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The Long Road Meet The Characters and Descriptions

A brief overview from my book, “The Long Road” this is your chance to  meet the characters.


There are a few main characters in my new book “The Long Road” a collection of short stories. Some of them you may want to meet and others you will want to avoid in real life. Well you won’t be able to meet them in person, however a virtual introduction may be in order.

In no special order, here are a few of the people that make the story what it is. The stories are far from complete, therefore left to your imagination to bring them to life in your own mind. Can you do it?


Jack: a space cowboy who pilots the first ship to make the journey into space using dark energy as fuel. He is slightly impulsive and wants to make the best decision with the time available. Maybe he was in a hurry?

Alex: The lovable and sometimes rebellious one who takes risks and has talent that exceeds his common sense. It maybe wise to get an introduction.

Amber: The fearless heroine with a sixth sense. Both patient and wild with love for life. Don’t try to score a date, she has a boyfriend. She will help if she can, or find someone that will.

Alice: Brave young woman with a disability. She is given a second shot at life that will change her life forever. What will she do? It’s up to your imagination to create her world.

The characters will pop up, disappear, live, and die. Maybe they will live on in your mind? Consider that they are all fiction and will live untold stories in our lives throughout time itself.

There are more in there, however you will have to buy a copy and give it a read to get to know them. Maybe you can create their worlds and live the dream.

Read the book now: