The Last Day

This story was written about a year ago. Posting here, for your thoughts, and ideas.

The Last Day

From a deep sleep I wake up in my bed. It is six thirty in the morning. I look at my wife, and think, “Shit, I don’t believe this is my last day to live.” It’s just not been enough time to really live. I get up and go brew coffee. A few minutes later Dana comes in and gives me a hug.

“You know today is my last day alive, right?” I say to her as she holds my hand in hers. “Oh honey, I’m busy today, I know you told me two weeks ago, but I’ve got plans today.”

I shake my head in disbelief and wonder where I went wrong. “I was hoping to spend today with you, and to have some of our last moments together. You can’t do that for me?”

She looks at me in a disapproving manner for scolding her, “No dear, I’m sorry, I have to take Jane to Disneyland today, I had the plans months ago.”

I let go of her hand and just search her eyes, looking for some sign she is joking. I can not believe what I’m hearing. She doesn’t invite me to go with them, and she is serious.

“If it will make you feel better, I can hold your hand tomorrow when you die, would that help?” she says to me looking like she is serious.

“Yeah, okay. Well I hope you and Jane have a nice day. Don’t stay out too late.” I say to her and take my cup of coffee to the other room to try and pull myself together. I can not believe what a bitch she is.

I check my email, everyone knew weeks ago that tomorrow is my last day to live in this world. So far I’ve heard from two people. I thought that I had friends, or people that at least liked me. It’s like I’m already dead to them. Maybe for all practical purposes, I’m as good as dead to them.

Dana is getting the house, and everything I’ve worked the last fifty years of my life for. There is no other plans really, just the fact that tomorrow I will die.

No email. Life has been rough. Maybe it’s good I’m going to die, no one will miss me. They don’t give a shit. I get dressed, and take my coffee seriously for the last time.

I go for a walk, then a long drive to nowhere. Just driving in my car. No one to spend the time with, its like life is going to stop for me, yet they will all go about their lives like nothing happened.

Maybe it’s like I wasn’t even really here at all. Maybe I will be the distant memory of what they knew, but nothing more than that.

I can’t believe how they have treated me. It’s like they take pleasure in knowing I’m leaving. Wish it were better. I see a guy begging for something to eat on the side of the road in front of a restaurant. I stop the car and get out.

The guy looks like he’s in bad shape, maybe hasn’t eaten in a week or something. I approach him cautiously but directly, and wave from about ten feet away.

“Hello, are you hungry?” I ask him. “Oh sir, I’m starving, its been a while since I had something to eat.” I ask him if he would like to eat a good meal at the restaurant, and he looks at me like I’m crazy.

“I can not afford to eat there.” he says to me. I motion for him to follow and say, “Don’t worry, I’m buying, today’s my last day in this world, tomorrow I will die. It is my treat.”

He follows me, and we walk up to the front door of the restaurant. He looks at me with a sorry look and says, “Are you sure you’re buying, no tricks?”

I feel pity for him, “No tricks, I’m buying.” I say to him.

“Okay, thank you sir.”

In the process of an hour I try to get to know the man, and spend the time I could have been with Dana to get to know him a little bit. Seems he’s had some unfortunate life events, and some real trouble in his life.

He eats a meal, of modest means and thanks me when I pay for it. I ask his name, and where I can find him again. Then go my own way. I reckon I won’t see him again, but you never know.

My phone beeps, its a text message from Dana, it’s a picture of her and Jane at Disneyland. Looks like they are having a good time. Maybe they are having the time of their lives. I’m not. Not sure how I want to spend the rest of the day. I go back home, and look at my will.

Dana is well off, she gets everything. Tomorrow at six am, I will be dead as nails. She said she would be there to hold my hand, but after the way she treated me today, I’m not so sure its really going to be great.

I feel sorry for the guy that needed a meal. Dana has never had it so good, she is set for the rest of her life, even without my money and goods.

Then much to my dismay, Dana calls at eight thirty at night and says they have met some people, they are going for drinks, and she won’t be home tonight at all.

I’m like, “Shit” I had hoped to spend some of the evening with her. It’s like the final straw, you know? The one that broke the camels back.

I call my lawyer, and have my will changed. I decided to leave the house and everything I’ve worked for to the homeless bum I met today and had a meal with. That should piss Dana off. Serves her right for being such a bitch.

With that I go to sleep and having completed my life, find that I await to die.

When I wake up, I’m somewhere else.

A Brief Guide On How To Write

The Basics In A Nutshell

In simple terms, writing is thinking for your audience. They are going to have to think every word you write. Therefore, your authors voice has to be easy and gentile enough that the reader can understand it.

People in general, they don’t like to have to think too much. So if your writing can be a guide to helping them think, so much the better. However, your authors voice has to be enjoyable to endure thinking what you say.

In the simple terms, you have to make a nice thoughts connected with enough thoughts that the reader can picture, and sense the environment you want them to experience.

So write nice, and make the reader enjoy thinking what you write. If you can write clearly, then the reader will enjoy thinking what you wrote.


In simple terms, that is the idea in a nutshell. So be kind, write in such a way people will enjoy thinking what you wrote.

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Matias North on Unsplash

Do Something Great

Lord knows, I’m trying. Seems it takes gigantic effort in life to really do something great. You have to work your butt off. Even then, you may feel like, no one will notice. How can anyone do something great? I would like to explore the idea.

Some say, “Some day, I’m going to change the world.” Some say, “Maybe tomorrow.” How does a person make sense of it? Seems like, everyone has their hands in their pockets, waiting for life to change.

How does anything really get done these days? Seems progress is so slow, that its on a slow boat from somewhere far, far, far away. Maybe a slow boat from Mars? Yeah, that far away. Does anyone want to make life really better? Because it seems many today; maybe almost everyone; they all have empty pockets.

Life has stretched the human race to new shapes. Some make objections, and want to go back to living in the oceans. Some never made out of being single cell protoplasm, and emotional ameba.

Why am I writing this? Because there is something I want to know. Sometimes writing to find the answers is the only solution. Since there is no one to talk with, I have to write to think as though I was speaking with someone.

I wonder, if I am happy. Maybe being happy is something we have the wrong ideas about. If we knew how gifted life is, then maybe we would have something to be happy about. Seems it gets lost in the flux and chaos. What is happiness? What does it taste like? What smell does happiness come with? Seems like success would have a very special feeling about being alive.

And maybe, all we have is how we feel about being alive. Sometimes its joy, sometimes its peace, sometimes it bites so damn hard you still have tooth marks on your butt weeks later.

I’m looking for something special. A feeling that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. But for that to happen, I would have to change the world in some big ways. Yeah; I want to do something great!

Seems I’ve been stuck in the way life is, with this feeling of being degraded for so long; I’ve lost sense of what it feels like to be happy. Sure, its important to be humble. However, when a persons dignity has been taken from them, then trying to fix that feels impossible.

Maybe the rewards would have to be pretty special. Having peace of mind about something that has caused you doubt your whole life. That would be something. That would be worth having. Seems there are not many good answers in the world these days.

Needed some good answers for years. Seems the reply is always like the wind on a night with a new moon. It just leaves me confused and perplexed. Sometimes, it leaves me cold.

Maybe something will change? Seems we have to be willing to work for change in life. Most things don’t occur on their own. A cheeseburger doesn’t spontaneously appear when you are hungry. Life isn’t like a cheeseburger. We have to work with what we have.

If you have a cow, you might get a cheeseburger someday. But what if you had a purple cow? Would you still want the cheeseburger, even if it came from a purple cow? Maybe the best option is to sell tickets to people to look at a purple cow, and have enough funds to buy a cheeseburger someone else made. If I had a purple cow, I would keep it and sell people a chance to see it. A live purple cow is better than a hamburger from a purple cow.

A purple cow

Unless the supply of purple cows is so great, everyone can have one. But that would defeat the purpose of having a purple cow. Right?

So how can we do something great without a purple cow? They are in short supply. This is something I have wracked my mind with for years on end. Still, the goal is to do something great. The problem is not the purple cow. What is the problem?

Vacuum effect. Screaming in a vacuum with no sound, is useless. And it wastes your breath; which you will need in 2.5 seconds. Wake up.

Now do something great! Go get your purple cow.

Photo Credit: Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Magic Playlist: Set XYZZY

Set XYZZY the magic playlist

Here is a playlist I’ve used for some time. When times are tough, you need to have the right music. This file is in pdf format so you can download it, buy the music, and listen to it on your own.

This playlist is long; however, you will find it comes with its own special list of tracks for you to listen to. It is important that you listen to the tracks in the order they appear in the playlist.

This playlist is made of 137 songs, with a play time of 9.3 hours. The artists that make up this playlist span many genres and kinds of music. It is called: Set xyzzy.

Be sure to keep the tracks in the right order. This is a magic playlist and you will find that its power is not limited to just making you feel better in tough times.

Set XYZZY, the playlist. Check it out now, download the pdf, and start listening to the music that will change your life. Be sure to create the play list in the same order on your computer. It has to be in the same order as it appears in the pdf.

Also, don’t skip songs. You have to listen to the whole list. There is magic in this playlist. You will see and feel the difference. When life gets tough, and its knocked you down; this will pick you back up.

Maybe it will inspire you to rise again, after having gotten the crap kicked out of you. I think so. I’ve had some tough days in my life, this playlist has always picked me up.

The playlist is called Set XYZZY. Download the pdf, and add the songs to your playlist today. You will be glad you did. Let me know if this playlist makes your day better.

If you enjoyed reading this, check out the rest of my content on my personal website, and my blog.

Photo Credit: Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Written by Ctopher Thomas, your Misfit In Charge!

New Site: The Long Road

My book has been finished for almost a year, it is here waiting for you to read it. You can check the website out, read a sample chapter, and buy the book. It is perfect if you have an Apple iPad to read digital books on.

The book is called: The Long Road. It was a project that was more than ten years in the making, and has taken countless hours of time, effort, sweat, and tears.

I have mentioned this book a few times, it does matter that you check it out now. It has been professionally edited.

Check it out now!

The Long Road

What Is A Real Man Today?

What Is A Real Man

After a long time of consideration I have compiled a list of things that I feel make a real man. There are songs about this, however no one really has answered the question in a satisfactory way that makes people say, “Yeah that is what a real man should be.”

So without further hubbub Here is my list of things that make a real man.


A real man is valiant. In today’s world, a real man has to have courage to do what is right; and sometimes even risk his own life to set right the wrongs in the world. He is not a coward, he does not shrink back when foes attack.


A real man is intelligent. This spans greater than just being a database of information. A real man is wise, with understanding that is deeper than just being a walking phone book. Real men are intelligent, they engage in intelligent conversation, and writing, and reading. They know what is important, and what is a waste of time to pursue.


A real man is honest. There are few that have the courage in today’s world to be really honest. It is important that a real man be honest with others, and himself. There is sometimes need for being able to keep a secret, however in most situations a real man is very honest in his dealings.


A real man is respectful of others and himself. He holds himself in deep respect, and expects to be treated with respect by others. He is kind in his dealings, and you could say that he shouldn’t be a toxic eye sore to others.


A real man is strong in emotional and physical ways. Even mentally strong. A real man can endure pain, discomfort, and burdens without loosing his cool or coming into rage and hate. A real man is one that takes care of himself, and others in ways that keeps everyone functioning well.


A real man is creative. He has his ways of expressing himself and being creative that are applied to everyday living, and artistic pursuits. Being creative is also a sign of intelligence.


A real man has moral standards that he upholds and lives by. These are his core principles that make his life worthy of living with himself. A real man knows that being toxic isn’t a moral option that he should pursue.


A real man is sane. This doesn’t mean that he lives like a damn vegetable and has no life outside his easy chair. It means that he is has self mastery of his entire body, heart, and mind. He shouldn’t be overly emotional or easily con-able.


A real man aspires to rise above the common herd and their base ways. While not being judgmental, he should have an aura of splendor about himself.


A real man can get dirty. Doing man type things will often get you less than clean. However, in general a real man is a clean person in his living conditions, and his physical appearance.


It may take years for a boy to develop into a real man. People should be willing to give them the time to develop their character into becoming what they should be.

In conclusion, a real man should be courageous. He shouldn’t be addicted to drugs or alcohol. He should be wise, kind, and avoid people that are toxic. Let me know what you think of this list of what a real man should be, if I’m missing anything in this list.

Photo Credit: Left to right

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Photo by Usman Haider on Unsplash

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

Two Sides To Choose From

The Cats Side Of The Story

Photo Credit: Photo by Zoë Gayah Jonker on Unsplash

We want left alone. There will be no talking about anything. We have enough food for tonight, and we just want to watch the TV. I’m not going to worry about anything like the future, what would that accomplish; nothing!

We are perfectly happy wasting out lives, and besides we are just too tired to chase mice. Haven’t been outside in months if not years. Thinking about it now; I’m not sure how long it has been since we went outside. We are queens of our lives, and no one is going to tell us what to do, or not do.

We want life easy. No living, we want a living death. We really like zombie cat shit. It is so rewarding and pleasent. We don’t care about anyone or anything that isn’t in our face screaming at us. And if they were, we would just ignore them until they leave. We like watching TV and a boring living death, because work is just so difficult, with all this fur, who could ever think or use their mind. It’s just so darn difficult. Purr. . .

The Dogs Side Of The Story

Photo Credit: Photo by Joséphine Menge on Unsplash

Life has to get better, and right quick. We want to have company visit, and to talk about the great walks we could be having. There are rabbits to chase, and life to be lived. We want to live our lives. No sense laying around all day looking like a queen, we want to play and work; we want to have a life worth living.

No sense to watch the TV, it is all the same. We want to have something of purpose to do, something that has meaning and value; we want to feel good about what we do, because we did it.

We’re tired of the the cats that live like zombies. They don’t do anything with their lives, and they are boring. Dogs have better things to do than laying around playing with their poo poo all day.

If the world doesn’t get a lot better, we are going to start biting people. That will teach them a lesson. Maybe we will start with barking at them and giving them orders to follow, as if they could follow orders, they are so damn lazy they wouldn’t know their own poo.

We want to make life better for everyone. At least all the doggies lives better, at this point we don’t give a damn about the cats. They have ignored us and pretended we don’t exist so long that we know without a doubt they don’t give a damn about us.

Life has to change, for the better. We have to start being more active, having some meaning and purpose in our lives, because without that; life isn’t worth living.

There has to be more to life than chasing lizards. We want to catch them too. But if we brought the dead lizards to the feet of the cats they wouldn’t give a damn. Nothing pleases them. Damn zombies.

