Thinking Art, Is There More?

Thinking is an art

I have spent the last seventeen years in deep thought of consideration of all that my life could encompass and have found that there is so much more to life than can ever be contained in just four million words.

It’s better to have a short perfect teaching than a long complex one. However the study of life, the universe, and everything can be overwhelming and more complex than a battery of carbon in the ether of space.

We have found that after having searched my heart, mind, soul, and the galaxy; We only know that everything will change and yet we can have firm hope in the future and faith that creative people will understand at first.

We want to share some interesting links with you, first there is the link the Jedi knight order, which you can see here:

There is also the greater need to respect our universe and it’s creator, you can see some basic guidelines for respecting your universe from this link:

You can search the universe for truth or you can search the universe for lies, you however will not be able to argue with the truth when it’s finally time for everyone to know God.