Note To Future Self

Be kind, Love With Everything You Got

In a cruel world, where kindness is a forgotten art; it can cure a sick heart. You have to believe the power of your heart and mind is greater than the sick hate roaming the world ‘oer. I have walked upon hill and gully, both from happier times and the depths ‘o hell. It’s better if you can forgive, and your stronger in the long run if you can keep them from hurting you in the first place.

Do no harm, find ways to place hate behind you and love before your eyes. Not the love of lust, or power; but the love of goodness. When there is good in all you plan and do, then you will find your a worthy man.

Give freely, take no more than you need. A tree planted today will be food and shade for your future generations. Respect your universe, it’s creator, and the programmer who can replace you with a very small shell script.

I beg you go into the arts. The revenge business doesn’t pay like love in the future will. Sometimes you just gotta walk away, remember the poem by Kipling, (*if*) . neither woman nor drink, will fix it. You can’t drown pain of debt to god in the ocean. But If you could match his blue shade for shade, you might make an impression. Don’t try to copy an original, it makes for bad business.

Swim like you could fly, and fly like a fish swims.