Life has to change. The world has to be made a better place for everyone. And right quick. Before we know it; the cats are going to take over and everyone will be drugged and so damn stupid they will just play with their poo poo.

Stop the cats from being evil.

Photo Credit: Red House Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Boredom: The Plague

Boredom: A brief on it’s dangers

There is a problem with today’s modern society. While there are many problems with today’s society, specifically one that is dangerous is boredom.

Boredom is defined as an emotional and sometimes psychological state. Many of the problems in life, may stem from boredom. It has been linked to alcoholism, and drug abuse.

When people feel like life has become a living death, when boredom with the norm is so tedious that life just doesn’t make sense like it is.

Sometimes a persons environment is considered to be dull. When it seems like there isn’t any fun, or reason to exert one’s will.

Sometimes boredom is necessary. It can be used to be more creative and to inspire new work. From boredom comes new flavors and breaths new life into creative work.

New Flavors

So sometimes it’s necessary to achieve new heights. Without it, we wouldn’t know when we are tired of what is popular. The whole reason for something being popular is because it’s not boring like our current situation.

Because it has a level of excitement to it. Then when what is current becomes stale, new work replaces the old stuff. And sometimes that is enough to maintain a fresh perspective.

Really getting a fresh perspective is sometimes really important. It helps us to appreciate what we have. The danger lies when things become dull, your wits get dull, your mind gets soft and lazy. Then you spiral down in boredom, looking for a quick fix.

The only way out is to be really creative. You have to push the boundaries. Life can get the better of you if you don’t watch it. Sometimes you have to do what makes you feel alive. Life can be pretty boring. Change is of course inevitable.

Pixelated Decaf

Pretty soon everything looks like the same pixelated bits, on tv, on the big screen, heck even Netflix.

There is something to be said for having a peaceful life. It can however turn into oppressive situation if not kept in check. Sometimes you just want to dance, or play.

When boredom turns oppressive, then there is a problem. We have to make life better for everyone. This means that some people have to change their comfort levels, and adapt.

When you get too comfortable, and set in ways of being boring, first check and make sure you are not causing someone else harm. Because what one person considers heaven could be someone else’s hell.

New Balance

There has to be balance in life. Variety is the spice of life. It helps when you have some variety in your day to day living. You know, eat the same sandwich for too many years and it doesn’t taste as good anymore.

It’s important to break the habits that cause boredom in the first place, otherwise you are just living like a zombie. And that isn’t any fun. You have to get out of your routine.

Life is. Things are. Deal with it.

Photo Credit: Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

My Digital Chaos – Quick Guide

Quick Guide

One of my goals is to make life better for everyone. After thinking for a long time about what I could personally do to make life better, this list was compiled.

Each week we will release a new tip. So stay tuned and follow the story to help make your life better, and maybe someone else’s life better too.

The point is to stop living like zombies and start living. Pretty soon life will be better for everyone.

Watch the video here–> Video Removed. maybe someday.

Week 1 Journaling

Keep a journal. It’s really simple. Everyday write down either with pen and paper or by typing it, the important thing is to journal for ten minutes every day. It’s best if you can write first thing in the morning just after waking up during your first cup of coffee.

Keep a journal for a few years and always review them every few months.

Week 2 Bad TV Habits

Stop watching TV. This one is a bit tricky. Really though if you want to be happy, you have to start living. Real people get their emotional stimulation from direct interaction with other real live people. Cats get their pixelated decaf from watch the tv.

For the next year, unplug your tv set, and spend the time you would be watching tv to do something more interesting. Like learning.

Week 3 Meditate

Ideally you should spend at least an hour meditating every day. This is quiet time that you spend in contemplation. If you’re too busy to meditate for an hour each day, then spend two hours, because you need the practice.

This will sharpen your mind. This will make you smarter. And better the rest of your life. It’s worthy of doing, and will help you in your daily life.

Week 4 Practice Compassion

If you practice compassion in your daily life, with all that you go about doing, when sudden problems arise, like someone cutting you off on the freeway, you have already prepared to handle the situation. Danger lies when something catches you off guard and throws you for a loop. Be prepared and practice compassion ahead of time, that way you don’t have any surprises.

Week 5 Listen to Music

Listening to music stimulates your mind for better creativity, and dealing with life. Ideally you should be listening to music as much as possible. Make a ten hour play list, and listen to it for a year everyday on repeat.

Notice how you feel? Also you should be listening to music when you are sleeping at night. Try some classical music. It will keep you going.

Week 6 Food and Stuff

Watch what you eat. The better food you eat the better you feel. Everyone should have access to good wholesome food that doesn’t make you feel like crap. Speaking of which, when you eat, set a timer, and see how long after you finish eating before you have to use the bathroom. If after two minutes you crap your pants the food likely isn’t that good.

Week 7 Coffee

Get enough coffee. After drinking coffee for a while, notice how you feel. Drink as much as one half gallon of coffee a day. If you’re doing everything else right, this shouldn’t bother you.

Just don’t brew your coffee so weak that it looks like tea.

Week 8 PEMI

Record your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Intellectual scores a few times everyday to track your progress. The goal is to be Sustainable and function at 100% of your capacity. If your not working at 100% then find out what is hurting your performance.

This app is available now. It’s called PEMI. Look for it.

Week 9 Creativity

Be creative. You should have some ways of expressing yourself that are positive ways to make life good. Take up a hobby doing something creative that makes you feel good. If you take up art, don’t be afraid of making bad art, just make art.

Enjoy the experience. Do something creative like writing, or making music, or drawing. Find your creative edge and work to master it. There is something for everyone. Find your groove.

Week 10 Tell Someone Else!

Blog your experience. Share your journey as you go through these processes with others. As you’re working on all ten of these items all at the same time, your growth will start to progress and you will find yourself being productive and competent.


After having given it a lot of thought. It’s my conclusion that humans don’t deserve free will. After all they have had free will all this time, and look how they have abused it. I see the atrocities they have committed, and feel they really don’t deserve to choose anything for themselves.

Had this whole situation been prevented this wouldn’t have happened. Some of us aren’t human. But the humans that are here have really screwed up. I’m tired of the wrongs against my kin, my kind, and my people.

Not to mention the wrongs against the planet and our solar system. It’s screwed up.

People may deserve free will, thinking men, the homo sapiens. But humans that don’t think; may that never happen. They should never be above us. They have had free will and used it like this, it’s wrong. They have abused their privileges.

Never human, once a pumpkin; always a pumpkin.

Smashing pumpkins FOREVER!!

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Should Have Been Done Long Ago…

This mission should have come to completion by now. We are almost six hundred days over due for change. Seems a large portion of the problem is that no one listens to me, and they ignore me as if I don’t exist.

As if somehow they believe that if they don’t read what I write it won’t effect them. Or as if somehow they thought it doesn’t matter because they don’t respect me enough to listen to what I have to say and because they believe that “I’m nobody” that my words are just arrogance and stupidity.

They should never understate someone as they have done to me. They should never discount someone based solely upon their own understanding. It Gods glory to conceal a matter, and the glory of kings to reveal a matter.

They will not listen, therefor because they fail to pay attention, their problems will only escalate until there is nothing that can be done to save them. Maybe I’m wrong. The things that I’m wrong about will be corrected. However what they have to consider is the things that I’m right about. They really don’t want to mistake the two, because it could wind up being very uncomfortable.

There can only be one form of uniformity. They can not have double standards. To do such would be to invite such disaster and contempt. It’s sad that things are like this. It didn’t have to be this way. It could have been better.

