Cookie Cutter Aspects

Aspect Ratio

These are raw ideas that need to be developed. Please provide feedback. Thanks.

When photographing a subject, the perspective is everything. So I have spent the last twenty-five years photographing my mind to come to some very important conclusions.

There are things in today’s cookie cutter society that makes everyone a lot alike. There are small differences like which college you went to, or what team you root for on Sundays. But those things are still the product of a cookie cutter thinking.

So I would like to ask the question about what sets us apart? What do I have that makes me stand out more than anyone else or makes me special? I’m the product of a cookie cutter society, so what kind of cookie am I?

Am I round and soft? Am I square and tasteless? Do I have chocolate chips with nuts or just ice caking on the top layer? What sets people apart in today’s cookie cutter world of boxes, squares, and nerds?

Chess Groups or Nerd Groups

You could say that I play chess, but not well. So does that mean I don’t fit in with the chess club? Maybe I excel at irrational thoughts that produce uniformity from chaos?

In today’s world everyone is trying to stand out. But they all fit together. Everyone is the product of a cookie cutter world. So how do they group us together? What makes us stand out or keeps us from being normal? When we are normal what keeps us from being exceptional? Do we need what makes average people exceptional?

Then the question is can you make cookie cutters that make exceptional people? So in todays society why isn’t everyone an exceptional cookie? What’s broken that we don’t have perfect cookies?

This line of reasoning started when I asked someone why I’m still alone and don’t have a girlfriend and don’t have any friends and don’t have anyone to talk with on an ongoing basis.

Some would think that if your not exceptional, your below standard. Oh well a bad cookie; we don’t want to eat that one. But then the cookie feels left out and rejected, and that hurts.

So what really makes people stand out? There are a few things that come to mind. The first is quality. A well balanced and reasonable person that understands as much as humanly possible without being a database of random facts. Some cookie cutters only make Brenda’s and Sams. But how many people want a custom avatar?


A lot of people have taken the body they could get. What about the future when we can have custom avatars? Beyond mods like piercings and tattoos, I’m talking really pro designed custom bodies. Built to speck and made to order.

Still it’s cookie cutters. So what makes someone stand out or sets people apart form others. I look at politicians hair cuts, they have pretty old fashioned barbers that look like people from a hundred years ago. Have we failed to advance as a society in a world of cookie cutters? maybe.

When our clothes are cookies. And our cars are boxes from cookies. Our houses are boxes of cookies. These animal crackers are driving people at large mad.

Mad Cookies

They make boxes to keep your mind in a box to in the end put you in a box and bury you. So what’s the deal? Is anyone awake or listening? Is anyone reading? What are people living like these days. I know how I’m living and I would call it a living death. How are you living better than me?

What are any of us? Do you know what makes you stand out? How are you from what sets you apart from a Brad or Jane? Quality. Performance. Courage. But those things can be from cookie cutters? So how does someone that’s been through a cookie cutter come out different?

What are we? Are humans just forms of AI bots that come from a factory? Are we defined by our entertainment or the job we have? What makes us special? Maybe I only like cookies from the bakery, and some people like store bought cookies?

So what? Who cares? That’s what sets us apart. People that care.


Photo Credit: Photo by Vita Marija Murenaite on Unsplash

The Ultimate Selfie

The Ultimate

It’s the year twenty eighteen. The world is in chaos, people aren’t able to make ends meet, they can not agree on what to eat for supper much less who should be president. Everyone is an expert, which basically means that everyone has reduced all the possibilities to such a narrow ledge they are all about to fall off a cliff and never question why.

Everyone wants equal rights, without equal work or effort. everyone wants to be special without actually being special. Everyone is so sensitive that a cross look and someone might kill themselves.

I would like to put a stop to this madness. I would like the whole fucking farce to end. I want it to end like a long drop with a sudden stop. My favorite fashion designer killed herself today, leaving a note. What about the rest of us? We’re left here to try and make the world a better place and pick up the pieces in ways that no one will understand.

Please Use Your Brain

Most of these people that rely upon government, or religion, or some other crutch of booze and drugs are but children. Like very spoiled bratty children that are all control freaks and want everyone to address them as queen bee.

