The Long Road

The Long Road

This is my collection of short stories that I have compiled over about ten years. These were written for myself in the process of learning to write and experiment with different ideas that I felt matter to myself.

I don’t want to set your expectations too high. I would rather tell you this book is junk and have you get more than you would believe than tell you this book is great.

This book was written while I was learning to write. I’m still learning. It’s a process that won’t really ever end. I believe the creation process will end, and everyone will have a final product that is worth having. It just takes a very long time, hence The Long Road.

The Long Road is a collection of short stories that are not really connected, yet have some similar themes and ideas that run through them.

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There are characters that are doing something real, they have deeper thoughts than just what is accepted as the norm. I leave many of the stories unfinished at this time, and leave the endings up to your imagination and own creativity to what happens.

If you can think these stories through and consider what I am saying, GREAT! If you want shallow entertainment that is all fun, please look elsewhere.

Many of you won’t like this book. Okay. Great. I’m willing to bet at some point you will change your mind.

Not every book written should be read. Maybe there is a select few that will understand my mind, until then keep dreaming and thinking free. See you somewhere down the long road.