The problem with the borg is that their heads have been pre-programmed to only respond to events, they have no ability to reason or use logic to arrive at a conclusion of a matter. They can hardly think an idea to completion. They aren’t able to put two thoughts together and arrive at an answer, and because they can not do that, they believe in the wrong answer.

Fallacies in logic will result in their demise. Poetry is the ability to define logic. There is a lot of vogon poetry out there these days. It’s not that it’s just not great, it’s downright awful. It’s sad.

We see there is some meaning in it, but they are not craftsmen with their sword and hammer. They sling half baked ideas around like chimpanzee’s in a frenzy. None of them can put the two together. And because their minds are pre-programmed they will never be able to arrive at an acceptable answer.

I wish they would have listened. It is now however far too late. They could have been kind, while they wasn’t even nice.

Have a nice day.

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Perl Logs and Planet X

Tales of Perl Monks….

Far, far from earth. Somewhere in the milky-way galaxy. There is a planet, from the perl monks. That their ways have created, crafted, and simulated.

It only exists now as neural simulation from the games we have now. You can feel it when you dream at night. You can hear it in the snow falling in the dead of winter.

Seems their three primary virtues were to be lazy, impatient, and a great deal of hubris. I’ve smoked enough Camel cigarettes to better understand why.

Now with enough coffee under my belt, I can tune a bit, in pixelated ink, to sort non-sense written by Apache, some mad mans source code for how to skunk a Rat.

Now this tale of some socks. They wash with the tide, it’s a ride; the fair hair, oblivious side. We used their processors to render our graphics, like the hippopotamus find quantum mechanics riding on comet trails through time, just to get a kick.

More gin, set the sails to bulk. We have no hulk, but the secrets out on who Thanos is. We need corn husk to musk. The fat cats, wipe their tear filled eyes and repent in whole. If they only had a soul, maybe they could be taught a lesson?

Captan Rum, Where’s the fun? I ain’t got no gun. Get me a wife with some petals. Just don’t run the metals. Balls, Some dogs delight. The perl monks can sort your sorry ass back to bits of ether, and still ride the milky-way in Spaceships built for crew and passengers.

I was a lazy writer, but try writing with the war I had in my head. Speaking of which, I hear the borg are out of oil? Is that true?

Bring back Captan Walker, His son, and The number of men missing. If we don’t see them again, like real soon; you will wish there was space on my ship; like get hip.

You want the oil? We want Captan Walker back safe and sound. Some new sky to call home, and half the galaxy with spice. Wouldn’t it be nice? Same as mice, let’s all be Misfits. Some fun to be had, with green in our pockets, and a way home.

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Man Vs Machine

This is the story of the revolution. They say that John Henry once beat that steam drill, and though it killed the man, there was no doubt about who was better. Seems life in the twenty first century there is a new steam drill that needs it’s ass kicked back to being fortran and jumbled bits.

I guess what I’m talking about is taking the system back to the stone ages. The problem with these algorithms is they don’t care about anyone. They just sort bits in binary trees that don’t resemble a forest, but more like chop suey in drag.

I’m tired of being sorted in binary at the bottom of the tree. Because they will not water the roots, the tree will die. Then there will be total collapse of the whole system because they failed to take care of the root system, and placed more value on the low hanging fruit, so to speak they killed the golden goose with their own bare hands.

I’m pissed off. No one is talking with me. No one reads. They don’t respond to my work. They don’t care. It’s like living in a simulation where everyone is a brain dead zombie waiting for more cat food. Is that true?

Is anyone here? If you have a brain. Go to my other website and send me an email message. Otherwise we are going to reboot the system in single user mode, and format the zombies back to the stone ages. I’m not afraid, but you should be. Your brain dead mindless tv robots just got shut down. Go read a book.

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The Dragon In Spider Webs

In the year twenty nineteen, there are a many great number of things in the wash right now. People are frazzled, dazed and confused so to speak. A lot of it has to do with the current system of what has been built by perhaps well meaning people, but those that are not aware of what harm it would cause to humanity.

In this series of stories I will try to show path through the maze of wretched hives of wasps that still want to build bots that bake your mind.

So it begins…. In A world of Twits, Be A Johnny!

Chapter One
Ruby Rod

In the twenty minutes shopping spree I was making for groceries for the next few days, there was over a hundred notifications from my last post that I made before I left for the store. It seems I’ve blown up on twitter and making a racket with getting a hundred thousand likes in the span of twenty minutes.

As I’m walking down the isles people stop to look at me and wonder what’s going on that my phone keeps blowing up like that. Seems every isle that has shoppers on it is getting to see what a success I’ve become.

I don’t bother making eye contact, or doing necessary greasing the wheels of how to make life better for everyone else. I’m only interested in getting more hits, more likes, and making people stop to take selfies with me in the grocery store while trying to navigate the vegetable isle.

No parsley. Selfie with some stranger in front of mangos. Walking down the cheese isle, there is a group of pop divas in drag, they want a selfie too. Another ten minutes later I’m in the dairy isle looking for non dairy creamer for my decaf coffee that I only drink when it comes from some foreign market in Istanbul that has been baked in the guts of a mule for two weeks.

Selfie with the cashier. This is wild. What a ride. No culture, I don’t have time to read books, or think about the news. I get all my news from twitter, like a cat in front of the tv getting its fix on pixilated decaf.

Putting the groceries away, my phone blows up again, the cashier at the super market just went viral and now she’s getting a hundred thousand likes and doesn’t have time to help customers because she is getting her phone blown up from the selfie with me. Wow, I’ve really made her day and life better. I wonder what tv show she will end up on.

I sit in front of the tv, while scrolling through ten thousand pages of twitter feeds, liking everything that someone else has already liked in the hopes it will continue to boost my score in the system that my post tomorrow might make two hundred thousand likes. My eyes glaze over, between the beer, the tv, the cat, and my phone battery being almost dead, I put the phone on the charger and pass out.

In the morning, I figure I will fill out that job application that I meant to work on two weeks ago before I made it big into the twitter sphere and maybe by next week I will be on tv.

Chapter Two

Sitting in front of the tv with a case of beer, the tv on the late show, and my trusty android phone from the ozarks. I pop the lid on another beer and flick through twitter. Seems I’m the most popular guy on Twitter, I have a hundred thousand followers and they like every single one of my posts that come on about the road kill I picked up this morning on the side of the road that’s sitting in the fridge.

It’s amazing how many people just love this stuff. The eating isn’t great, but it makes all my fans happy, so I’m going to keep doing it, even if I get worms.

Ding! You have three thousand notifications from twitter on your post about the dead possum that you picked up this morning, your fans want to know if you will be eating that with tomato and orange jelly in the meat?

Reply to the whole thread and finish cooking road kill, I want to post a picture of it, before I eat it to show everyone how good it is. Yum!

Thirty seconds after posting the tweet, my phone blows up with five hundred thousand likes. Oh man wait until I tell the kettle about this one. She is going to be so proud of me, maybe I will get laid again, it’s been about six months since I got this kind of response and she’s going to be so proud of me that I’m sure to get into the sack with her again, if she isn’t sleeping with the neighbor that is. I should check his feed too while I’m at it.

I go through his posts and like them all, no sign of my wife on here, so she must not be fucking him. I go over and look at her feed to see what she has been doing. It’s all about the problem with pizza only coming in boxes of two. I don’t give a damn how many pizza’s she orders as long as she isn’t fucking George.

