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How Zombies Live – The Uselessness of being an Alive poet

Some thoughts.

Today’s project: What is wrong with the world?

What is wrong with the world

They don’t beg poets to write another stanza. they don’t beg writers to tell them a story. They don’t beg the painter for pictures of beauty.

If anything, the bleeding hearts, the poets, the misfits, the dreamers. They are begging people to listen, to read, to see the beauty in the pain.

The world is starving to death, yet; they are not hungry. They don’t want more poets, they don’t want more dreamers. They don’t need another writer to tell them the woes in life.

They want more laws, they want stricter punishments. They want less beauty and diversity. They don’t want to see a face prettier than theirs. They don’t want to be happy for someone else who has done well. They want to make everyone mediocre, they want to make everyone a plain Jane.

They don’t beg average people to be better. Because, They don’t want average people to be better. What they want, is like they are. It is easier to control them. So they settle for average. All the while, the dreamers, the poets, and the writers are saying, “This shit could be better. You are not listening. Damn it.”

The wrong people are begging. These people content with ordinary, these people starving to death content in their four white walls of horror, they don’t seem to want more beauty.

This is what is wrong with the world. They don’t beg people to write poetry. They don’t beg people to take a beautiful photograph. These things have become common, and devalued. To the point, people no longer respect skill, or talent.

They don’t beg average people to be better. Yet, those who rise above the status quo, will tell you; it is better up here.

They beg the sinner to be better, they beg the thief to be better. they don’t ask them to make art, they want more politicians. So they can have more laws on the books. As if, that makes the world a better place. All the while, the artists, the bleeding hearts, and the poets are starving to death.

The wrong people are begging. These people that lack the beauty of real experience are starving to death, and they don’t seem to want to listen. Pity.

By Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas is talented photographer, skilled programmer, and artful writer. You can follow his work and check out his personal website:

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