The Void

The Void Alone vs The Alive

There is a void in this world that wants to eat you and swallow you whole. The void will consume you if you let it, the void doesn’t care about you, or anyone else for that matter. The problem is the void isn’t that strong, each of us can fight the void and leave some space for everyone else to do likewise.

My point is simple, you have to live your life and do no harm. We have to fight this destructive force of nature and these dark terrors with light from above. There are so many people suffering right now, and our only hope is for each of us to give of ourselves for the benefit of each other.

We have to not only believe that we can make a difference, but that we are making a difference in our daily lives. This doesn’t mean we are perfect, it just means that we are always trying to do better than the day before. No one is perfect, but few have the guts to rise after being knocked down. What I’m saying is get back up, stand and face it!

We each have a choice to make, it’s easy enough to quit and make excuses, but the difficult thing to do is stick to a problem and see it through. Stop making excuses and start doing something about it. You want the world to be a kinder place, then be kind. You want the world to be fair, then be fair with everyone.

Live it best you may

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, the point isn’t about who is perfect. The point is about who can get back up and dust themselves off and dare to rise again. This may not be the end, it’s only the beginning of something that is ending. But we all will have to choose to live despite the odds to make the world a better place for those who come after us.

If we quit now, then our future is very uncertain. However having the patience, skill, and strength to go forward will help everyone.  Just do what you can for someone else and don’t worry about whether they can afford to pay you back, give like no one will ever notice and no one will thank you; find delight in what you can give back.

Give back by writing, drawing, making music, being creative in your efforts for the better. You will find that your talents develop and your self esteem rises from practice. By doing what you love you can inspire other people to also do better in their practice. You never know who you might inspire in the future for doing something wonderful. Be positive and get good results.