Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

I want to say thank you to those of you whom have been here for me. To those that dared to create, to live, those that inspired others to think, to dream, and be free.

After having approached a major turning point in my life, I find that I have to thank those who did above and beyond exceptional. My life had changed some fifteen years ago, and now five hundred million seconds later; I take my learning to do something new.

I hope to create, free from distractions, with the courage to dream what has not be done before. To those who have come this far, you are amazing.

If your in doubt, please read the manual. Otherwise if you have no fears, feel satisfied and content; by all means carry on without having read it.

I hope that your next five hundred million seconds are filled with wonderful kindness, creativity, and creative genius that inspires others around us to dare.

If your not doing the best you can, start today with the things that you can change. Having the right frame of mind, having the patience, skill, and love; those things are possible. You can do it, you can make it work! Don’t give up. The process may take a few years, you have the time to work towards what you want. Go for it!