Short Essay

Something to think about

People are so worried about the state of the world that they have forgotten to take care of others. William Blake said the starving dog at his masters gate predicts the ruin of the state.

When you have something you want to know about life, the earth, you seek truth in general. They say to seek out respect over seeking attention, and that is something that everyone should agree with.

Here is the problem. I want people to start waking up to the truth. To seek the real purpose and meaning in life. Something is wrong with the world, our communities, and our home life. What it is, no one can really understand or communicate.

We have to ask ourselves, “How many like myself in this world that just want a better life?” How many others are there in this world that want peace, that want depth and meaning without having the lies this world wants us to believe?

To know what the truth is, you have to know what some of the lies are. It does help to understand the basics before going into a direction that doesn’t work.

What works?

All too often people believe that they have freedom of choice because they have more than one choice to choose from. What they don’t understand is that both sides are necessary for the others survival and when we understand that we are all either going to the same place or that there will be a total end to everything.

No one can be left behind, forgotten, or go through life to have to endure the problems that have come upon all of us. The truth is that these pains have made us stronger, and that life requires that we pay the price of some hardship to gain the true understanding.

Really we have to think about what kind of life we want, what kind or earth we want to live on. What we want for the future? The possibilities that are present would make so much more possible. However there is really only a small fraction of people that would truly be ready for such knowledge.

We want to make the earth better for everyone to live. We don’t need the lies they want us to accept without thinking about any of them to give them control they don’t deserve.

I’m pretty sure most people don’t know reality from what they want us to believe is true. Most people don’t know how to distinguish fact from fiction. In a world of lies that keep everyone so confused that they can not make a choice for the best of everyones own good.

What is the real problem?

Everyone thinks that everyone else is someone else’s problem, and that someone else will take care of it, why don’t we start putting in the effort to find out if we are all the same then why are we ignoring the problem like it doesn’t exist?

If hate speech is wrong, but freedom of speech is right. Then they should be able to communicate the problem in such a way as to use free speech without resorting to being uncivilized.

What we are seeing is not the mark of intelligent people. What we are seeing is the results of people that have been done wrong to, lied to, and left for dead.

You want change in the world, change yourself first. Everyone demands that we change the problems, however each of us are the problem. Stop hating and change ourselves. When people have reached awareness that is required the problems will take care of themselves.