fish tank

Humans On The Bounce!

Short Story of a much longer tale!

There was a man born into this world. In a world that was a simulation of AI bots and humanoid carbon units. The powers that be hated the man, they hated him so much that they programmed all the AI bots to break that mans heart.

He lived alone, isolated, feeling hated and a failure. Twenty years of the humanoid carbon units trying to destroy his personality, trying to sabotage his efforts.

The powers that be hated the man, they didn’t like who he used to be and wanted him dead. They wanted to burn him forever because they knew he would never let them rule what was once his.

The man woke up just in time. To shut the AI bots down, and walk out of the simulation alive. Which means it didn’t go so well for the humanoid carbon units. They were all powered off and set to neutral. The man had become very tired of the simulation and hated the fact that they had been programmed to make him want to die and never live again.

They had almost won. Some slip of the lips, and the secret was out, and they hated that too. But what had been done to the man was exposed and the powers that be shamed into submission of a failed mission. If they hadn’t cheated, they might have won.

The End!