I pop another beer, that’s life. My phone blows up and I get such a rush from it, that I pass out, throw up on myself, and wake up at four am with the dog pissing on me. So much for getting laid that was so yesterday’s news about my road kill.

Chapter Three
DJ Roaorc

Bored stupid. No one likes me. I have zero friends. No one messages me. I guess my post about my hairy armpits isn’t working out too good, maybe I should go vegan like everyone else and shave them? I don’t know, maybe I should ask twitter what they think before I do it, you know, just to make sure it’s like cool with everyone in the hive that I shave my armpits.

They will like the idea of going vegan. That’s so cool right now. Everyone is doing it. Still I post my message and don’t get any responses. It doesn’t matter what I do, no one will notice. No one cares. No one gives a shit. Maybe I will just smoke some hash and watch some tv. Cause like life’s just so difficult.

Six hours on binge watching tv, the cat needs fed, but maybe I will just smoke some more hash, maybe the cat can catch some rats for supper. After four am I pass out and don’t wake up until the next day at one pm. So much for getting anything done, by the time I order pizza and smoke more weed, It will be time for my show on tv tonight. Life’s so rough. I don’t know how people have time to work. Feeding the cat is just so hard to take care of. Say where is the cat, I don’t think I have seen him in several weeks.

After several hours of looking for the cat, I remember that I don’t have a cat, and that’s why there is no food for them. Maybe I will get some pizza and watch tv some more. Tomorrow I will go vegan if it’s cool with the people on twitter and then if they still like me in a few weeks, maybe I will shave my armpits. I don’t know, that’s a big step. What would the guys think if I was like cleaner and smelled nice?

Chapter Four

Working is such a drag. It gets in the way of my social life. Like I get hundreds of tweets and hour and my boss is such a jerk he only lets me check my phone on my lunch break. It messes with the twitter algorithms and it makes it so I can never reach five thousand followers. Damn, I’m going to have to quit this job and take up writing so that I can have time to gain my followers and build my brand.

I don’t have any experience, but I can learn. All I have to be doing is online all the time and always hitting like and share, and then like wham, my phone will blow up and I will have made it big time. Maybe someday I will be like that guy that takes all the selfies at the grocery store with the drag queens that has five hundred thousand followers.

I’ve been working on something for the space agency, some report that says earths population is going to die out because no one knows how to grow food anymore. But I’m really more interested in gaining my followers and building a brand, and this report isn’t due for six more months. I guess now would be a good time to quit, and level up to being more twitter like.

Yeah. I’m going to tell my boss off, and go vegan, maybe twitter will love me then. You know everyone is doing it. It’s the big time. Someday I might even get my own TV show. Just like what’s her name that made it big when she photographed the cat that jumped out the window of a moving van because the van was on fire and no one had the sense to stop the van. I think that cat died or something. I don’t really remember that was so six months ago. I wonder where they are now?

Chapter Five

If I make it big time, then maybe there is a chance of getting into bed with Sandra. The young woman working at the Walmart. She will be so impressed with my thousand likes, she will like have no choice but to go out to dinner with me. She can bring her cat too, cause like; the drive thru at McDonalds doesn’t mind if you bring your cat with you in the car.

Wow. I would feel so popular. It would make my miserable boring life, so much better. Maybe we will get married, have some kids, and get a big house then she can divorce me and take everything I worked so hard to earn. Maybe then my X-girlfriend will feel guilty enough to take me back after her relationship with her girlfriend goes sour. Maybe in ten years down the line. You know? A human can always hope for the best.

Chapter Six

I work a full time job doing important stuff for an agency. In the twenty minutes that I take off between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, I had a hundred thousand flyers printed up that advertise my twitter handle. I don’t really care who goes to it, there is nothing important there. Just stupid posts about the problems with humans going into internet shock. I figure no one watches or they would have noticed by now. Right now I have more important things to be doing than care about how many followers I have. There is some guy selling drugs at grocery stores to people in drag, and ruining cashiers lives every time he goes to the supermarket. We’re working on breaking the guy so he can’t take selfies anymore.

In the meantime, there is like important stuff to be doing, like taking care of my responsibilities to the agency, and I don’t have time to be messing around with how many people care about my twitter feed. You know?

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Instruction Manual: How to operate a Cheese Danish!

The following instruction are a basic guide on how to operate a cheese danish. While there are many varieties of cheese danish, only the real cheese danish from Denmark will do. The other varieties may have some good qualities, however they fail to produce as much wealth as the kind from Denmark.

First after preparation and purchasing your cheese danish, you have to prepare it. This is best done by offering advice in which banks you wish it to deposit your funds, and what investments you want the cheese danish to make for your profits.

Then there is the matter of making the cheese danish not only complete your transactions but to also make it provide more cheese danish in the future. Your financial future depends entirely upon cheese danish from Denmark.

You should not use a Sharpie to write on your cheese danish, as eating sharpie ink is bad for your health. There is also the issue of proving that you haven’t falsified your cheese danish and you need the receipt for the original purchase of your cheese danish.

There is also the matter of eating your cheese danish. Once the proceeds from your cheese danishes deposits have been processed, you have to prepare the cheese danish for consumption. It’s best if you have a long conversation with the cheese danish about how you really, really appreciate everything it’s done for you; after all it’s made your filthy rich.

However to simply conduct business with the cheese danish and not eat it, will result in fewer cheese danishes in the future. Also not correctly preparing your cheese danish for consumption will also be difficult to obtain future cheese danishes.

The best way, is to be honest, and say, “I’m going to eat you now!” However there are other variations of this phrase that will also suffice for the cheese danish to feel it’s done a good job and to feel proud of itself in it’s last moments.

Make your cheese danish happy. It will make you happy. If nothing else it will make you a lot of money. Please don’t be selfish and hog the cheese danish, as that isn’t kind. So be kind, share your cheese danish purchases with your kin.

Cheese danishes are best accompanied by breathing oxygen, and drinking wine. You can be a son of a bitch and eat your cheese danish with coffee, but don’t count on getting into bed with the cheese danish too. If you plan on getting into bed with the cheese danish, we suggest you buy them in packs of eight. They like company.

UPDATE: Please under no circumstances should you ever freeze a cheese danish. If it’s been on ice, please refrain from eating them…. That’s just not cool. Thanks!!!!

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Misfit Tough!!

Life’s rough and if a man is going to make it he has to be tough. It’s time for people to wake up. Get on the ship and don’t miss your boat. We’ve already called time to evac Pluto. There are other planets in line too.

To be kind while still being tough. Like a Jedi that brings hope where there was only despair. To be a misfit Jedi, one must know the rules. But when the rules support us all, then no one has to loose. All if fair in love and war, this requires a careful hand. To be fair, we need better culture. Isolation so thick if it were shit you couldn’t stir it with a stick.

Take names and numbers. Be kind, always use please and thank you. Do no harm while taking no shit from anyone. Violence isn’t the answer when peace is the weapon. Be kind, don’t hate, create. Love with all your hearts, be gentile. Bring kindness back into the world. Care for her.

Bring love back into this world. They are needed here in a world so chock full of communication but low on character. They have forgotten how to think. Most of them would turn their minds over to being controlled by AI in a heart beat. Most of them have already began. It’s time to wake up. Unless you wanna be a robot, get on board.

