First poem Poetry

The Choice

By Edgar Guest

The Choice

And one man said:
All hope is dead
And I wish that I were too!
For rough is the way
And the skies are gray
And I can’t get work to do.
I’ve lost the things which I thought were mine,
And it’s now no use for the sun to shine.

In similar straits,
Betrayed by the fates
And stripped of his worldly gear,
Another man said:
Well I’m far from dead,
And I don’t want to die this year!
There is a lot proved false which I thought was true,
But I want to be here when the sun breaks through.

All men must choose
Of these opposite views,
And it’s easy enough to fail,
If your willing to quit
You can argue for it
With a truly deplorable tale,
But always the difficult thing to do
Is to stick to a problem and see it through.