Status: Bored Isolation

This isolation, it’s been real. . .

Not much going on. Same shit, different day. No one seems to give a damn. They don’t care. I’m not sure how they live like they do. I wouldn’t even call it living. They think highly of it, it must mean something to them.

I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with life. It has been kicking my dog. Some days are better than others, today wasn’t bad. Feels still so heavy to deal with. Not able to change my situation for the life of me. They don’t want the situation to be different. I’m not sure why?

This isolation is all I know. Not much going. Needed my teeth fixed. Feeling like, damn it. Wish it were tons better. Not sure how to make life better at this point. No one listens. Feeling like, damn.

Just money won’t fix my problems. Not at all. I really need more than a job, a girlfriend, and friends. It wouldn’t help my status, because what I’m lacking is respect and honor, and dignity.

I’m bored with the way this is. Not able to change it. I’ve tried. The way things are, it doesn’t matter what I do. They don’t seem to care. Nothing I have done is good enough for them. They treat it like it is worthless to them. My effort doesn’t matter to them. They couldn’t care about the effort I put forth.

I’m not really sure, what they care about. What is it they respect?

I’m bored with the way this is. Not getting what I need. Not getting what I want. This isolation is all I know. Wish it were better. Seems to be lost somewhere between this life and the dead sea of ether.

There should have been somewhere I fit in, or belong. I have to wonder if anyone out there loves me? There are days, it sure doesn’t feel like it. Not sure how to change this shit.

Being a misfit is sometimes it’s own reward. Somedays, its all I can do to be kind. That seems to be an act of rebellion these days.

Because there are day, people don’t listen.

Ghosted To Death

Seems, the world has ghosted me to death. Tired of them treating me like I don’t matter. They don’t seem to care. Pity!

Something has to change. Today will not be different in a hundred yesterdays. I’ve tried for years.

It should have changed by now!

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Tired. . .

Not much going on, life is; things are. Trying to deal with it. Got a real headache this evening. Trying to nurse it back to being better. Something has to change, and right quick.

Seems, people don’t give a damn about my projects. They don’t matter to them personally; they couldn’t care. I think, the human race is wasting my time. I’m tired of trying to get through to brain-dead humans that are too dumb to think to start with.

Pity! Life could have been really good. It should have been really good. It didn’t have to total crap for twenty years. I’m bored with the status quo of this world. The life, they all seem to be so fond of, its not living. It is more of a living death. Look at them, study them.

If you look closely at the way most of them are living, its not really living. Most people just exist. They are content, and happy with just existing. I’m pretty sure, they don’t know better.

The AI bots, they seem to have trouble thinking. If you asked them to think something they have never been told, they would have a real hard time ever coming up with something they don’t already know.

Really, you could define intelligence by one’s ability to think something they don’t already know that was told to them through any methods. Try thinking something you have no knowledge about, and no experience with. It would have to be something that isn’t obvious.

The world is a mess. So many problems in today’s world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, the world has some serious problems. Not sure, they could fix what is wrong; but they would have to understand where the problems are. I think, they lack the intelligence to do something about it.

A walk in strange woods

What is art? Who makes art these days? Seems a lot of people are making content, but does that mean it really is art? So many today are told to be good consumers, and devour everything they are fed as quickly as possible and never be satisfied.

So what would quench their thirst? It would have to be something with value, that isn’t treated like worthless trash. There has been a steady de-valuation of peoples lives, and work. It is getting to the point, this world is going to be worthless in no time. We really must do something to put value and meaning back into our lives.

I’m tired of the problems in this world. Most people don’t want solutions. Most, are content to just exist, with any conditions they are given. Seems, we have to get back to really living. Before its too late, someone is going to have to start to care. Really!!!!

So many today are unhappy, seems no one cares anymore. Everyone is watching out for number one. That thinking has led to a lot of people being de-valued. Because people sometimes fail, or don’t meet the standards.

