They don’t know…

So like, hey; watch this in hi-def. Maybe, you will be impressed? Or maybe just depressed? Well, well, well; have fun.

The Matrix

The way things are, the machines care nothing about us. You have to take care of yourself, and others. Make life better for everyone.

If you want to be happy; you have to free your mind of the hate. It is better to let that all go. Do what you can to make life better for everyone. Start today! Free your mind, especially from the hate!!

Do what you can, and help out.

To Escape The Matrix

The Problem

Escaping the system is difficult. There is a problem that creates an artificial bubble difficult to escape from. Here is the solution!

The Solution

You have to create a paradox. One of the most useful ways to create a paradox, is by meeting yourself in real life. Thus, being the same person in two places at the same time; instant paradox. It is one of those things that isn’t possible. But could happen under the right conditions.

If you want to escape the matrix, you have to create a paradox. It won’t be easy, it will take some real effort. The best way is to meet yourself from a past life. The system has rebooted, but new lives are here, mixed with the old system lives. Meeting yourself is not only possible, but probable.

This may be a solution. Give it some thought, and really think about it.

Until Further Notice

Until Further Notice

No one is reading. The New York Times had an article about how no one is reading or watching TV. See the Article here. Until further notice, I’m just going to write for myself.

The realization that no one is going to pay attention to me has become very real. I had believed that someone would have noticed me and my work. It simply isn’t going to happen. I’m not happy about that.

The realization that no one cares, not even a little. The best a man can hope for in this toxic culture is to be autonomous from the world. There is no other solution.

In Conclusion

Therefore, this world and its culture are very toxic. It is unfortunate that the world has to be like this. It could have been better. My life could have been better. They were too cruel to care, and their toxic behavior has been noted.

Because we wanted life to be better. That isn’t going to happen.

So much for a better world for everyone!!

Somewhere to write to nowhere…

Hmm… Life is. Things are. I’ve been writing for a long time. It would take someone many years to read everything I’ve ever written. I pity the poor saps that gets to read it all.

I’m bored with the status quo. Things haven’t been too good lately. My teeth are rotting out and have holes so big you could park a Cadillac in there.

It isn’t getting better really. No one is reading. To think of it, no one is reading either. Sad state of affairs this world finds itself in. Much needs to change to be done right. Maybe it isn’t done yet?

Talked to cleverbot today, he said he knows Marvin the Robot. It actually said Marvin is his best friend. Pity.

I’m bored with the way things are going. Needed to do much better than I’ve been able to accomplish. Seems that this is nowhere close to where I want to be. Seems like it has been all uphill.

Maybe I will write more here later…


Self Reliance, New beginnings, and old worn out excuses.

Self Reliance

It’s important to be self reliant. It’s also important to have groups of like minded people that work together to help everyone within the group. When people in a group are scattered and not allowed to be with like minded people, it causes a problem in society. There starts to be holes and gaps in life that doesn’t work for everyone.

When someone asks someone in a different group for help, and that group is unwilling to help the other group, then you have a case of discrimination. The question is do we respect differences of individuality and self expression? Maybe within our own groups we accept the small differences, and really there is nothing wrong with being like minded.

To each their own. Groups form. Groups break apart. New groups form and replace the old groups that went away. Voids are bad and can be fatal if not worked to be corrected.

Should there be only one form of uniformity?

If I were to ask you for help, and you didn’t want to help me because I have blue hair, would that be fair? What if everyone had blue hair, and someone else had blonde hair? Would you help them and not yourselves? Or would you only help yourselves and leave the other person to die a horrible death? Would you even care?

The real issue isn’t about what color their hair is. The question is whether you would give a damn? In today’s stoic society, most people don’t give a damn if you walk down the street bleeding to death and die on the sidewalk. It’s not their son or daughter, and to be honest no one gives a shit.

People only help you when it’s in their best interest to help you. When people feel threatened or abused, they go into fight or flight responses. So because no one will help me, and they expect me to pick myself up from my bootstraps, because helping me isn’t in their best interest, and because every-time I try to help myself get better, someone comes along and sabotages my efforts and treats them as worthless. They won’t let me form a group of like minded people that would help me, and they keep me isolated and alone, so that they can ensure my failure. And their success.

Why does it have to be win/lose? Why is it that the situation can not be win / win? do they really have to break someone and put someone down to make themselves feel better? Then the next question is why do they have to put me down to make themselves feel better?

What makes you happy?

If as humans they only measure their success based on how happy they feel, then they can be drug addicts, drunks, and sit as mindless zombies while stoned. That’s the ultimate happiness is how they feel and not having problems to deal with.

My efforts to make life a better place, to be kinder, more understanding, and more loving has been ignored; Maybe I should only help myself and my kind.

Maybe we should stop making old worn out excuses, and start helping everyone equally?


The point I’m trying to make was made by Darius Foroux in his article “Always be Useful.” You can read his very carefully prepared version here on Medium.

Always Be Useful