Must READ!!

Something everyone needs to understand NOW!

  1. If you never try, you will never be successful. ever!! not ever!!
  2. If you make a habit of failing, you will always fail.
  3. If you make a habit of being successful you have potential to be successful and can be more.
  • Success is not the teacher, failure is.
  • However if you never try, you will never ever be successful.

Please get out of your comfort zone’s and start doing something with your life, with yourself, and for others that helps everyone. If you give up now, then why did you come so far to quit here? Why, because it’s tough, or it’s hard, or you think you can’t do it? Start thinking you can and you might! But if you believe you never will you really and truly won’t!!

Do you understand?

If your going to practice failure for the sake of being a failure, your below average and fodder for zombies. Either help others to reach their potential or do no harm to those who are trying to rise above.

Otherwise, why else are you alive? Are you food for worms? Please Wake up!

Before it’s too late! We have the potential to make life better for everyone. Please realize you are more than you believe and could be great too. Please realize that you have potential and possibilities inside you. Please understand that you don’t have to be lazy and superficial to survive in this world.