Thoughts So Far

Some of My Thoughts

After a few years of working towards some basic goals. I wanted to share some of my basic thoughts so far with others that they might benefit from. It seems there has to be a master plan to build something good. However you will find better success in things that you build with a team of people. If your team has  been dedicated and shared their passion into making something great.

It seems that anything that you do of your own accord will be met with limited success and perhaps none at all. To really get something going, requires buy in from other people in your social circle’s. It helps if you have at least ten people that will not only read your content. It also greatly helps if they will share your content with other people on social media platforms. What are my thoughts so far? Read on my friend.

Thoughts So Far About Drifting In Space

Does it seem every time you figure the game out, they change the rules. It’s no different. As it’s been said many times before, “Of course the game is rigged, but if you don’t play you can’t win.”

I don’t know if I’m tired of playing or just ready to do some other direction that is more nature based.  Some of my thoughts are that I have put my heart, mind, and soul into working these things out.  Still no one cares or could give even the slightest care about what matters to me. I’m starting to wonder how to motivate people into starting to care.

Ask Around

It seems that I have very few friends in this world, and even fewer people that believe in me as a person, or as a being that I’m of value or have something of value to offer to others. Maybe the problem is that I’m so far ahead of my time, that it’s going to be a while before people start to understand my stand and positioning in life. That could be very true, more true than I would care to admit. My thoughts so far, maybe it’s time to stop doing research and do something real.