Something to think about!!

How to live

Start with the basics. Be simple. Learn to think for yourself. Then understand this; someone that you have never met and will never know is going to live your life. Not to judge you, but to enjoy the challenge of having lived your life and the experience that goes with it for all the good and bad that goes with it.

You never know who is going to live your life and you never know who will be remembering you kindly for a small deed that was unnoticed at the time but leaves a memorable print in the heart and mind of those that come after you. It’s not about the effort you put into being rich or having great times; the people that may come after us may find those things to be harmful or even shallow and superficial. But you never know that one idea that you had that will change the future for an entire species far far away from home.

Live your life like someone else is going to live your life and give them both the happiness that comes from basic things that we take for granted. Also for the things that they may have never thought of or even dreamed possible. Your life is your recording. You never know what people will find from playing your life in their mind and seeing what you value.  What you did, and the effects upon the people in the world that your very action have had upon others both good and bad.

No Fear

So live like someone else is going to live your life. That person you cut in front of today, they might like to see what your attitude was when you did it. Or the person that you bitched out for making your drink wrong today, they might live your life. What do you want them to think of you when the final hand has been dealt and the human race is over and we play your file to see what you felt, what you dreamed, and what love you gave while in the process.

Make a nice life for others and yourself. But make a nice life for everyone that comes after us. By living your life best you can now, both in thought, deed, and action. Have an adventure or have a safe life, but give those who live after us in our bodies the gift of finding meaning in our having lived our lives. Not in being bent on pleasure or greed. In what you give back to others in thought, deed, and action.

I know that i have been cruel. You don’t want to live my life, you will only find hurt and pain here. For those that dare, you may find peace of mind in chaos, you may find love when there was none, you may find a reason to stop the human race from being evil. There is only so much I can take. Maybe some other civilization will remember me and my pain to get to here and find the courage to give life to the future that comes after us all in the great future.

Live long and prosper but make a full life.

If I lived your life what would I think of you and what would you think of me?

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