Create, Dream, in-vision Better For Progress and Change

Life through the wrong eyes

If you see with the wrong eyes then you don’t see the truth for what it is. If you see life through the right eyes, then you know truth and understand more is possible. I look at this shallow superficial world and the people that care neither for me or my work. I find that I start getting a little too hard inside. We want progress that changes for the better not just change.

Sometimes you need a story to remind you of better times or to have a soft heart. When times are tough. Sometimes we get so darn hard that we forget to be soft in kindness, love, and understanding.

I find that communicating with others about their life, their sorrows and their real story that I find not only my troubles are shared. Their is a common goal for my fellows. Nothing unites a people like a shared common goal. What we need is leaders that will inspire us to each live despite the odds.

Change or Progress?

What we need is people that see past this culture and want to grow a tree in the hole in our culture for something to truly eat that nourishes our hearts, minds, and souls. I want to encourage people that rather than resorting to hurting people to be creative in doing things that are positive and promote growth and freedom for all.

When someone hurts you, instead of hurting them back, it’s better to just walk away and leave them to their own selfish hurtful ways. They may not ever change or maybe they will see their ways are insufficient and change. Which is worse a lack of money or a lack of character? A lack of money might bring out some new things in your character. Not that it’s good to be without character that is worthy of being helped.  Personally I would rather have my character worthy of the right things.

After having been hurt pretty badly the last few months, having broken teeth and a dwindling bank account and a close brush with death there have been some days my temper has had to be closely watched for true feelings of hate. Sure some money might fix the outside like a coat of paint on a cheep car, but if you want to fix the problem; fix the engine. You know?