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My Heart and Mind On Your Sleeve

My Heart and Mind On Your Sleeve
By Christopher Thomas

Life changes. People change. When you know someone, when you understand them; then it all becomes clear.

“This has to be the best day of my life.” Looking into the mirror I see myself, almost for the first time. I do not see what they want me to see, I see myself for who I am.

I have been with my wife for six years. She knows me. There are no secrets between the two of us. Not to say that we don’t keep each others secrets, more to say that we have an understanding.

This would not have been possible without the technology that saved us. We would have broken up in the first six months if it wasn’t for a simple device.

The glorified smart watch. When paired with the one you love, it can tell you how they feel, you know their pulse, their mood, and you can hear their thoughts.

Back in the day, it was easy to lie to your significant other. To use your thoughts to say one thing and do another. Or to think something mean and say, “I love you.”

Today those things don’t happen with SmartLove. The device is connected to the internet of things and you can tell exactly what your loved one is doing, thinking, and feeling. Well it doesn’t tell you what they are drinking, that may be a bit too far, however it does bring to light a few things that wouldn’t have ever been thought.

“Amber, we’re late, can we get going?”

I walk through the house, I don’t hear a sound.

“You can’t find me.” I hear her whisper through our connected and shared channel.

“Oh, I will find you.” I think to ourselves where she might be now.

“Nope, I’m not in the car waiting for you.”

‘If I turn on your geo-tag I will find you.” I think to ourselves.

“Okay, you win. I’m in your office.”

“What are you doing, sweetheart?”

“I just upgraded our SmartLove devices to the new soundtrack mode. Stable release 52.B came out two hours ago, you know I have been waiting for it since the announcement.”

I walk into my office and find her sitting at our computers, wearing nothing but her red bra and something tight around her waist.”

It doesn’t sound loud at first, but my pulse quickened, and the music volume increased. It sounds like something exotic, like wild free jazz, in the throws of passion and not a care in the world.

“You want me?”

“We’re going to be late, I thought you were dressed?”

The music changes. Something like a scratchy record, broken by hot coffee in the speaker.

“Hell yeah. It works!!” Amber says out loud.

“Oh baby, you’re having fun again.”

“Kiss me, I mean it; I want to know what we will hear.”

I take Amber in my arms, hold my hand to her face gently brushing her cheek and pull her close to me, the music of love turns on and it sounds like a single violin, our hearts beating in sync with the music of our combined passion.

I put my mouth upon her lip, slightly anticipating and slightly more honest than i have ever been. The music heightens, I hear her thoughts, “This is where you take me.” We put our mouths together and our lips gently open, more rhapsody and music I have never heard.

She puts her hands upon the back of my neck, and down my back to find the back pocket of my pants. The music slightly changes, not just one violin, but four. Two that match our heart beat, and one each that keeps pace with our thoughts.

Amber’s thoughts say, “You have thought five things in the last forty-two seconds.” my tongue giving and receiving, “I know and you have only two ideas in pictures I can’t see.” I think softly.

I pull just centimeters apart and look her in the eyes. “Let me into your world, please?”

She looks back into my eyes and thinks, “The music is good, I’m all yours.”

Hours later…


Needless to say the life soundtrack mode is a huge success. Even the commercials are the best thing on TV. All those people that thought they could fool each other, or cheat and lie. A thing of the past.

SmartLove makes us be honest with ourselves and the ones we love. There are the times you dread the silence of being disconnected. That happens sometimes. It’s a damn heartache. When you grow so attached to someone that even their very thoughts become a part of who you are, your shared dreams and the things you think begin to change.

As your love grows and leaps, there is no joy like it, you will never know happiness like the SmartLove.

It’s good, because you know instantly if your loved one is hurting, sad, depressed, in love or hate with you. There are no mistakes except for the thoughts we can’t control. After a while you get used to it, and you learn to change the way you think.

If you say something hurtful, then you know you were an ass. Instantly. You would think this would drive some people nuts, but really it just makes us better people.

You learn to be honest, you learn to be kind. You learn to think. You learn to find someone that can keep up with you, that loves you, and wants you as much as you want yourself.

It’s not for everyone, but those who want love to make their life; there is no substitute. Not ever.

Anyways we have been together six years, and she knows me; I know her. We would both know if we were disloyal, or doing something we shouldn’t be. It’s honesty, pure and simple.

Copyright © 2017 Christopher Thomas