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Focus tip for Digital Photography

Macro and Still life Focus Tip

When doing still life or macro photography getting the image in great focus is crucial. I personally struggled with getting shots in good focus for years. I looked at my work and thought, “This isn’t in great focus.” This focus tip will change your photography for the better.

After working for years trying different approaches with auto focus, manual focus, and AI focus, I was very disappointed with the results I was getting. This wasn’t from a technical reason such as shutter speed or hand held photography. It was with the camera actually getting the shot in best focus.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes the images just don’t have the quality that as photographers we are looking for. Then you start to turn to photoshop sharpening and post editing technics.

However I want to tell you there is hope. This may be well known, but I want to bring some attention to the simple solution. If your using a modern DSLR camera, here is a tip that will change your life. It works best  when shooting on tripod and doing macro or still life.

The solution – In Focus Photos

I found this one day when trying to get a shot in better focus. Set your camera to manual focus. Then choose live shooting mode in your camera’s view finder. See if your camera has the ability to magnify the live image on-screen and set the magnification to the max. You will have to experiment with your camera’s focus point and where you want to focus for each shot. Try it out, it works!

Now focus your shot using manual focus and you are all set. With this you should be able to get great focus shots of still life and macro photography when using a tripod. You will want to make sure that the shutter speed and aperture are set best for the shot you want. Take those things into consideration when setting up your shot.

I hope this tip will improve your photography and make great in focus shots that will be so sharp that your Pro friends will notice. Well keep trying, post production sharpening really helps, however with this secret trick, you will find great in focus shots that will stand out.

Have fun with your photography and get those shots extra sharp!