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How to use technology to calibrate yourself

You can do this!!

We have a lot of tools at our disposal, the question is: Are we using them? Likely the answer is no. However we should! So ask yourself how to use your technology tools to calibrate yourself for success.

Your Phone

This is your greatest tool. Your phone is likely the most under used tool you have in your toolbox. Everyone has one, but no one is using them to make phone calls. Try to dial your contacts, and start the conversation.

Email – Use Wisely

Your email is a good tool to follow up those phone calls with. Send them the details, or more information. Be sure to ask for their email address when you are talking with them on the phone. Prepare them by telling them your email address so they expect that email coming from you.

Close the deal on the phone while talking with them. Then get their signature in writing.

The Calendar – Remember this!

The calendar is a tool that you can use to schedule appointments with. If you are planning in advance, you should have the important dates scheduled here.

There is no excuse for missing appointments! Because if you are using your tools, you won’t miss the date!

Text Messages – The instant mess!

Don’t use text messages to communicate important ideas and information. Its best to do this verbally over the phone. If you don’t want an instant mess, use sparingly. Therefore, use your tools for what they work for. Don’t expect people to know you from texting.

Having A Website

Chances are the only people that will visit your website are people you talk on the phone with, or have sent an email to. No one else is going to find your site online. So tell people about your website in person, on the phone, and via email.

Therefore, don’t expect miracles. Even with a good website, you likely won’t see results. You should plan on closing deals in person.

In Conclusion

Use all your tools correctly with a thorough understanding of them, and when and where to use each one. Therefore you can be successful, if you use them wisely. Be wise, use your mind!

Use your technology to calibrate yourself to success.

Written by Christopher Thomas, Founder of MyDigitalChaos

Photo Credit: Photo by Patrick Lindenberg on Unsplash

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Here is some music. After an almost eight year hiatus from making music, I’m thinking about getting back into the groove of things. I’ve been so damn bored, it seems only logical. Therefore groove on.

I’ve found out, life isn’t fair. You got to get tough. Life is trying to kill everyone, don’t let it get you down. It is just life. Be tough, show some grit, maybe we will make it. You know? Because life is rough, and you have to be tough.

ctopher42 · Just Smoke It

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Chaos In Motion: My Site!

Just a quick update. my digital chaos is now random at All the photos and text from the Did you know are loaded in random orders. If you refresh the page, it will look totally different. This has been a project that has been going on for a while now, and now it’s done.

While you are there, flip a coin, or check out how many seconds remain in today from any time zone. Who knows, you might learn something. Just be sure to come back to my blog so you can finish reading the whole thing. There is twelve pages of posts here. Surely there is something you will like, or find funny.

If nothing else, we could shock you for a few seconds. You know, if you don’t want to read the blog, then maybe we should give you a good jolt. Okay, maybe not. Maybe we will make you sit in the bathroom without a tv or mobile phone to keep you company and make you think quietly to yourself for ten minutes. That’s torture.

Video: Details

Come back for more.

UPDATE: This page has moved to->

The old link will still work for a while longer, so click away!

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Story: Chapter One; The Immortals of The MilkyWay

Humble Beginnings

In a world dying of its own toxic culture, for every villain there is a hero. Today’s world of rubbish is no different. The mutants are running amuck in a world that goes unchecked by right principals. Namely that the mutants take all they want and leave the people to fend for themselves in an already barren world. Once the creative people left earth there was nothing to stop the oil hungry drug zars from profiting from every last drop of water.

The only link earth has to the outside world is a single radio telescope that transmits and sends data across the galaxy to other worlds when they feel like talking with us.

Most of the time they don’t communicate and we never have incoming signals that reach us. If it wasn’t for the fact that the radio telescope is in the middle of the desert it wouldn’t still be here.

Who Are You?

