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Have A Nice Weekend!

Simple Pleasures

Take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Walking on your own two feet, being able to eat a good meal. Take the time to enjoy talking with someone about the very important stuff that matters most to both of you.

You have to live a life you enjoy. It’s got to be something that makes you happy. There are many of life’s simple pleasures that can make you happier than being miserable with the stuff you don’t have.

Success is only possible if God is willing. So What success is God willing to give people? Walks in the forest, or the beach. A stroll through the mountains, or having a nice cup of coffee. Take the time to spend it with someone you care about. If no one cares about you, then spend the time best you may with yourself. You may just get to know yourself a little bit better.

Seriously take the time to enjoy the days and nights. It’s beauty is here for us to enjoy and if your not making the best of it, then you’re obviously complaining far too much and not taking the time to enjoy life’s best pleasures.

I hope you have a nice weekend. I know it doesn’t include myself. And frankly that’s okay. You are all busy living your lives and making the best of it all and you don’t need me to ruin the perfect moment.

But if you are ever in my part of the woods, be sure to look me up.

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