The ideas behind creativity are a sensitive subject. Not everyone agree’s with an artist or their work. I have been doing some research about artists responsibilities and creative virtue. The main points are that the artist should use prudence and love to motivate their work.

I know that my work will only be met with mixed emotions. It’s a bitter-sweet deal. Some works of art are both happy and painful. Sometimes creating them is the only skill in which someone can deal with their problems and it helps to make something that makes you feel better.

Not everything in life makes it better. Some things are done for entertainment purposes. Other things are works of art not because the artist wanted to make money, but because they had to create. There are few things in life as wonderful as creating.

Perhaps someday it will be better understood, that artists need to create regardless of what others think or say about the artists work. Many throughout history have been mis-understood in their own time, and even today there are many that want to be understood.

Keep dreaming. Keep writing. Focus and grow. You will find love in your virtues, and patience through your skill.