My name is Bree, and in this world I’m a mutant a product of the genetic engineering that took place in the late twenty-first century. They said they were working to cure a disease. Little did we know that they created a worse one. I have lived in this radio telescope tower for nine years. I send messages to every known world outside earth in the hopes that I can reach someone that will listen.

My special ability. I can tune into other worlds with my mind. I have been searching the galaxy for a suitable host that I can take my conscious being into and leave this world for a while. It’s been a long search and I just haven’t found someone that has the right qualities yet. It has to be a good match, in a galaxy of hundreds of thousands of worlds. Finding someone that would exist with two people in one body seems difficult to find.

Matches in Honey

My search started by searching the men in other worlds, but they all seem too hard headed to listen. I have since started looking for women that have special skills at intuition. Since then I have sent thousands of messages into outer space. Never has one been answered. either other worlds don’t know the frequency or maybe they just aren’t ready to listen yet.

It’s been my goal and I have mapped out the entire galaxy in what I can only describe as being less random and more complex than I could imagine. What I need a being that will give me a new life. It also has to be a civilization that will be strong enough to thrive with me present.

When I get tired, my head pounds like this. I turn the light in the observatory off and lay down, it’s after two am. It could be practically any time in other worlds or other parts of the galaxy. We think we are special in our time zone and that the whole galaxy works on our time. We couldn’t be further from the truth. The center of the galaxy is what controls time. We’re so far in the backwaters of uncharted space that few think of us here, in this distant world.

Distant Worlds

I close my eyes and fall asleep. I’m not sure how long I am out for but it wasn’t me that found her, no she was searching for someone in the galaxy too. She found me, in my dream no less.

A young thing that looks no more than twenty-five, pale skin, and green eyes that seem to see in the dark. “Bree, I Have been watching you, I know what you want. Do you want to be given a new start in a different world?”

I look into her green eyes and see something wonderful, but also something perhaps awful. Like a secret that I couldn’t begin to imagine. “Who are you?” I ask in my dream as if I was talking with her in real life.

“My name is nothing your planet would understand, you can call me the wife of Ginsberg, that comes from the people of Stryland of the people who are immortal. I have an offer to make you, better than your current situation, and perhaps a bit more permanent. But also with more need for compassion and love in a world just as cruel, barbaric, and ruthless.”

Better Offers

“Somehow my present situation seems overwhelming and I consider her offer, she senses my hesitation but I speak up right quick, “what would make your situation better than my current situation?”

“Two things young Bree that would make your life better, One you can be born in this world and have a new life, the second is that you would be an immortal in any world within this galaxy and that you would be able to when old enough to make your current home world better.”

“Is there a downside to this whole thing?” I ask her almost afraid to know the answer, and maybe a bit in terror of knowing what it’s going to cost me as a person.

“Yes, there is. You will eventually come to your wits end after having seen civilizations rise and fall, and having seen those you love live and die in thousands of worlds in time and space. You will however do what i am doing now, and pass to new realms and higher powers and be no more of this universe to become something else entirely.”

“Sounds pretty scary, but maybe worth the risk, How long until I can begin?” I ask her with a humble tone in my voice. “I will move your life force here to my world now, you will be born a new. With more than you can even imagine as a being now.”

New Beginnings

Then like a flash of light, like a long tunnel through the very fabric of time and space. My spirit moved through the galaxy to a new world, and I heard my mothers kind voice again telling me everything would be okay. She says not to fear the journey.

Her voice meant everything, and she said, “And we will name you Karina for your valor.”

A long time later….

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The Ultimate Selfie

The Ultimate

It’s the year twenty eighteen. The world is in chaos, people aren’t able to make ends meet, they can not agree on what to eat for supper much less who should be president. Everyone is an expert, which basically means that everyone has reduced all the possibilities to such a narrow ledge they are all about to fall off a cliff and never question why.

Everyone wants equal rights, without equal work or effort. everyone wants to be special without actually being special. Everyone is so sensitive that a cross look and someone might kill themselves.

