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My Hopes For a Creative Life

I have dreamed of being a creative and productive artist for a long time. Although I will not go into how many hours have been wasted along the way to getting to here, I will say that it’s time to make the changes that will complete the process.

After giving some thought to what I would like to be doing with my life, I have reached a few important conclusions. To be living the life of my dreams, this is where I would like to start.

Creative Schedule:

Would include all the high level functions of reading and writing for a daily life, and include making at least three blog posts per week.

I feel to be reaching my goal it’s also very important to be doing at least one photoshoot that includes other people at least once a week. These photoshoots should include at least three concepts and be carefully planned in advance as to costume and hair and makeup. I would like to experiment with different lighting conditions and techniques.

I think that while working on the above items for each week, that I should also be working on writing at least one book every year that will complete the years work that reflects my growth and development.

Creative Challenges Are Good

So doing this all the while maintaining everything else should be possible for me. It is possible. It can be done. A lot of people are doing a lot more. There is no reason I shouldn’t be able to do this. It would be fun and could really be worth my time and effort. To make things for fun and being creative.

How can you challenge yourself creatively and grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Is there something that you could do that would add to your enjoyment of life and learning? Many years ago I set the goal of writing a million words. I thought at the time, “That is impossible, it will never happen.”

Now about four million words later and only seven years later, I have done that a few times over. Set your goals far from reach. Start working on them, and smash the shit out of them. Just do it. Do the best you can with what you have and never look back.