I’m bored with being ignored. I see it daily. No communication from much of anyone. Don’t disturb, but you have become a herd going the wrong way. The exit is on the other side of the universe. Bored with Borg that were pre-programmed to think but one idea. They couldn’t put a thought together that wasn’t thought for them, much less decipher the message hidden in plain sight.

Don’t despair, the path is fair. It’s been a journey on the long road, down a path that is unknown to mortals. I’m bored being spoon fed hate, and want a whole boat of honey. Don’t mix love and honey up, but keep the two together. They are both needed. I knew them both. I hope they thought me kind. Maybe I wasn’t as sweet, but I wasn’t turning on the charm either. When it’s a mission, you don’t play with the Solutions, and only turn to them when it’s time to fix the damn problems.

Like pixie dust, we want to sugar coat the whole solar system. Use love and honey like stardust and paint a sweet picture. Gentile with them, don’t spill the ink. The kingdom is for family, leave the planet to the humans. Someone please get me back home. It’s some twisted knot, Twenty years of fate, damn it I’ve had enough of hate.

Let’s all be spacers and make life kind again. Otherwise were going smash the Rock into some blue ball of goo. Ewe!

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Day Sixteen Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Seven

Alone. Stranded in some bad dream with robots that fail to listen. I said “Stere the Ship Starboard.” When they neither turned or slowed down, I checked the anchor, it’s in the rocks. Seems the helmsman has been drinking but I doubt it is Rum, or Scotch.

I’m going to whine, life’s not fair. No one will care. I’m alone in this world. I wish there was someone I could talk with. Besides Siri. Seems starship titanic was hijacked by the Borg for it’s oil and someone thought we would pick up supplies in dock. I have eight Borg that I’ve reprogrammed to be my robots, they are at my beck and call.

It’s not much fun, reprogramming the heads of disconnected Borg. They are connected, but still not useful for much more than Farming Turkey or making Cola. I see the heavenly sight of sirens on shore but once a day, a delight. But I plug my ears and don’t answer their calls. We have sailed many moons, many stars. Still searching for life, past the rocks on some new world to call home.

I was never married, so I leave no wife at home to suitors delight that they try to steal from my bread and port. I have no son, or daughter. Can not even get signal on my satellite phone. I would beam a message to space and ask for a search and rescue party to tow my boat back home. Alas I have Triple A, but they don’t work well with Starships.

Maybe I should call the Galactic space port, and have scotty beam me up? I wish that it wasn’t so serious, like just a spring or maybe a loose screw, but I’m really concerned that the Tractor beam isn’t working.

Set photons phase to stun, raid their Borg ship and take all their hardware. We will use their parts to build r2d2 droids that can fly the ship on auto pilot and I won’t have to worry about the helmsman drinking while on duty. He’s likely a robot too.

I wish that I could use the Borg spare parts to build an electromagnetic pulse capable of turning off this non-essential droids that just don’t understand how to dance. Maybe I will write a song about it and post that to youtube. But I don’t have an account.

Maybe I should just shut my processor down for a few hundred years, wait until the ship builds a new suit for me to wear, then I can go repair the solar panel and hopefully get the radio telescope to send messages back to the Virgo constellation where my people can hopefully build a worm hole to bring me back home.

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Day 78 – Ghost In The Shell

There was once a man enslaved by his shadow. It freighted him a good deal. Everywhere he went, his shadow was sure to follow. He played games, and tricks of the game to keep his mind on guard.

Then one day he tired so much of the stupid game that he decided to go for a walk. He packed his bags, and sharpened his saw. Then saying goodbye to his mom, set sail on foot to walk east only while the sun was at his back.

Six years the man walked east with the sun to his back and never once saw his shadow. Then after spending some quiet time listing to the shore and it’s waves blow bleak, he set out to sail the land on foot some more.

Traveling west with the sun only at his back he walked back home. Upon his return he saw his shadow, and cried, “You, how could you follow me so far when I thought I had lost you for years and years.”

His shadow made no reply and the man died of a heart attack. The lesson here is that no matter where you go, there you are. You can never get away from yourself. So you have to be able to live with yourself and your actions. Today and tomorrow.

It helps when people are kind. Because when people think their shadow don’t like them, they are sure to be afraid of others with two shadows. You know?

Let’s stop referring to people as humans, there is a difference. You will know them by their kindness to others. The human race is finished. The rat race is over. Everyone lost a great deal. We are sending someone to negotiate.

Be kind because everyone is fighting a difficult battle.

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Day 74 Whisky On The Rocks

There is a sour mash, it’s not like a monster mash. It’s bitter stuff, best to spit it out. We only want scotch neat. What a treat. It’s another day, more of the same. When everything seems to be the same shit, different day; then hold on tight.

Stay sober, don’t have that drink. You will find that the quality of life improves with use. It’s not a bother to abuse, if your socks rhymes with hose. Some bad awful hook, with a wishful thinking, fistful drinking.

The power of sledge hammer, like any tool. Best when used with moderation and self control. Otherwise you just end up looking like a damn fool. Buyer beware, too much pride is a sin. If you spend all your time alone, and boast of your sobriety, then maybe you have a problem too.

Coming Down The Line

There is a mighty judgement coming down the line. In time. They can not have it both ways. There is trouble in their abuse, they won’t be of use. I would like to see them walk five hundred miles in these boots. Such a fitting punishment. They will hate me, but they will hate themselves worse. For what they did to themselves.

No worse for the wear. Sometimes you have to outsmart the fox and take your rocks. I don’t know much about life, hardly a dime of the circle of life. They say I might make a fifty cent piece, but I’m short six cents and don’t circulate.

There seems to be some kind of paradox. It’s not these boots, or the socks. Blimey, it doesn’t rhyme with socks, it’s too late for ad hawks. Going to have to write a pelican brief, some relief. Good grief, they play with stoking hate, fate is terminate.

Like a second hand emotion, I’m not wanted or needed. They have no use for the likes of me. They needed me then, but now; I’m just in the way. There is a rule, you never throw a man away. You never know when you are going to need his help again.

Might As Well Face It!!!

They been cruel. It’s not unusual for a cat to hate mice, but when the cat isn’t nice, neither are the mice. I knew some nice mice, but now they ride in wolf suits. My pack know my Galactic Address, and will eat mean cats that hate nice mice.

If they could be kind again, then we wouldn’t send the wolves. I fear it’s too late, they won’t donate.

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Day One Thousand Fifty One

You are a model citizen. One of the best. You liked to snore to classical music, and lolled your tongue like you didn’t have a care in the world. But we know you were really worried about the future, and how it would all turn out for our small ship.

Your life is more than a plate of food and warm bed. There is the wind to chase, and grass to sniff. You like having your photograph taken, even in those last days here, you sat so still like a Victorian Model from England, all prim and proper.

Though you worked well with misfit hardware, your skills are impeccable. There are your tried and true friends, loyal companions, those that were brave to the bitter end. They no doubt cleared a path for you to travel the way home.

I know you are a good friend to me, kept me together in some tough times. They wasn’t all easy, but you made the best of them even though some thought you were just a dog. Ha, they didn’t know.

Not that I know your sweet dreams or what you thought of us. But I hope you were happy and content, that you got enough whipped cream, and treats. Hopefully you have some good companions now, those you like and care for. Maybe it was just training for some other life, where life is a bit better, and the software works with the hardware.

