My Photography

I want to talk about my photography for a minute here on my blog. It’s something that has gotten me through some really tough times. Although I’m not well known or famous from my work, it has brought a small amount of light back into a dim world.

I hope that you will understand that it’s something that I do for myself to see what can be done. I would like to be doing a lot more of what I feel is important work going forward into the future. However with current constraints upon my mind and body; there is only limited hope.

If you find that your unhappy and feeling a bit blue, try taking the camera out and take some photos. It’s really true, you don’t get good from anything but practice and experience. I have worked for over twenty-five years to apply myself in everything I could photograph.


Don’t limit yourself to just one kind of photography. Start really searching out to see what something will look like when you take a photograph. You will get a feel for what angle and what place to position yourself just from knowing and understanding what something when photographed will look like.

Don’t give up. There are a lot of failures going down any road. You have to be willing to keep the light alive, and dream, while seeing each failure as one more block in the progress of becoming good.

Be willing to make the long term commitment to doing something for yourself that your future self will thank you for. Keep your health in good shape, take care of yourself, and be cool with other people.

Don’t forget it’s just a skill, there are more skills you can add to your list. Once you have mastered this one, you have to be willing to take the next one too. Believe in the impossible and dream with your eyes open.