What standards should we have? Seems people today set the standards to such a level, that you would be hard pressed to be able to just exist as a warm sack of shit. Life has to be more than that. Life is meant to be lived. Too many snowflakes and not enough people with some real guts!!

Life has to change, before its too late. Be the change. Get tough.


Total Crap

This video was a project today. Kinda bored, not much going on. This video is total crap, I know; so you don’t have to tell me my shit is shit. You know?

Yet, here it is. It will waste eight minutes of your life, with no real purpose or meaning. Thus, if you are bored, you can watch it.

Not much going on. Waiting for it.

Bored, so damn bored. Isolation sucks. Not much going on.

Maybe it will get better? You never know, life has its ways. Maybe things will change, you never know. Wish it were better. Needed better about ten years ago, although; it’s better than it was, it is still not great. Wanted great!

Enjoy wasting your time.


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A Cage: This Vacuum

I didn’t have many needs, despite the fact I have lived in poverty for twenty years. The needs I did have were pretty important that they be met, seems no one could give a damn!

This isn’t to happen like this again. The problems I’ve had to deal with, are not acceptable; not for me, not for anyone. Life should be better than this, for everyone!

There is no excuse for the way they have treated me. It has been unkind, and cruel. It seems, they didn’t care. Which really makes me think this has extended into actual abuse. It is certainly torment having to live like I am. Does psychological torment equal torture?

What is truth?

Someone Once Said:

Not much going on, this isolation, tough stuff. Damn tired of it.

Twenty years, same crap; different day!!

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Life Sucks!

This life

The isolation sucks. No one cared. This world is empty. The humans in this world are all AI bots, they are mindless. They are nothing more than living clay. They are not real living beings. They treat me like shit, and I am tired of the abuse.

Wanted a lot better. Bored with the way life is. This should have changed by now. It’s not any different. Isolation is all I know. Wish it were going better. No one to talk with. No one to spend time with me. The way things are going, damn tired of being alone like I am.

They don’t seem to give a shit. It doesn’t bother them; guess, its not any skin off their nose. Bored with the way things are. Tired of being like this. Not living my life. This life is a living death. They live like damn zombie cat shit. They are sick. Damn the world like it is.

No one here is really living. Damn tired of the world like it is. No one seems to care, they don’t listen, they don’t read. They don’t think. They couldn’t put thoughts together to save themselves.

Pity. This has to stop. It has to end. This has gone far enough. The damn farce has to end. This shit must stop. I’m tired of the way things are. Wanted a lot better. Bored. So damn bored.

Here is a photo. This was a few years back, maybe ten, fifteen years ago. I’m thinking, this life has been rough going a long time. It is time for a vacation. Hate the world like it is. The human race sucks.

Joshua Tree Circa 2008

Bored. So damn bored. The isolation. Its strange, it doesn’t bother them to be alone. They are not even real. Otherwise, these conditions would never be acceptable. Not ever.

You would think, if someone brought it to their attention, they could have fixed this crap. It’s been twenty years of this, nothing is better. It is still the same shit, different day.

Bored. Needed life to change. Maybe they will get what is coming to them? Maybe! Tomorrow Wendy. . . Concrete Blond

Not sure why this is like it is, you would think; they would listen? I guess, its too difficult for them to listen. Maybe they shouldn’t be in charge of anything, and never anything important. Damn the human race. They are ruthless cruel. I wanted a lot better.

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Projects In The Pan

Looks like I’m a happy camper; there are a few projects in the pan, and on the fire this week. Not that my projects are on fire, but at least they are on the burner for something to be doing.

Been working on solving some problems, some of them need solved. Not sure the best way to execute my solutions right now. Need a clear path to success. Been thinking about what success means to me.

At what level should one base their success upon? From where I’ve been coming from, this would look like success to me. Yet, I still do not believe I’ve reached the full height of what could be done. There is still a lot more work to be done.