I would like to put a stop to this madness. I would like the whole fucking farce to end. I want it to end like a long drop with a sudden stop. My favorite fashion designer killed herself today, leaving a note. What about the rest of us? We’re left here to try and make the world a better place and pick up the pieces in ways that no one will understand.

Please Use Your Brain

Most of these people that rely upon government, or religion, or some other crutch of booze and drugs are but children. Like very spoiled bratty children that are all control freaks and want everyone to address them as queen bee.

Most of them couldn’t do half of what I have in the last twenty years and still be breathing with a pulse. You know everyone hates narcissists, they don’t really know why, but i do.. most of them are destructive and only care about themselves, using cruel methods of lies and false flattery to gain temporary gains that will wear out in two weeks and fall flat only to prey upon another victim with just as cruel tactics.

I want to talk about another kind of narcissist. Those who are self respecting people that care deeply about themselves and others. Those who don’t judge people and show everyone the same amount of respect until the person actually does something deserving of having lost their respect.

There are some rare breeds in this world. There are a few that are one in a hundred, then there are the ones that are one in ten thousand.

I want to tell a story. Something that if everyone had life would be simpler. Something everyone wishes they had. This is my story.

Chapter One
By the way…

Sitting on the beach with my wife in the beautiful Caribbean with the perfect sea and the scent of tropics in the air. The beach is deserted, it’s just us.

“Amber, should we take a swim?” I ask her without looking up from the view before me. “Oh I guess we could swim, would it be more fun with some heavy weights so we can dive deeper?” she asks looking down at me as if i what i was seeing was heaven whispering in my ears that it was time to play.

We suit up in the wet suits and put ten pounds on the belt so we can dive to twenty feet. We swim for half an hour before reaching the point where we can dive down. “I’m bonkers for you, you know that right?” “of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way..”

Talking About It

Sometimes when we talk we get lost in who said what, sometimes it’s like talking with yourself in just thinking a thought and knowing the answer. As we both know everything that each other knows already there are no secrets from ourselves. There would be no way to keep a secret from ourselves. You tell one of us anything and we both know it. Instantly. This can be very useful when dealing with non-native people who don’t know us.

Technically we are one person, it just happens to be that we share two bodies in which we are married to each other. I’m the guy and amber is the girl. Alex and Amber. Two of a kind.

We swim out and dive down deep. she chases me down, and i hold my breath while she takes photos of us swimming like dolphins. It’s great. you couldn’t beat it with selfie stick and a thousand dives in your world.

When we swim back to the shore and dry off. clothes are sticky, it’s better to be naked under those wet suits. less rub and rashes. we spend the better half of the afternoon just watching the view. We have no special place to be, nothing special to be doing. The real fun will be tonight anyways.

Time passes. . .

You have to wonder what it would be like? To be both a boy and a girl in two bodies with one self awareness. To be married to each other and have adventures that no one would ever understand but each other. To have a secret between the two of us that never leaves our minds. To be playful and fun, without being a stick in the mud. If we both feel the same, whatever were doing is always perfect because that is what were doing right then.

Feeling playful, have fun and play. Feeling down today, take a day off. cycles come and go. It’s more fun than being alone when there is two of you. Being male and female simultaneously has it’s perks. But that’s not the part you wouldn’t believe. Try touching your hand with your hand. it’s like nothing you have ever known.


This story was written on June 5, 2018

Copyright © 2018 Ctopher

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Focus tip for Digital Photography

Macro and Still life Focus Tip

When doing still life or macro photography getting the image in great focus is crucial. I personally struggled with getting shots in good focus for years. I looked at my work and thought, “This isn’t in great focus.” This focus tip will change your photography for the better.

After working for years trying different approaches with auto focus, manual focus, and AI focus, I was very disappointed with the results I was getting. This wasn’t from a technical reason such as shutter speed or hand held photography. It was with the camera actually getting the shot in best focus.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes the images just don’t have the quality that as photographers we are looking for. Then you start to turn to photoshop sharpening and post editing technics.