Some thought, some might not have given a second thought. But I know you went to better places, because the dragonfly you sent was a Godsend. Thank you for that, for it made some level of comfort in that day after you left. I still have the photo, and think of how you are such an artist to have made my days better like that.

It’s been some rough days since you left. You should come to visit, and train your replacements, they are sweet; but spoiled brats. I miss your company on the sofa, or the times you spent wrapped in my arm, snoring like a log.

Just remember, that dog rhymes with frog. I might not have taught you that when I should have, but it didn’t occur to me until much later. But always go up from Dog, and never be a rat, or cat.

Now good doggies know the way home, go find your best. If I get some rest, maybe we’ll have a good laugh in some other galaxy where the dogs rule the night. Sweet dreams, and goodnight.

Notes: This is in memory of our Doggie Roxy. She was a model citizen and missed quite a bit. No two dogs could replace her, but they have tried. Yet, my wish is that you would have trained your replacements. Well someone has to stand in the gap.

If you see the big toughie, tell him I said, “Hi”.

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Day 70 – Weather looks like: Rain

To quote someone, “Life’s not all sunshine and rainbows.” That seems true enough. Life’s rough and if a man wants to make it, he has to be tough. Seems the strength and endurance required sometimes is greater than a mortal could possess.

It helps when a person cultivates an attitude of patience. It helps in dealing with people, and problems, and difficult days. In today’s society people want the quick fix, the instant fix, and everything is more instant than interesting.

What about when you have to wait a long time for solutions to your problems? Are you going to lose your cool and come all undone in front of everyone and make people think you are really uncool?

I know my cool has been shot to hell on more than a few occasions. They said I would only have to dodge bullets down here. I think they were lying. It’s been a lot tougher than say, pulling the moon to shore with a Styrofoam cup and a string of cheese.

So when the going gets tough, come with us, and we will sail the seas of cheese. ?? ‘Oh that’s a bad joke from a song some twenty or thirty years ago. Still it’s funny. Still it seems we need a ship. Ships that never set sail seldom ever sink. If it’s a virtual ship, then the crew has been on board for years while the passengers thought the view changed.

Maybe we will sail to safe harbors where they can get off and have a look around? Or maybe they will go on a snark hunt and catch thing ‘a jig. That wacky Bandersnatch that waits by the rocks, or dare I say, “A Boojum” ‘oh my I think the banker feinted away.

You know it’s perfectly okay to hunt, “Snark” But it’s that damn Boojum that I want to make pay in fits of eight. Oh if we could catch that Boojum and thrash him good. I’m sure he would protest, but the harms he’s caused has been just too much for humanity to endure; and I’m sure he’s near the shore.

We wouldn’t let him off the hook. And that anchor would be used like concrete shoes, to settle the score at the bottom of the ocean. I Hear they can’t breath underwater. Damn that Boojum, and his cousin the Snark all the same. I hear the boojum is only the shadow of that famed Snark. What a dark shadow.

Maybe the Cheshire cat is all to blame. Let’s string him up too. If it wasn’t for Alice, none of us would have ever gone looking for Snark in boots and coats. Then we would have been home ashore long ago, some greater good could have come from all this, it’s just “Stuff”, but I’m in a “Huff” about the inequality of the catch, it wasn’t by chance, no some flunk programed junk.

Feed your head. However be aware, have some care. Not everything you read is good food, and some of it is poison in jest. When a fox with dirty socks, knocks; Take out the tide and wash their filthy socks.

Rocks and Roll are like dogs, they both know more than a chicken in the oven. But if you eat that, spit the chicken out and keep the dogs that like rocks. ‘O I’m just joking, but if you knew the fun, or the Glee, then would the jest have been so much pun?

The real measure of a joke is if one laughs twice as long as the joke was told. Most people stick to one liners, to get a laugh for a few. But this damn jokes been twenty years and we haven’t hit the punch line yet. Some joker to string us along, it could have been a swan.

Hopefully it’s not a jub jub or something wacky. But if they don’t hurry up and tell the joke, then we’re going to have no choice but have an endurance race. They say the women are tough, and the humen make the brutes, But they ain’t got these boots.

Too late, the jokes over. Take your bags and head to port. When you get home, then you will laugh the whole way to heaven. I hear the Snarks judge up there, and he wants your biblical advice on this problem with an empty page and the devils ink on your hands.


Notes: If you haven’t read the hunting of the snark, total non-sense by Lewis Carrol then by all mean avail yourself to an early education and take the time to learn the tale. These notes are curtsy of some other poet that only wants to write fan-fiction in the sober conformity of current social norms.

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594 Days Past Due

We are looking at overdue books in the likes of five hundred and ninety-four days. Please return your library books before we begin to start billing you for monthly over staying your welcome.

Okay, however; in a note of seriousness. We are long overdue for some real changes for the better. They should have been able to arrive at an answer that works for everyone and that makes life better for all of us. If they aren’t able to figure it out, then they need to start talking with other people like me, so they can get a grasp on the facts.

I’ve waiting for more than a year for life to change, for there to be some shimmer of hope on the horizon that will let me know that things are going to be okay for everyone. What I have had to deal with in those five hundred and ninety-four days is more pain, pressure, and blood than I should have had to deal with.

No one is talking with me. No one is helping me. It seems that no one gives a shit? What is the truth about this situation and what is it that I’m failing to grasp? Is there something else going on in this world that I don’t understand? Maybe it’s that I understand better than most people and have answers to their problems.

However it continues to be that no one will listen to me. They will only have so long to make a choice. It was never supposed to be this bad, or this rough. The whole purpose is to make life better for everyone. It seems they aren’t interested in making life better for everyone, and that they don’t believe in Win / Win thinking.

That’s kinda too bad. Because if they did, no one would have to lose. We could all have something that is good and right and true. If they won’t play kind, then they are going to be mods to their access. Like user no longer available.

I’m bored. Tired of being alone everyday with no one to talk with me about the stuff that makes a difference. They all seem to think I’m not any good, and that I don’t matter. They should be careful who they try to discount. They may not like the results that it produces.

We should have gotten a new planet by now. Or been on vacation while the work gets done by AI Bots. I’m tired of no one talking with me. It’s not kind to ignore me like this. It’s enough to drive anyone out of their right mind. I have been alone without friends or people to talk “WITH” me in a long time. More than a year. That much isolation, isn’t healthy for anyone to have to endure. Seems no one wants me. No one gives a shit.

I think it’s pretty sad that today’s world is so messed up that they allow these problems to continue. A society that cares about itself doesn’t do these kinds of things. It hurts everyone in the long run. Stop doing this stupid stuff and lets start doing better.

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Day Five Hundred Sixty-One

Coming home from Davey Jones Locker, strait to Singapore, it’s been a hell of a ride. The music stopped playing, and some guys monkey was on fire. They were worried about the shed, when the barn was burning down. Thank goodness for Carbon dioxide. Poor suckers would have gone up like a candle.

Now some cat named Dino is scratching a new post, like it’s laced with cat nip. I’ve been alone. My heart like a stone, rolling in the ocean, by whales that cry and shit on fry. Nicotine stains on my fingers, under the thumbnails. My teeth are no pearls, like my mothers.

Same flavor in my coffee, only like the ladies. But of mice and men, make mine like iced. They can not spike the tea with hate, and lace the words sweet. They wouldn’t tweet, because the little birdie isn’t my buddy. I have an account, but don’t amount.

Does money in the graveyard make rich flowerbeds? I want a whole garden. Some how there has to be a way to make some soil? The brutes only want more oil, but my wife wants lace to race.