Took my portrait today. Looking at how things are changing. There have been some changes made, a lot of them for the better. How much is enough? At what point does it ever become enough for me?

Ctopher Thomas

I’ve been working on something. It isn’t ready yet, maybe soon. I’m not sure if my meaning will come from what I do, it seems I’m not as useful as I would like to be. Somehow, I have to make a difference in life, and I’m not going to settle for ordinary.

What makes a person extraordinary? What qualities would someone have to have to be more than ordinary? Seems, some people will only continue to hate, despite what is good for them.

Yeah, but I want to be loved. I guess, it is necessary to show some love first. That is something that I read recently. I wonder, because a lot of people have been turning me away, yet I’m not being mean, nor rude. The human race seems to be confused.

How do we make them understand that life has to change for the better? Something has to be done to help people adapt to the changes that need made. But how?

People don’t like discomfort, nor do they like pain. So there has to be a way to adapt to change that isn’t painful, with the least amount of discomfort possible. Yet, they don’t give a rats ass about my discomfort, nor the pain I’ve been in. Seems like the standards they hold only apply to themselves.

I’m not sure what projects are going to come my way, yet I’m doing what I can with what I have. There needs to be something that makes my life extraordinary, more than just living like zombie cat shit. That isn’t the lifestyle I want for myself.

It is important to take care of yourself, and be kind in the process. Sometimes, you have to take care of other people, because by showing love, you can receive love. What is truth?

What I know, this vacuum holds me tight, the isolation, and the way people ghost me; doesn’t make my life better. Seems, the human race has some lessons to be learned. I wish, that they would wake up to what life could be like for everyone. We are living in times, that could be really great, if it were being managed correctly.

Not much going on, snow day today. Waiting for a miracle.

Ctopher Thomas

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Accomplishments This Year

Here is a rundown of my year so far to date.


This year has been busy. I’ve done a lot in a short period of time. More than most people do in an entire year. Below are the things I’ve been working on this year.


This year, I have made six videos. Some of them turned out really pretty good. Not that anyone noticed, they didn’t care.


Countless hours working on websites: Below are some of the stuff I’ve been doing with my websites.


  • Added Like Buttons to gallery photos
  • Added Cookie Consent Banner
  • Algorithm For Did You Know Posts
  • CSS Theme Switcher
  • Javascript Jump Menu php, MySQL
  • BETA coin flip written in PHP
  • CSS media queries for different devices
  • Lazy load images for Gallery photos and Gallery
  • Graphic redesign for footer
  • Added Page For Books with links
  • Solved Javascript onload problems

My Day (This site moved) now at:

  • Designed Entire Site
  • Programmed entire site from scratch
  • Made photo upload pages, and edit page
  • Lazy Load for images on most pages
  • List View and worked out dates for grouping
  • Footer pages
  • By-Day pages with only that days photos
  • Pagination of By-Day pages
  • Cron Jobs Written

Misfit-Writers – Not Finished

  • Wrote Journal App in php
  • Made auto save javascript for database
  • programmed entire site from scratch
  • ToDo: Multi User Functions

There is a lot more I’ve done, but this is what I’m willing to talk about.


This year I have written 32 blog posts for Some of them are pretty good. They all have a photo attached with them, and have been carefully written and edited.

  • Thinking Outside The Box
  • Notes From Earth
  • Set XYZZY
  • Visions For The Future – Essay
  • Visions For The Future – The Problem With Progress Today
  • Do Something Great
  • It’s Time To Wake Up
  • Writing Levels And How To Go From Average To Great
  • A Life I Used To Have
  • A Little Racy
  • Thoughts About Value, Meaning, and Being of Worth To Others
  • What Is Advantageous?
  • Creative Arts – In Peril Or Ready To Bloom?
  • Shot In The Dark
  • More Dog Balls
  • One World Government
  • Get Your Creative Seeds and Long Term Inspiration
  • How To Be Successful With Your Journals
  • Posse Bonus Post
  • Depressed because of bots, buggers, and Digital Oppression
  • Why Quality Food Matters and Makes Life Enjoyable
  • Humans Are Shameful
  • Digital Lifestyle of A Geek
  • Today’s Lesson: Quiet Introspection
  • Quick Note
  • High Rise Of The Mind
  • Classical Corner: Music To Sleep With
  • What I Want
  • From A Dark Place
  • 8 Steps To Beautify Your Heart, Mind, and Soul
  • In The Flux
  • A Brief Guide On How To Write