However I want to tell you there is hope. This may be well known, but I want to bring some attention to the simple solution. If your using a modern DSLR camera, here is a tip that will change your life. It works best  when shooting on tripod and doing macro or still life.

The solution – In Focus Photos

I found this one day when trying to get a shot in better focus. Set your camera to manual focus. Then choose live shooting mode in your camera’s view finder. See if your camera has the ability to magnify the live image on-screen and set the magnification to the max. You will have to experiment with your camera’s focus point and where you want to focus for each shot. Try it out, it works!

Now focus your shot using manual focus and you are all set. With this you should be able to get great focus shots of still life and macro photography when using a tripod. You will want to make sure that the shutter speed and aperture are set best for the shot you want. Take those things into consideration when setting up your shot.

I hope this tip will improve your photography and make great in focus shots that will be so sharp that your Pro friends will notice. Well keep trying, post production sharpening really helps, however with this secret trick, you will find great in focus shots that will stand out.

Have fun with your photography and get those shots extra sharp!

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Creative Lifestyles in Artists Hopes

My Hopes For a Creative Life

I have dreamed of being a creative and productive artist for a long time. Although I will not go into how many hours have been wasted along the way to getting to here, I will say that it’s time to make the changes that will complete the process.

After giving some thought to what I would like to be doing with my life, I have reached a few important conclusions. To be living the life of my dreams, this is where I would like to start.

Creative Schedule:

Would include all the high level functions of reading and writing for a daily life, and include making at least three blog posts per week.

I feel to be reaching my goal it’s also very important to be doing at least one photoshoot that includes other people at least once a week. These photoshoots should include at least three concepts and be carefully planned in advance as to costume and hair and makeup. I would like to experiment with different lighting conditions and techniques.

I think that while working on the above items for each week, that I should also be working on writing at least one book every year that will complete the years work that reflects my growth and development.

Creative Challenges Are Good

So doing this all the while maintaining everything else should be possible for me. It is possible. It can be done. A lot of people are doing a lot more. There is no reason I shouldn’t be able to do this. It would be fun and could really be worth my time and effort. To make things for fun and being creative.

How can you challenge yourself creatively and grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Is there something that you could do that would add to your enjoyment of life and learning? Many years ago I set the goal of writing a million words. I thought at the time, “That is impossible, it will never happen.”

Now about four million words later and only seven years later, I have done that a few times over. Set your goals far from reach. Start working on them, and smash the shit out of them. Just do it. Do the best you can with what you have and never look back.

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The Long Road Meet The Characters and Descriptions

A brief overview from my book, “The Long Road” this is your chance to  meet the characters.


There are a few main characters in my new book “The Long Road” a collection of short stories. Some of them you may want to meet and others you will want to avoid in real life. Well you won’t be able to meet them in person, however a virtual introduction may be in order.

In no special order, here are a few of the people that make the story what it is. The stories are far from complete, therefore left to your imagination to bring them to life in your own mind. Can you do it?


Jack: a space cowboy who pilots the first ship to make the journey into space using dark energy as fuel. He is slightly impulsive and wants to make the best decision with the time available. Maybe he was in a hurry?

Alex: The lovable and sometimes rebellious one who takes risks and has talent that exceeds his common sense. It maybe wise to get an introduction.

Amber: The fearless heroine with a sixth sense. Both patient and wild with love for life. Don’t try to score a date, she has a boyfriend. She will help if she can, or find someone that will.

Alice: Brave young woman with a disability. She is given a second shot at life that will change her life forever. What will she do? It’s up to your imagination to create her world.

The characters will pop up, disappear, live, and die. Maybe they will live on in your mind? Consider that they are all fiction and will live untold stories in our lives throughout time itself.

