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The Joy Of Photography:

After twenty-five years of experience in photography, even though there have been many difficulties and learning curves, I seem to have made it through to a milestone.

I have learned to find joy in the process that comes from a mix of both creative and technical skills. The creative parts of photography are the most challenging, simply to keep coming up with new ideas is much more difficult than learning the technical ropes of the trade.

The important thing is to keep the right attitude about it. A creative person that can teach themselves anything, has more opportunity, because they are always looking at it from a fresh perspective.

It’s important to understand both the technical and creative sides to photography, just remember that the technical parts are only there to make the creative dreams come true. Once you start to learn the technical and have it mastered, focus on the creative side of your art. The rewards are worth it.

When you find the right balance between creative and technical in your photography, then the impossible starts to happen.

Wish I could take my images to the next level and make something wonderful. Stay tuned to see what I do next.