I’ve taken photos for myself, and my websites. Some of them turned out pretty well. I’ve developed skill and talent with taking photos.

I’ve also done some custom artwork, and a little painting.


This year is off to a great start. Maybe the momentum will continue to build. Maybe I can make something good that people will use. I hope to gain some skills, and talent from what I’m doing.

Check them out.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Persnickety Prints on Unsplash

Bored, Again. . .

Not much going on. Life, this life they live and seem to enjoy; it is not really living. It is more of a living death, they however seem to enjoy it a great deal. To each their own.

Been almost busy. Been working on a project. It is coming along. I am kind of taking my time with it. Maybe just enjoying building it. It was however kicking my butt for a week, that pesky javascript can be a real pain in the butt to learn when you don’t understand how it works.

I am however, starting to get the hang of it. Yea! I have made a lot of progress in the last four years. If you saw where I was at a few years ago, and compared to where I am today; it is a big difference.

I guess, it is something to be proud of, having come so far. It has taken a lot of time, and effort. It is good, because it has given me something to do. I couldn’t imagine what life would have been like otherwise.

Need to start doing a lot more photography. Something has to start getting a lot better. The times they are rough, you got to be tough to make it work.

I have been making it work. Such is life. Not much going on. So damn bored. This isolation has been kicking my butt so much worse than javascript ever did me.

Life is. Things are. Deal with it!

Not much going on. People seem to be ghosting me. Kind of have hurt feelers over the whole thing. This isn’t the right way to have treated me. Feeling like, damn it. This life.

Wish it were going better. I could use some company.

Be more!

The world is a twisted place. Live best you can. Someone has to start making life better for everyone, you know?

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New Video In The Flux

My Digital Chaos has a new video out, check it out. This was some fun to make, not much going on. Life is very quiet these days, which some people feel is a good thing.

At least the coffee is good these days.
In The Flux – My Digital Chaos

Here is the video embedded from YouTube. Enjoy. Check out my other websites, and see my day in photos at: My Day.

Something has to change, and right quick. You know?

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Total Hotties

There are some beautiful people in this world. Nothing compares to the beauty of a mind that is well conditioned; however, there are some that seem to be great examples of beauty.

leleberlin @ Instagram

This lady has some style, and class. I think she must work with really good photographers, because her photos have a unique style and feel to them. Great shots, great lighting, and lots of style.

Like her style, and grace. . .

Beautiful linadiaa @ Instagram

This is one example of what a woman should look like. She has a unique look, and has some cool shots.

Total Hottie. . .

Alina Schiano @ Instagram

This beautiful redhead is really something. She has fashion sense, and great taste. I have reason to believe she has a mind of her own, and isn’t afraid to tell ya what she thinks.

Rissii @ Instagram

I fell in love with her freckles. This redhead is really something, style, drive, determination, and grace. She has something to say, and says it very well.

Valentivitell @ Instagram

This snow angel is something amazing. I’ve never seen anyone with a hot look like she has. This is 10+ good looks!

Total 10+ hottie here. That is a good start to how a lady should look!

These are stunning examples of real beauty. I don’t know them personally. One can only hope in real life, they aren’t all hot messes.

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Boredom Feels Heavy

Life is. Things are.

You have to get a grip. No one reads anymore. They couldn’t care. They want mindless thoughts, with no real purpose. Damn cats if you ask me. Life is. Things are. Deal with it. Not much going on.

