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I do however run another website that is called It’s been around since 2011 and I have spent countless hours working on it. It’s been in  designing it, re-designing it. Then just deleting it more than once. There have been a lot of failures in my designs.

It was having to learn to code for both mobile phones and desktops that finally drove me to having to learn new skills. Design for mobile isn’t my favorite. Trying to design for mobile and desktops takes a lot of the creative things that can be a lot more fun to design out. It’s just not possible to do that on a phone.

I learned this the hard way and drove away a lot of my traffic and my friends support.  When they loaded the website on their phone and it looked like junk. The design I have is just okay, I would have liked to do some more creative things, and have thought about having a different site for mobile altogether.

To be honest I enjoyed doing the work. I don’t have my friends or families support for moving forward. They could care less and say, “Yeah, your one of millions and millions of websites and no one cares.” So what? Like “Yeah what makes you any good?”

I’m Just Like “Huh?”

It is however something that I enjoy and thought I was adding to the beauty of the whole world wide web thing that everyone talks about. But to be honest, I have had to swallow a hard bitter and jagged pill.

At this point I feel the whole internet is dying and nothing will save it. Anyways I have written about my website before you can see the video I made here about the fun I had trying to make version 1.0. I’m on like version 5.0 now.

It’s no better. There is the cool little coin flip thingy, but no one knows what a coin flipper is. They don’t have a clue. They are like, “A what?” You know a web page that flips a coin three times.  And if you get best two out of three that’s the results. Unless of course you get two tails, then it’s still fifty fifty because two quarters are equal to a fifty cent piece . I guess no one really cares what value it has.

It’s my wish that people would take the time to actually (*Gasp*) “Care” about something I have done. If you knew what conditions I Have worked under then you would be impressed. I’m sure of it.

So check out my website: