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Perl Programming

I started writing perl scripts back in 2000. This was when I wanted to do something with the log files from the Pix firewall and Cisco routers and switches. It was slow going and I found it difficult to wrap my mind around the language that required Regex and processing large files.

The learning process took me many years. There were many failures and a few success’s. As I progressed with patience I learned skills and found that it all started to make sense. There is nothing like sticking with something until you have mastered it.

Fast forward about fifteen years. I have written perl scripts that do basic things with dates and times, to much more complex things. This is like generating a complete ePub document from just a text file. I write clean code and it works every time. Well every time after it’s been debugged and tested.

Kinda Scaler

I’m really proud of my abilities in perl and feel that it is a major accomplishment to have progressed like I have. I went from trying to do basic things to actually having things that work with what I wanted to do.

Learning how to use perl with mySQL and using DBI and DBD. Doing so allows me to insert and show records in perl has been a real blessing. I have found that I can automate processes for importing data to live databases from FileMaker Pro. Doing so with successful imports into databases in mySQL.

If you want to see my perl scripts and see what I have written. I will offer to let you see my source code. Just ask.

We won’t talk about the years I spent trying to generate random numbers. To quote the best thing I ever heard, “Anyone that thinks they can generate random numbers by deterministic means is, of course living in a state of sin.” – John von Neumann