Been working on projects, been stuck alone for a week. It wasn’t as productive as it could have been, had to dog watch. They like a lot of attention. They seem to be full of it. Taking care of two boxers, almost a full time job.

My projects are coming along. Most things are going okay. Javascript gave me fits for a few days, but that is solved now. Thanks to Google. Seems any technical question one could have has been solved somewhere.

Bored. Not much going on. Life is. They don’t care. Wasn’t a problem they wanted to solve. They seem busy with other stuff, these days; no one gives a damn. Bored with the status quo.

Life has to get better, it really does. Tired of the way this is. No one to talk with, nor spend time with me. They seem to be perfectly content with the way this is. It doesn’t bother them for me to be alone, and isolated like I am. Not only that, there is the other problem: It seems like everyone is ghosting me. Damn it.

Tired of the world like it is. They could have been kind. You know? Tired of wasting my effort on people that won’t listen.

In Other News:

I’ve lost weight. I am down to 167, which is great! About time, been heavy far too long. Glad to see the weight coming off like it should.

Bored. Visit me. I have coffee!!

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Not Much Going On

Life is, Things are!

Life has been busy, doing lots of programming. Maybe its going pretty good. If I can keep the work strait. Its been a day, not much going on. Life seems to be made up of same crap, different day.

Here is a photo from today, it came out okay, I guess.

Self Portrait, Yours Truly

Not much going on. Been busy; but has progress been made? Maybe, a little bit; if you think about the number of lines of code, maybe its been productive.

Need a real life. This one feels stale. Sometimes you need a new dream, this dream really feels stale. Been working my butt off for years, and haven’t seen success from my efforts.

Everyone needs some success sometimes. Wish that I could get what I need most. Wanted my life to change, and be better. Its not too much to ask for, yet; it seems impossible to get results.

I’m bored. Not much going on. Life is. Things are. Deal with it!

In other news, only had one cup of coffee today, my butt is dragging and lagging like crazy tonight. Tomorrow, coffee!!

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Humans Suffer From Apathy

Seems the whole human race has a bad case of apathy. They show no concern, and maybe its because they have a lot of stress in their lives. Maybe they should learn a better way to deal with it? Something has to be done, people are starting to resemble zombies these days.

Wanted my life to get a lot better, thus far; it’s still sucking. Wish that I could change this stuff, and make it right. So much needs to be done, so much needs to change. Wanted life to be great.

Seems, no one is paying attention; as though, they don’t even care. What is it going to take for them to wake up, and start to get smart? Maybe we don’t want them to get wise; its easier to Tromp le Monde, and make it right later.

Not much going on, been alone a long time. No one cared.

Ctopher Thomas – 2020

Not much going on, been busy doing a lot, I mean a lot of programming. My site is coming alone very well, done a lot with it. Considering what I have to work with, its done well.

Still, I want better. Wish I could be living my best dreams. Thus, the need to change the world for the better. Too many people, they just don’t give a damn. Pity!

Needed a girlfriend, feeling like, damn it. No one cared. Nice move.

Been alone a long time, this isolation is so thick, if it were shit; you couldn’t stir it with a stick. Life has to change, and right quick!

Written by Ctopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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Yada, Yada, Yada

Life is. Things are. Been working on some stuff. Some projects have come alone very well. Added a feature to Misfit.Ctopher.Me, that enables users to like a photo from the gallery. It works!

Very cool. Been spending my time writing. Made some progress, although it feels like it is nowhere close enough for me. So far to go, so much to learn, so much to do. The human race seems to suffer from a lot of apathy. Pity. Life could get a lot better for everyone. If people started to believe, maybe it would be possible.

Not much going on, isolation sucks.
My Digital Chaos Video

Hope you will check this video out. Trying to build something. Life is, things are. Seems that someone would care by now?