There are more in there, however you will have to buy a copy and give it a read to get to know them. Maybe you can create their worlds and live the dream.

Read the book now:

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Re Writing Writers Block, The Challenges

Learn to Start Writing

When you hear about writers block you think of the pain and agony of sitting in front of a blank sheet that has nothing on it and that the words simply won’t appear from nowhere. There has been much research on the subject of writers block.

My findings are simple.

  • Write everyday.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

The psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler and many others focused on the process of writing which linked several things to the problem.

Writing It’s Not Simple

There are two stages that writers block can happen at. One is the creative process. The second is our emotional state. Factors like illness, fear of failure, financial problems and our own expectations can lead to emotional turmoil that makes it difficult to write.

While there have been many people that have offered solutions to this problem. Everyone that sits down to write will still suffer some form of writers block or blank page syndrome. There are many good solutions to this problem, and it helps to know that your not alone in your suffering.

Writing Resources

A few of the resources that I have found that range from books like “The Artist’s Way” or “Coaching the Artist Within”. They focus on good solutions that make sense. The best advice I have heard is that keeping a free flowing form of a journal will be your best friend. Also writing often even if it’s not perfect will keep your love of the craft growing.

I have thought about the way I have worked over the years and today considered a few points that I know about myself. The first part of my writers block comes from not knowing how to begin. The second part of my writers block comes from self-censorship. I think everyone has the fear of what if they don’t like what I write?

Fear of Writing

Cyril Connolly said, “It’s better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self”. I agree, I know that my writing isn’t great or the best in the world. What I do know is that I can write, because I have done so almost everyday for five years.

With that experience comes a feeling, writing doesn’t have to be scary. If someone doesn’t like what you have to say, they don’t have to read it.

The two main points here are that if your really serious about breaking the writers block that you first have to know yourself and your creative mind. The second point is you must have no fear and reject any self censorship while writing the first draft.


I know not all people will agree with me. The other things that help are not writing perfectly with spelling, capitalizations, or perfect punctuation. Just write everyday for ten minutes at the fastest speed possible in free flow of words and never edit them. Learn to write what you write and get a feel for putting it down.

Practice this and you will find that your fear vanishes, those blank pages are waiting to be filled. You have the strength to put something down. I think that everyone should write. Everyone should do the best they can, and everyone should be happy to have the freedom to do such.


Write everyday, with practice comes talent.

If you still need some inspiration, see this article.

Courage Finding Work Start

Starting Now

I am starting now, in all due diligence and with the faith that I have both the talents and ability to find what I’m looking for. Last night I spent several hours working on my Resume, and feel that I have a good start towards working for the right company in the near future.

One must always have the courage to try. I have found some good places to start looking for work and hope that things will work out. I hope that I can find a flexible employer and that I will be living my dreams soon.

I have goals that I want to meet and if my work fits my lifestyle then so much the better. My goals are within reach, it’s just a matter of going the extra mile to see it through.

First Motivations Start

Telling Stories; People Matter

You Too!

After having given it a lot of thought, my feelings are that I want to tell other people’s stories. To be able to write their  experiences. And share them in a way that gives people hope and encouragement. I would like to start by doing interviews with people that have had struggles or difficulties in life. To not only focus on that but how they overcame them or learned to deal with their problems in a positive way.

Everyone has a story of their life, I think people should be given a chance to share their experience and the positive outcomes that came from it. I’m not here to add to the pity party of self destructive people. I’m here to help people rise above it and be successful.

Work In Progress

If you want your story told or have something you would like to share then by all means contact me and I will review your story. I would like to hear from you.

It’s my goal to tell your story in a positive and upbuilding way that brings the heart of the matters to light and shows that doing the right things even in difficult situations is the best things to be doing.

In focus what I want to write about is people that are creating in any medium that has required growth. To feature those building talent, those that have worked on their craft day after day. Even through failures to reach a point that they have found happiness and success regardless of how popular they are.