Most of them couldn’t do half of what I have in the last twenty years and still be breathing with a pulse. You know everyone hates narcissists, they don’t really know why, but i do.. most of them are destructive and only care about themselves, using cruel methods of lies and false flattery to gain temporary gains that will wear out in two weeks and fall flat only to prey upon another victim with just as cruel tactics.

I want to talk about another kind of narcissist. Those who are self respecting people that care deeply about themselves and others. Those who don’t judge people and show everyone the same amount of respect until the person actually does something deserving of having lost their respect.

There are some rare breeds in this world. There are a few that are one in a hundred, then there are the ones that are one in ten thousand.

I want to tell a story. Something that if everyone had life would be simpler. Something everyone wishes they had. This is my story.

Chapter One
By the way…

Sitting on the beach with my wife in the beautiful Caribbean with the perfect sea and the scent of tropics in the air. The beach is deserted, it’s just us.

“Amber, should we take a swim?” I ask her without looking up from the view before me. “Oh I guess we could swim, would it be more fun with some heavy weights so we can dive deeper?” she asks looking down at me as if i what i was seeing was heaven whispering in my ears that it was time to play.

We suit up in the wet suits and put ten pounds on the belt so we can dive to twenty feet. We swim for half an hour before reaching the point where we can dive down. “I’m bonkers for you, you know that right?” “of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way..”

Talking About It

Sometimes when we talk we get lost in who said what, sometimes it’s like talking with yourself in just thinking a thought and knowing the answer. As we both know everything that each other knows already there are no secrets from ourselves. There would be no way to keep a secret from ourselves. You tell one of us anything and we both know it. Instantly. This can be very useful when dealing with non-native people who don’t know us.

Technically we are one person, it just happens to be that we share two bodies in which we are married to each other. I’m the guy and amber is the girl. Alex and Amber. Two of a kind.

We swim out and dive down deep. she chases me down, and i hold my breath while she takes photos of us swimming like dolphins. It’s great. you couldn’t beat it with selfie stick and a thousand dives in your world.

When we swim back to the shore and dry off. clothes are sticky, it’s better to be naked under those wet suits. less rub and rashes. we spend the better half of the afternoon just watching the view. We have no special place to be, nothing special to be doing. The real fun will be tonight anyways.

Time passes. . .

You have to wonder what it would be like? To be both a boy and a girl in two bodies with one self awareness. To be married to each other and have adventures that no one would ever understand but each other. To have a secret between the two of us that never leaves our minds. To be playful and fun, without being a stick in the mud. If we both feel the same, whatever were doing is always perfect because that is what were doing right then.

Feeling playful, have fun and play. Feeling down today, take a day off. cycles come and go. It’s more fun than being alone when there is two of you. Being male and female simultaneously has it’s perks. But that’s not the part you wouldn’t believe. Try touching your hand with your hand. it’s like nothing you have ever known.


This story was written on June 5, 2018

Copyright © 2018 Ctopher

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Drinking Sapphire Wine

Hey Here are some idea’s. These are for those of us who are tired of the ways of being locked into something we don’t like. The idea itself is nothing new. However I want to bring it back to the light for all of us to think about.

What if we could choose any body, sex, and options with something simple like a reboot of our soul. Therefor if we didn’t have to do something stupid like having to die, or give birth or fight some mad mans bloody war.

What if we wanted to be male? No problem. What if we wanted to be female? No problem. What if we could choose our looks, makeup, and styles unique to each of us. Then if we would be able to do such without having to die, take it up the butt or pay for it with the blood another war.

We Want Peace

The book that brings this thinking to light is called, “Don’t Bite The Sun” by Tanith Lee. It’s a great idea, and therefor could be made so everyone can have one mind and soul. This is however possible to do without loosing our memories, thoughts, or spirit.

We want a better world where the software works with the hardware, not the dumb shit we got now. Sure it should be real, however it’s got to be worth having for our generation, for our future, and for our loved ones.

Death and suicide would be a thing of the past and we could live with a currency that paying was just watching enough tv for thirty seconds. Why not?

Love What is Possible and Think Free

I have been trying to get people to think, to use their minds, and to be more creative. Many of my efforts have failed. Hence because this is my goal to reach the minds and hearts of those that can dream for something that is within our reach. The problem is that they won’t let us live, and that is reason to not let them rule.

Finally please share this message and send it to those who will wake up and start thinking what could be possible and how we could be living and leave this war, violence, and their greed to die with this world.


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