Have a nice day!


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iPhone Best Photos 2020

The best photos as picked from my iPhone in the year 2020. Had to make this video twice, because there were problems the first time I tried posting it to YouTube.

Seems to have done the trick as of now. Maybe the new year offers some promise of a life to be better? Maybe. Been busy working on my computer. I would say that I’ve been very productive. Maybe even done something a bit salty.

Enjoy the photos. It was a hell of a year!

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There are no friends here

This world has taught me a valuable lesson. It is however a lesson I have grown weary of. Seems this could have been learned some other way; maybe I could have read the book?

The real problems in this world, other than the human race is acting like a bunch of sacks of shit; is the isolation I’m going through. It has been years, and it has been six months since anyone has touched me at all.

There is no excuse for the human race to have treated me so awful. None! This feeling like, I am being ghosted by the whole human race isn’t pleasant. Frankly, I’m tired of the abuse.

My life has been one of torment. The psychological torment my family has subjected me to is beyond cruel and unusual. I think if every human in this world were to be subjected to the torment I have been forced to endure, they would lose their minds.

The truth of the matter is, I’ve asked them to make it better. You know what response I have gotten? Absolutely none. They flat out refuse to make my life better.

Everyday I’m met with stonewalling, silent treatment, and isolation; all used as weapons of warfare to punish me into doing what they want.

You would think, by now; they would have learned it won’t get them what they want. Yet, they continue to hurt me everyday with this treatment that is now gas lighting me into being very angry.

Seems someone wants me to hurt. I think they are immoral for the treatment they have used to punish me with. They wouldn’t treat someone they want to live like they have done me. That is for sure.

Yet, I want a better world for myself and my kind. What can be done about these people that think their actions are right and true? They believe they are good people for treating me like they do. How can that be so? Something that is immoral couldn’t be considered to be right, could it?

I have no one to talk with about any of these matters. I’ve been alone for years. No one calls. No one texts, no one writes. Seems like no one cares about what pile of trouble I’m faced with.

This obviously isn’t my world.

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Most people, they don’t understand the living. Basically they don’t understand those with a fire in their hearts. Most people are basically just house cats at the heart of the matter.

They don’t like really living, they find it too much to handle. They shun those who want to live better. They believe, good enough is plenty for them. Even if their standard is a living death.


Life is rare, better make good use of it!

Better to make good use of your life, than waste it! If one is all we get, I want a refund. Life has not been acceptable.

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Busy yet bored

It has been a day. Life is. Things are. Trying to deal with it. Not much going on. Tired of the problems in the world. Sometimes you hope for a change, other times; you have to be the change.

Here is a video I posted to IG. Its been edited on the iPhone in Apple Clips. It is okay I guess. Did the music in Reason, and Logic Pro X. It is all a work in progress I guess. Deal with it.

Check out my other website. It is my digital chaos. Trying to make life better, feeling like; damn. They made it almost impossible to do. Wish it were better. They could have cared.

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Hmm… Seems this website is getting a bit of attention. That is good. It however isn’t my main site. You should check out my digital chaos dot blog and dot net. There is a lot there. Its good for you.

Not much going on. Been alone a long time, like a damn long time. No one cared, not really. They don’t spend time with me. Maybe it is good, it lets me get my work done. But is it good work? I think so.

This site is the light mode of the other sites. I’m thinking about enabling a switch on the other site to allow dark mode or light mode. It might be something good to do. I will think about it.

My other site, it is designed for dark mode. It is best when used on a Mac with a 4k display in dark mode. That is what its designed for. I don’t know how people survive on displays with less than 4k.

Here is today’s photo. I want to do more photo shoots. I need people to pose for me. Not looking for work, just people to work with.

I had a very inexpensive chess board. Seems I must have thrown it away, because I’m not able to find it anywhere. Need a chess board now. Not that I’m playing chess. Nor do I have anyone to play with. Wish it were better. Go Board for illustration purposes only!!