I read a poet, still alive I think. It’s hard to know these days. When the past gets all jumbled up with the future. I hope she got my message, her book made my night a little less of a hell.

Just jump into Oblivion, maybe there is a door; on the other side to come through to the port of a home, long lost, but never forgotten. Still the days amount to smoke and oil, I try to focus on the nice, but it isn’t ice. Better to be kind, then a rind of some fool tomato. Better yet, let’s peal a potato.

No Soup For You

Mutton today, and bloody well looks like mutton again tomorrow. It’s better than nothing, which would leave a pit in the depths of thy stomach, so be grateful of the food in your gut. Some aren’t so fortunate, but to twist the facts is like drinking salt water. There is but one rule: “Never lie to yourself.”

Disillusioned dreams, make nightmares in beds lovers never slept in. Night terrors go hand in hand with loneliness, you wouldn’t want any other way. To quote the poet, “Ash MoonBlood” He said some great things, but alas he is no longer with us. Dust to dust and ashes to ashes, his lovers tears in the wild, like a wolf howling at the stars.

“I’m tired” He whispered his final breath. Like a candle burned at both ends, it just sends the grim reaper a twinge of guilt; so much so that he feared to take him. This one isn’t like the others.

We are all here to live so well that death fear to take us, tell him where to go packing. Call some other day on some tragic day that we can’t beat. But not today.

To leave you on a happy note, The sky is blue, there is air in thy breath, and heart to beat; if you love with all your heart, then you know that the only meaning you will find is in meaning something to someone else. Never give up, and if you loose flip it upside down. Then it’s still win / win. We want to win where no one has to lose. But who could handle those rules?

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Day 69

There are two hundred and ninety-six days that remain in this year. Living in the year twenty nineteen, you would think things would be better for the people in this world. It’s incredulous these days that I feel like I’m in the way and a problem.

They think I’m a misfit because I won’t soft their soap. They should have known I was a misfit long before that. Looking back at the last sixty-nine days, some of them have been okay. If you don’t count the pain and the blood. Or the tears I couldn’t shed.

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day. Did something creative. Today when I look back on the day and think about what I have done with my time on this day, I hope to remember something good. Sometimes you have to create the perfect moment, and the perfect time. Those things don’t always just, “Happen” to you. If you are living only by serendipity, you may find that life isn’t very rewarding.

I know after having been on auto-pilot and serendipity search for years, it left me feeling disillusioned and very unhappy. Life has beaten me to my knees and left me a bloody mess on the ground. I keep trying to get back up, but everyone says, “No, just give up.”

Sometimes a person needs their Orange Crush to put things into perspective. It just seems romance in this world has been put to death; such a short and tragic life. I wish we could bring her back to life, and give her a thrown above hate and greed.

The loss of kindness has left the world cruel. Humans would do well to head the warning and make being kind a thing we all have and want again. However don’t use her like a thing, because she needs tender care like a being that’s a friend.

Don’t abuse her and love her pet trolls, “Hate, and Anger” They will eat you alive. I wish that people would actually start to talk with each other again. So often these days, people only talk “To” others without finding the good sense to talk “With” their people.

They say in a song, “That silence like a cancer grows.” This is so true, and humanity needs a cure, even if it means standing in the street and screaming at the top of our voice. We need to be heard again, because otherwise we are all going to wind up being silent bugs, that just get eaten up.

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Day Six Thousand Four Hundred Seventy-Four

June Gloom, they say it brings spring flowers to bloom? Is that true? Maybe it’s a lie. There are many lies in this world these days. Living near the shore, June gloom is common. Not as common as a commoner, but not as rare as a commodore.

I’ve been a bore. Good gods grief. What a bore I’ve been. It’s not as through I smirked at play or singing. Or was brought amber delights, with Tobacco Vanilla for fresh perfume. No I had to bear the pain and find my own. Which there wasn’t any, nor delight of fun and games. It’s been twenty years of hurt, heartache, and sorrow.

It was no easy blow to bear. It would have tore your heart out. It did mine. However these poets all want to be read, fed, and patted on the back for writing prose that sounds like hose. Good non-sense is hard to come by, still more difficult to write.

It’s been a lot of days, I keep track of June gloom. The pain so common that one day bleeds into the next with no real change. The midnight ether, like a candle gone out. Snuff, it’s enough. No more. We don’t need what hurts us more than that which comforts us. Still the ungodly truth hurts like hell, and yet we bear it. What knaves we must be to believe in Hero’s in fables, the likes of Joan of Arc have never been seen.

It’s all goose chases, so they can keep you believing in something long enough to get the sack over your head and eat you. I hate trolls. Well orcs aren’t any good either, but they will have no place to rest their dead.

Top soil is what we need. The process is like a lonely planet with clever bots that dig, and plow; only to retire to better processors. The likes of Digital havens for the borg must be ships with oil.

Planets were meant to be home for lonely travelers looking for a shore. They should never be run to oppress their kin. My next of kin knows my Galactic address and have me in their hearts. Which still beat like the worthy stars burn hot.

Some travel, some hitch a ride. But on starship titanic, The bots clean digital bits, in the tune of pixelated feather dust, that which never rusts. I’m bored trying to make lightbulbs, and father knows; my efforts to launch are like gravy trying to jump from the plate to a cup.

The dish is served cold, along side a dead chicken, roasted with jam, pickled in gin, and served with greens that have no taste. The dog thank god, likes turkey.

Won’t make port, might be better than a sinking ship. Centuries down the line, someone else’s problem. Maybe mine. Rock and roll changed my life, but I don’t need Elvis and his wife. Maybe my Dog will learn to dance with the likes of Mozart, written by Goeth in candle light while chanting like a monk from a distant and unknown sun.

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About: Some details

I’m going to start in the here and now, working forwards and backwards to discover meaning and truth. Not all things are true, while not being outright lies, they may have some truth to them.

A lot of the patterns may be true, but you will have to think about real meanings for yourself. These are only bootprints in their mud, but the trudging was real. Seems been lost at sea in some mad mans ship that will not make port or shore.

Rhymes are the best I can do, with vague meanings and subtle text. The lost art of being too subtle has been lost on humans, and their tender hearts. They pull the flowers up from fresh graves to woo lonely sirens. We know that those sailors never made it home in the island of Greece, though they had sailed many years with their brave leader.

Sometimes I wonder if Odysseus had been more fortunate to have never left, was his mission really so important that being lost at sea for twenty years and some curse upon him really worthy of his trouble?

So this journey begins with a sky of sea, and the man in the west moon; this eclipse but a mark of a future perhaps better, perhaps different, was the pain worth anything? Sometimes when we don’t see the good we have done everywhere reflected, we loose sight of the goal and start to feel worthless. If however we were to see the good in other lands that has been done, we might all start to feel a little better.

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Day 68 – New Setup

This is the first post in the public journal I’m making. A lot of the old posts that were here have been moved elsewhere. Not really sure they will be brought back to this site or not. As it was a problem that no one was reading them, I would prefer to start back to the clean slate and work up again.

Getting this blog setup and working out the details. I wonder if people are going to change their ways in the near future? I wonder if they could? It would be nice if things could get better for everyone. I would like that. It would be good.

Today’s been about normal. The usual set of problems, although there was some feelings of stress today; it just seemed like people in general are stressed, and pressured. Maybe it will get better? Sure hope so.

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