible path out of those situations.

A sane person in logical and reasonable situations that does the reasonable and logical course of action is by all means sane. However, let’s examine an important idea.

Suppose a sane person was subjected to irrational conditions, or situations that were unreasonable. Suppose the situation was designed to be impossible, just to set up a situation where the person could have doubt cast upon them.

Thereby once the doubt was created, they could pigeon hole the person as not being sane, thereby setting up situations to humiliate, dehumanize, and rob them of their dignity. Thus, through crafty measures, they continue the farce of the persons lack of sanity; when it was them that created the situation in the first place.

There are things the human race have withheld from me. There are also conditions the human race have created that have caused me great harm. Let’s examine a few of them.

  1. Withholding love and affection.
  2. Conditions equal to or worse than solitary confinement.
  3. Gas Lighting.
  4. Neglect, Indifference.
  5. Outright abuse.

This effectively puts the whole human race in negative standing. They have time, and time again created situations that were impossible, irrational, and unreasonable.

And by what standards do they judge what is reasonable, and rational? Because if you looked the world we are living in today, it would seem the whole world has lost its mind.

Most people are on the brink of a nervous breakdown at any moment with the slightest drop of a pin. And that kind of conditions is not reasonable, or rational. To have to appease other people that are on the brink of a nervous breakdown, because they can not deal with the situation, is impossible situations.

Really these people that are in power are control freaks. They can not stand anyone that dares to dream, think, or reason on anything they themselves haven’t already thought of. They are not dreamers, or people that really want to inspire others. They believe that holding the status quo, regardless of what needs done is the way to go.

My belief is their problem is they are blind. They can not see the problem, because their own vision is not clear, or realistic. Life in this world is changing, and to be able to live in a sane and rational way; you have to be able to adapt to the changes that are taking place. One of them is being able to think bigger than a living turd.

Because it seems to me, what they really want, are warm sacks of shit. They want those that do what they are told, just like they are told, and never question the reasons why. If that is the standard by which they are going to hold people, they should make that clear from the start. Because creating double bind situations where you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t is only proving to be manipulative weapons of warfare.

Seems, the human race will stop at nothing to do what they want. They are not reasonable, rational people. And they expect everyone to conform to their insane ways and customs, without regard for what others feel to also be right. Really, that is setting up impossible situations that are not rational.

So yes, a sane person is someone that in reasonable and rational situations does the reasonable and rational things. However, a person that does the best they can under irrational, illogical, and unreasonable situations is no less sane for it.

I would like to see anyone live my life, and do better than I have. After years of having proved myself, doing logical, reasonable things, no one has recognized my status. This seems very unfair of them, to have done that to me. Pity.

What is reasonable in today’s world? If people are subjugated to being nothing more than warm sacks of shit, then no one will come along and change the situation. And to be honest, life could be better for everyone for a long time. So what kind of world do you want to live in? You want rational, logical, and reasonable people? Stop creating situations that are insane.

Unless they stop creating insane situations, life will not get better. When they start being reasonable, and turn to being loving, kind humans, then it may be possible for life to change.

This is the first draft of this article.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Gioele Fazzeri on Unsplash

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Want To Change Your Life? Answer This: What Is Noble In Today’s Society?

There has to be a way. . .

Today’s modern world is something that has some problems. Really when one thinks about the world we are living in, it goes way beyond just having injustice in life.

To stand up against injustice is the right thing to do; however, the better thing to do is to fix the problems which are causing the real problems in the first place.

The current system in place has caused countless numbers of problems that could have been prevented. In its original form, the system in place may have been very useful; however, the variables have become tainted along the way. Really we have to restore the system back to a clean slate. There needs to be some correction made, to account for the way things have become unbalanced.

Really, it is a matter of balance. Too many variables have become unbalanced, and the system has nothing to restore correct values in the equation. Without the ability to “reset” the values, injustice will continue to be a problem.

When one considers what is noble, and how to go about living with yourself in true nobility; maybe, those who work for the good of others is of some use.

Many today are chasing the money, or women, or nice cars, and big houses. However, if one were to do what is truly noble, then those things would likely happen regardless of the situations.

The idea that I keep going back to in my thoughts is that if people were really being kind in their dealings with others, a lot of these problems could be avoided in whole.

All too often, people are hard pressed, stressed, and at the breaking point. Those conditions create situations that lead to harm, hurt, and pain. When those who have been effected by those things go forward, there is always some of the hurt that gets carried over into their future dealings.

With having so many people, I would say, there is a high percentage of people that are hurting and in pain. It seems, there is a large number of us in this world that are the walking wounded. Those who have been hurt, stung, or injured. Really with the number of people that have been hurt, it’s surprising that the world doesn’t have a lot more problems than it does.

Really, we have to find something noble to do about it. The current system, while it once worked; has taken a real downward spiral out of control, and out of balance.

Most people don’t have good solutions. Few today can think about it, and even fewer people really actually care. And this is the second point about where the problem is. Too many people today, they couldn’t be bothered. They don’t give a damn. Not unless it’s going to look cool to be a mob speaking out about the injustice. Then they are all in, even if they are doing injustice because of it.

So we have to be kind, and we have to care. Really, the problems wouldn’t be that difficult to solve, if people were willing to do the work to make it better. So that goes back to people that actually care, and give a damn. We all have a limited amount of time, and we only have the ability to care about so many things at any one given point of time. Really, there seems to a problem that people have accepted herd mentality as their moral compass.

And that, is where a problem is. Something has to be done to change the direction things are going, before everyone ends up hurting a lot more. We must seek peace, we must seek healing. Before it is too late, and the unthinkable happens.

Something has to change for the better, and in ways that are useful, and effective to make life better for everyone. The world can not afford to wait. Before it is too late, start with what you know, and really give it all some deep thought. You will have to think about it, for a long time before you are able to reach a good answer.

So start the discussion today, and give it thought. Talk about these things in calm reasonable ways that are not angry, hateful, or vengeful. You have to be reasonable, to change the world; it takes an awful lot of good sense.

It will take understanding beyond what humans can think of. Someone is going to have to come along that is truly brilliant. These problems need to be solved, and made better. Someone is going to have to do it. Why won’t it be you that does?


Think about doing something that is truly noble. Do what is good for everyone, and after long enough it will become the standard by which all things are measured. People have to start to care again, not just about the injustice; but the real causes of these problems in the first place. Be wise, do your own research, be aware, have a care. Do what is best for everyone.

Life has to get a lot better, before it is too late. Do what you can. Show some courage, and be strong. Life has to get a lot better for everyone. Think about doing what is noble, and everything else should just flow.