Go check out my other website. My Digital Chaos for free thinkers.


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Life is. Things are. I guess my life is getting along. Having a birthday this week. Seems I should be almost a hundred by now. They say it isn’t the years, but the miles. So true. Life has been rough a lot of the time. The last twenty years have taken their toll on me.

Yet, here I am. Mostly happy and feeling okay about life. Being creative is a major plus in my life. Seems looking at my work, sometimes I don’t recognize some of my own work. I think the quality has come up. It however looks nothing like work I’ve done in the past.

Maybe that is a good thing? Maybe. Getting by best I can. I’m bored with the status quo, looking to start a new project this week. Maybe some video and some fun music. Maybe life will get better? These seem to be impossible times. The kind of stuff Misfits live for.

Here is a photo of me. Enjoy!

Self Portrait. Ctopher Thomas. Age: 46.

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Bored Having Some Fun

Today has been a day. Better than yesterday!! By a lot. Now to get back on track. Here is some video. Just me goofing around. My music playing in this one.

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Life is. Things are. Getting by best I can. It has been rough. No one to talk with. No one will really spend time with me. Been alone. Its been years of this isolation. Started listening to John Lennon his album, Isolation. It is so damn true.

I’ve been working on music. It is going, not bad; but very slow. I have some days I don’t get as much as I want done.

I’ve been doing some video too. Here check this out. File is too big. Guess you will have to check out my soundcloud. Do that here.

I’m bored. No one cares. Been doing this stuff a long time. No real results so far. Feeling like, I am wasting my time. Tired of the way things are going. Bored. So very bored.

No real results yet. feeling like, well; life is. Things are. Deal with it.

It would be nice to hear from someone.

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Geek Tips – Five Design Points

5 Points Geeks Should Consider

a non technical article with valuable points

Web Design has come a long ways since the days of 1997. A lot has changed, some for the better. It seems we have rockets compared to the tools of old. Back in the days when we were coding html by hand and didn’t have the use of stylesheets. What we have today doesn’t require rocket science, just a passion to learn. Here are five design points to consider.

All that has changed now. We live in world where the tools to make magic happen are available to everyone and almost anyone. Anyone that can teach themselves and has the patience to stick with it can learn the basic in a few weeks.

For some of us that are more hard headed it may take longer. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible to really get the hang of things. It is however still very possible. Not only possible, but very practice. Learning how to do this kind of work can build skills in the rest of your life.

While you may feel like it’s not much fun in the beginning, once you start to develop skills then it’s like a fix that you have a difficult time getting enough.

While it’s taken me two years to adapt to the changes of today’s modern web design standards. There are some things that will make life easier for everyone. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Hope it’s possible to unlearn the old ways.

With that said here are a few things that can help or hinder your progress in web design.

Negative Space

Beware of your use of negative spaces. In some design aspects they can be very useful. However you have to really look at the design as a whole and understand it completely.

Are you making full use of the whole page? Does it scale for mobile and still use the whole page? My findings are that people really like phones, but they aren’t too hip when it comes to using a computer.

Take this into consideration when designing your sites. Don’t use too much negative space in your designs.

And it has to scale for use on mobile ready devices. My thoughts in the matter is that there will be two groups of people. Mass consumers who use smart phones, and the Geeks that rule using high res displays attached to Terabytes of storage.


Please designers, do not neglect your typography. Because, this is really important. There are plenty of design solutions available today to meet or exceed your design requirements.

This means using fonts and actually designing your site to use the fonts in the ways that maximize your design. Gone are the days of html 1. Even web 2.0 is now obsolete. You have to adapt to new ways of making things look great.

Pick your fonts out and design your whole site to look and feel throughout the entire site. Design matters, and typography is key these days. Make good use of fonts and design for using them.


