Notes From The Bit Bucket

Where Your Files Go…

Ever wonder where your files go when you delete them into the virtual bit bucket? You have to ask yourself were the files even really there to begin with? Well of course they were there, because if they wasn’t it would be blank.

Something From Nothing

To have a blank hard drive with just the computer’s operating system and all the needed software to create what you want from the void, that is not only freedom it is power. If you think about it, you have the power to build something that doesn’t exist yet.

Be brave enough to dream, to hear that song in the silence and write it down. There is so much that we could be doing as beings in this life, that those that refuse to want better will all be pushing sunflowers for us in the afterlife.

Bring My Friends Home

There are people that I miss and wish I could see again.  There are people that are good and right and true. Those who may have failed and been assimilated by the system into being zombies in the matrix; I say you can remember the truth if you want to. I want you to remember the truth and where you came from. Stay sober, stay drug free. You will remember the truth.

If you send my friends to make notes in the bit bucket, don’t be surprised if they come back as people with power, with control.