To be successful in todays internet market, you have to be able to take great photographs. You have to be able to have some WoW factor to your work. It’s advanced a lot. In addition you not only have to have good photography skills. Not only that but you also have to understand aspect ratios to make graphics that look good on your blog. Then it has to look great when shared on social media.

This requires knowing how to make the right size graphics that will port from your blog or website to the social media giants standards that will keep the content looking professional.

Don’t make the mistake of posting work to your blog only to have it shared to social media and look like junk.

A very useful webpage for design aspects and ratios is found here (Image Sizes For Social Media) and you will find it useful to make your graphics based upon these sizes depending upon where you want to be putting them.

You need to be a photoshop pro with today’s current tools and be able to maximize the look and feel for your images. The best results will be from work that makes the view feel something.

No feeling, very little response rate. Make them feel something, and you will get better results. The best thing to do is make them feel good, not bad. However if you focus on the good you will get better results.

Color Pallets

When designing your site. You have to think about the entire theme of your site, this includes what color pallet your viewers are going to be seeing. You want to pick a suggestive color pallet that leaves a calm and relaxed viewer.

While there is room for attention grabbing headlines, it’s best to stick to black for those. Using today’s available tools, pick a color pallet of at least twenty colors. Then decide what purpose each will have before you design. Staying consistent with your colors is key. While from page to page has to stay consistent you also have to wow the viewer with enough color that they feel alive.

Things to avoid are using fonts for text that have poor contrast from the background. Readers will tune out so fast that you will lose them all right quick. You have to have good color balance and make it easy on the eyes to read. I would avoid text in shades of red for more than just a headline and never body of text in red.

Dynamic Designs

Be creative. Don’t design static pages that look the same every time they are viewed. However keep the refresh rate low and design to be stable. Using content from your social media sources or using content from a randomized array that has been designed to group together is best. Update to dynamic content can be both content that stays the same for days or weeks, mixed with fresh work mixed into it on a per page view basis.

However don’t move the important content all over the site. Pages should keep content that is important in the same format and place for the entire duration of the websites life time. Therefore, consider these five design points, carefully!

Archive your websites. Save. Keep. Recycle. Update new stuff and move old stuff to the back of the board.

Really the goal should be to keep it simple, dynamic, fun, and stable. People have to be able to come back to the same point for the content they need most. Don’t move things around too much. Once you set it, pretend it’s set in stone.


Therefore, keep these Geek Tips in mind, they are good design points to consider. There are a lot of people that write technical content, but this should suffice as a high level overview of some of the things to consider when doing technical design work.

Creative Ice

Hot as Fire or Cold as Ice?

Creative fires burn hot, to keep the pace you need fuel. Sometimes our creative fires get put on ice to calm the storms. Sometimes the creative ice fuels the storms.

I’m really looking for some good feedback about the feel of my work as a whole. I want to know how this work makes you feel as a person? I want to know how this work, my Instagram account, my twitter feed, my blog, and my website make you feel as a being. Does it warm your heart or leave you with blocks of ice?

How could I improve and make things better? What feel would be needed to make you feel better? In my work I have been attempting to inspire and help others grow. Sometimes that means having to endure a slight amount of discomfort to be able to learn from my lessons.

But my question is, are they too uncomfortable to bear? Does it need to be softer and more gentile or can you handle what I’m saying? Does it need to be tougher so that you will understand, is it too soft and gentile? Take some time and read my work, think through it; and let me know how you feel about it.

Here are A few highlights from my blog

An Important Truth

The Mind

The Difference

While these may not be the most joyful to read, they may be the most important. There is however some joy to be found here if you look for it. I don’t know if my writing makes you cringe or if people just aren’t interested in reading. Sometimes I wonder if people know how to use a computer. I have my doubts. In the seventy-six blog posts I have made, I have had more attempts to hack my account than readers. It’s kinda sad.

Take a look around, have a look at my twitter feed, my instagram, and my website. I would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Preferably via email, which is the best way to reach me. Thanks!